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Capital: Guatemala City

1960-1996 Counter-insurgency against URNG guerrillas

Unidad Revolucionaria Nacional Guatemalteca (URNG)- Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity

The URNG was composed of four main groups:
Ejercito Guerrillero de los Pobres (EGP)- Guerrilla Army of the Poor
Organizacion Revolucionario del Pueblo en Armas (ORPA)-Revolutionary Organization of Armed People
Fuerzas Armadas Rebeldes (FAR)- Rebel Armed Forces
Partido Guatemalteco del Trabajo (PGT)- Guatemalan Party of Labor

08 March 2013- The U.S. donates 34 Hino transport trucks and 42 Jeep J8 4x4 wheeled vehicles along with a boat, night vision and communications equipment to the Border Security forces of Guatemala.

Around 40,000 total military personnel?

Air Force
Fuerza Aerea Guatemalteca (FAG)
1,000 personnel
3 main air bases

Cessna A-37 Dragonfly light attack aircraft (2)

Pilatus PC-7 trainer/light attack aircraft (5)

Basler BT-67 aircraft used for transport (4)
IAI Arava transport aircraft (7)
Fokker F27 utility aircraft (2)
Beechcraft King Air utility aircraft (8)
Beechcraft Super King Air utility aircraft (4)
Cessna 206 Stationair utility aircraft (2)
Cessna 210 Centurion utility aircraft (2)
Piper PA-31 Navajo utility aircraft (1)
ENAER T-35 Pillan Chilean made trainer aircraft (4)
Cessna T-41 Mescalero trainer aircraft (1)
Bell Jet Ranger utility helicopter (6)
Bell UH-1 Iroquois (4)
Bell 212 Twin Huey transport helicopter (7)

Bell 412 transport helicopter (3)

Guatemalan Air Force Military Police

Marina de la Defensa Nacional (MDN)
1,000 personnel
2 port bases

Broad Class patrol craft (1)
GC-1051 Kukulkan

Dauntless Class patrol boat (1)

Commercial Cruiser Class patrol boats (2)
GC-851 Utatlan

GC-852 Subteniente Osorio Sarvia

Cutlass Class patrol boats (6)
GC-651 Tecuruman

GC-652 Kaibil Balar

GC-653 Azumanche
GC-654 Tzacol
GC-655 Bitol
BH-656 Gucumatz

Inmensa Class patrol boats (3+)

Vigilant Class patrol boats (8)

River Patrol Craft (16)

Buque de Apoyo Logístico y Cabotaje (BAL-C) class landing ship.

Machete Class Landing Craft, Personnel (2)
D-361 Picuda
D-362 Barracuda

Vehicle and Passenger Ferry (1)
T-691 "15 de Enero"

Training Sail boats (2)

Training Craft (1)

3 Dabur class patrol boats (israeli made)?
1 Jagaren Class patrol boat (Swedish made)?

Fuerza Especial Naval (FEN)

Brigada de Infanteria de Marina (BIM)
Naval Infantry

Policia Naval (PN)

Curso de Adiestramiento para Infantes de Marina Naval (CAIMAN) course

Guardacostas (Coast Guard)
Patrol boats

Ejercito Nacional de Guatemala (ENG)

M41 Walker Bulldog light tanks (12)

V-100 Commando 4x4 wheeled armored personnel carriers (12)

M113 armored personnel carriers (15)

Danto (Tapir) 6x6 wheeled armored personnel carriers based on the M54A2 or M809 5 ton truck. 20mm gun. Designed and built by the War Materials Service of Guatemala (Servicio de Material de Guerra or SMG). 

Vehiculo Blindado Liviano Multiproposito (VBLM) "Armadillo"
 4x4 armored personnel carriers. Copy of the V-100. Made in Guatemala (70)
Produced by the War Materials Service of Guatemala (Servicio de Material de Guerra or SMG). 

RBY Mk 1 armored reconnaissance vehicles. israeli made. (25)

M8 Greyhound armored reconnaissance vehicles (12)

Abir transport vehicles. israeli made.

