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Capital: Aden

Second largest military in the Arabian Peninsula behind Saudi Arabia.
1962-1970 North Yemen civil war. Royalists verses Republican forces.
1994 civil war between north and south Yemen.
2011 civil protests and uprising
2015- Currently being bombed and occupied by Saudi led forces

About 89,500 total military personnel

Ballistic Missiles

Hwasong-5 missiles?

SS-1 Scud C missiles
Borkan 1 ballistic missile. Made in Yemen.

Borkan 2 ballistic missiles. Made in Yemen

Borkan 3 radar evading ballistic missile. Further development from the Borkan 2. Made in Yemen

SS-21 (OTR-21 Tochka) short range ballistic missiles

Qaher-M2 ballistic missiles. Made in Yemen.

Qaher-1 short range surface-to-surface ballistic missiles. Appear to be modified S-75 Dvina (SA-2 Guideline) surface-to-air missiles.  Made in Yemen

Badr P-1 precision guided missiles. Made in Yemen

Badr-F ballistic missiles. Appear to explode into many pieces of shrapnel over a large radius. Made in Yemen.


FROG-7 rockets?

Samoud rockets. Made in Yemen

Badr 1 rockets. Made in Yemen

Hidden underground rocket launchers.

Zelzal 2 rockets. Made in Yemen

Zelzal 1 rockets. Made in Yemen

Air Force
5,000 personnel (2007 estimate)

MiG-29 fighter aircraft (10)
Su-22 fighter bomber aircraft (30)
F-5E Tiger II fighter aircraft (12)
L-39 Albatros trainer/light attack aircraft
Yak-11 Moose trainer aircraft
Zlin Z 142 trainer aircraft
C-130 transport aircraft
An-12 transport aircraft
An-26 transport aircraft
Yak-40 transport aircraft
Mi-24 Hind attack helicopters (8)
Mi-8 transport/attack helicopters
Kamov Ka-27 Helix helicopters
Mi-14 helicopters
Agusta Bell AB204/AB205 helicopters
Agusta Bell AB206 helicopters
Agusta Bell AB212 helicopters
Agusta Bell AB214 helicopters

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Samad 3 (Invincible 3)

Qasef 2K (Striker 2K) unmanned aerial vehicles. Made in Yemen.

Qasef 1 (Striker 1) unmanned aerial vehicles. Made in Yemen

Rashed (Surveyor) unmanned aerial vehicles. Made in Yemen.

Raqib (Rival) unmanned aerial vehicles. Made in Yemen.

Hudhud 1 unmanned aerial vehicles. Made in Yemen.

7,000 personnel (2007 estimate)
Main naval bases at Aden and Al Hudaydah. Also bases at Al Mukalla, Perim Island, and Socotra.

Corvettes (2)
Missiles Boats (18)
Gunboats (8)
Patrol Boats (13)
Mine Warfare vessels (3)
German made Barbe Class Landing Craft, Utility (11)
Amphibious Warfare ships (7)
Polnocny Class landing ship (1)

Patrol boats include Yemeni made Sana'a Class patrol boats
2601 Sana'a
2602 Aden

Yemeni Naval Personnel


Al Mandab 1 anti-ship missiles. Made in Yemen.

Mersad ("Ambush") sea mines. Made in Yemen

66,000 personnel (2007 estimate)
2 airborne commando brigades
Special Forces brigade

T-80 tanks (31)
T-72 tanks (70)
T-62 tanks (250)
M60 Patton tanks (240)
T-54/55 tanks (700)
T-34 tanks (100)
BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles (334)
BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles (420)

Panhard AML (185)
Ratel armored vehicles

Alvis Saladin
M113 armored personnel carriers (670)
BTR-152 (250)
BTR-40 (670)
BTR-60 (500)
Reva III- South African made mine resistant armored personnel carriers

BRDM-2 (50)

HMMWV utility vehicles
Technicals” and guntrucks

RM-70 multiple rocket launchers
BM-21 multiple rocket launchers (280?)
BM-14 multiple rocket launchers (30)
BM-13 multiple rocket launchers (30)
BM-27 multiple rocket launchers (13)
BM-24 multiple rocket launchers

2S1 self propelled howitzers (25)
S-23 180mm towed guns (20)
M114 155mm towed howitzers
M-46 (70)
D-20 (190)

M-43 120mm mortars
L16 81mm mortars

BGM-71 TOW anti-tank guided missiles
MILAN anti-tank guided missiles
AT-5 anti-tank guided missiles
AT-4 anti-tank guided missiles
AT-3 anti-tank guided missiles
AT-2 (3M11 Falanga) anti-tank guided missiles
FGM-77 Dragon anti-tank guided missiles

RPG-7 shoulder fired anti-tank rocket launchers
RPG-2 shoulder fired anti-tank rocket launchers

KPV machine guns
SG-43 Goryunov machine guns
Locally manufactured copies of the Vickers machine guns
RPD machine guns
Type 99 light machine guns
DS-39 machine guns
Dragunov sniper rifles
AK-47/AKM assault rifles
Locally manufactured copies of the Gewhr 43 rifle
Locally manufactured copies of the Karabiner 98k rifle
Mosin-Nagant rifles
M4 carbines
SVT-40 rifles
AVS-36 rifles
Locally manufactured copies of the MP 18
Locally manufactured copies of the MP 40
PPSh-41 sub-machine guns
PPS sub-machine guns
PPD-40 sub-machine guns
Makarov PM pistols

Air Defense
SA-2 surface-to-air missiles
9K22 Tunguska (SA-19) surface-to-air missiles
SA-15 Gauntlet surface-to-air missiles
SA-9 surface-to-air missiles
SA-6 surface-to-air missiles
SA-3 surface-to-air missiles
S-60 57mm anti-aircraft guns (120)
ZSU-23-4 self propelled 23mm anti-aircraft guns (40)
Bofors 40mm anti-aircraft guns
M1939 (61-K) 37mm anti-aircraft guns

Fater-1 (Innovator-1) surface-to-air missiles. Made in Yemen.

Thaqib-1 (Piercer-1) surface-to-air missiles. Made in Yemen.

R27 air-to-air missiles configured to fire as surface-to-air missiles.

Counter-Terrorism Unit

Republican Guard (Disbanded in 2013?)
Maroon berets

Military Police
Red berets

20,000 tribal militia forces

Ministry of the Interior
Central Security Organization
50,000 personnel?

Coast Guard
1,200 personnel



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