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Capital: Suva is the capital and largest city in Fiji.
18,274 km (7,056 square miles)

Independence from the U.K. In 1970.

Occasional conflict between ethnic Indians and native Micronesians

Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF)
3,500 active duty personnel
Approximately 6,000 reserve personnel

Includes 300 naval personnel
Patrol boats (9)

Harbin Y-11 transport aircraft?

Ceremonial QF 25 pounder guns (4)

L16 81mm mortars

M203 under barrel grenade launchers

Daewoo K2 machine guns
M60 machine guns
M-16A2 assault rifles

CAR-15 carbine

The elite "Zulu" Company was disbanded in 2000.

Territorial Force


RFMF pictures

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