Jeep 4x4 wheeled utility vehicles
Jeep J8 4x4 wheeled utility vehicles

Hino transport trucks

ECIA 120mm mortars. Spanish made. (18)
M30 107mm mortars (12)
M-1 81mm mortars (55)
Soltam C-08 60mm mortars. israeli made.
M2 60mm mortars

M40A1 106mm recoilless guns. (56)

M-1974 FMK-1 105mm recoilless guns. Made in Argentina. (64)
M67 90mm recoilless guns (64)

M72 LAW anti-tank rocket launchers
M20 Super Bazooka anti-tank rocket launchers
M202 Flash incendiary rocket launchers?

M203 under barrel grenade launchers
M79 grenade launchers

M2 Browning .50 cal machine guns
M1919 Browning .30 cal machine guns
FN MAG machine guns
FN 2000 assault rifles
Tavor TAR-21 assault rifles. israeli made.
M16 assault rifles
AKM assault rifles
Vz. 58 assault rifles
CAR-15 assault rifles
Galil assault rifles. israeli made.
AR-10 assault rifles
M1 Garand rifles
M4 carbines
FN P90 carbines
AKS-74U sub-machine guns
Uzi sub-machine guns. israeli made.
Micro Uzi sub-machine guns. israeli made.
Beretta M12 sub-machine guns
Thompson sub-machine guns
FMK-3 sub-machine guns. Made in Argentina
Madsen M-53 sub-machine guns
MAC-11 sub-machine guns
MAC-10 sub-machine guns
M3 sub-machine guns
FN Five Seven pistols
Browning High Power
Jericho 941 pistols. israeli made.
Star Model BM pistols. Made in Spain
SIG Sauer P226 pistols
Walther P38 pistols
Glock 19 pistols
Beretta 92 pistols
M1911 pistols
.38 Special revolvers

M101 towed 105mm howitzers (12)
M102 towed 105mm howitzers (8)
M-56 towed Yugoslavian made 105mm howitzers (56)
M-116 towed 75mm guns (12)

Air Defense
Blowpipe shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles
M42 Duster self propelled 2x40mm anti-aircraft guns (5)
M-55 towed 3x20mm anti-aircraft guns. Yugoslavian made. (16)

GAI-DO1 towed 20mm anti-aircraft guns (16)
TCM-20 towed 2x20mm anti-aircraft guns. israeli made.

Servicio de Material de Guerra (SMG)- War Materials Services. Branch of the armed forces.
Designed and built the Danto (Tapir) 6x6 armored vehicle
Production of Vehiculo Blindado Liviano Multiproposito (VBLM) "Armadillo" armored vehicles.

Brigada Especial de Operaciones de Selva (BEOS)- Special Operations Jungle Brigade

Brigada Especial de Operaciones de Montana (BEOM)- Special operations Mountain Brigade
also called  Brigada de Operaciones de Montana (BOM)
Green beret

Brigada de Paracaidista- Paratroop Brigade

Special Forces
Maroon beret


Reserva Militares de Guatemala (RM)
Support regular Guatemalan army units during times of war, natural disasters and national emergencies.

Policia Nacional Civil (PNC) 
National Civil Police

Fuerzas Especiales de Policia (FEP)
Police Special Forces
Tavor TAR-21 bullpup rifles

Guatemalan  Intelligence

Industria Militar
Manufactures uniforms, books, shoes and boots for the military.



  1. Yo creo que guatemala deberia comprar mas dragonfly o unos f-14

  2. It would be cool to see Guatemala with F-14 aircraft. I think the only other nation to use them outside of the US is Iran. Guatemala would have to worry about age and spare parts, but I think they should try more modern trainer/light attack aircraft like Honduras has the Spanish made C-101 and Bolivia uses the Chinese made K-8. The Russian Yak-130 is an option too. It is great that there are so many choices in the defense industry these days.

  3. good opinion could also get a Mig 17 or an F-4 Phantom

  4. Perdon por los comentarios eliminados se estaban repitiendo jejeje

  5. El Yak 130 es Una Buena Opción

  6. Idk get an nukey nukey would be better