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Capital: Vienna

19,000 active duty personnel
72,000 reserve personnel

Osterreiches Bundsesheer

Austrian Air Force
Osterreichische Luftstreitkrafte

Tulln-Langenlebarn Air Base 25km NW of Vienna

Eurofighter Typhoon fighter aircraft (15)

C-130 Hercules transport aircraft (3)

Saab 105 trainer aircraft (28)
Pilatus PC-6B Porter transport aircraft (13)
Pilatus PC-7 Turbo Trainer trainer aircraft (16)

UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters (9)

OH-58 Kiowa helicopters (11)
Bell 212 Twin Huey (23)

Alouette helicopters (24)

IRIS-T air-to-air missiles

Austria is landlocked but the Austrian Federal Police (Bundespolizei) conducts river patrols along the Danube River.

Land Force

Armored corps wear black beret

Leopard 2 tanks (114)

SK-105 Kurassier light tank. Austrian made. (119)

ASCOD ULAN infantry fighting vehicles. Joint Spanish and Austrian development. The Spanish version is called the ASCOD Pizarro.  ASCOD stands for Austrian Spanish Cooperation Development. (112)

Saurer 4K 4FA armored personnel carriers. Austrian made (367)

Pandur I 6x6 wheeled armored personnel carriers. Austrian made. (71)

Pandur II 6x6 and 8x8 wheeled armored personnel carriers. Austrian made.
Dingo 2 4x4 wheeled (35)

Iveco LMV (150)
Bandvagn 206 tracked all terrain carriers
Puch G 4x4 wheeled
Pinzgauer 4x4 and 6x6 wheeled trucks. 

Steyr 12M18 4x4 wheeled trucks

M109 155mm self propelled howitzers (80)

GrW 86 120mm mortars (Hirtenberger M12-1111)
mGrW 82 81mm mortars (L16)

PAL 2000 “Bill” anti-tank guided missiles (BILL 1)
Panzerfaust 3
PAR 66/70 anti-tank rocket launchers (Carl Gustav)

usMG M2 machine guns (Browning M2)
FN MAG machine guns
MG 74 machine guns (MG3)
Barrett M95 sniper/anti-material rifle (used by Special Forces)
Steyr HS 50 sniper/anti-material rifle (used by Special Forces). Austrian made.

Steyr SSG 69 sniper rifles. Austrian made.

Sturmgewehr 77 (StG 77) assault rifles. Austrian designation for the Steyr AUG. Austrian made.

FN P90 sub-machine guns (used by Special Forces)
Steyr TMP sub-machine guns (used by Special Forces). Austrian made.

P 80 pistols (Glock 17). Austrian made.

Fliegerabwehr (Air Defense)
Mistral surface-to-air missiles

Zwillingsflugabwehrkanonen 35mm (ZFIAK 85) anti-aircraft guns . Oerlikon 35mm

20mm Fliegerabwehrkanone 65/68 (FIAK 65/68) anti-aircraft guns

Jagerbataillon 25 (25th Infantry Battalion)

Spezialeinsatzkrafte (Special Forces)

Regular infantry wear green beret

Jagerbataillon (Hunter or Infantry Battalion)
Jagerbataillon 12
Jagerbataillon 17
Jagerbataillon 18
Jagerbataillon 19
Jagerbataillon 23
Jagerbataillon 24
Jagerbataillon 25- Maroon beret. Airborne
Jagerbataillon 26


Aufklarer (Scouts)

Military Police
Red beret

Miliz (Militia)

Bundespolizei or Polizei
Austrian Federal Police

Einsatzkommando Cobra (EKO Cobra)
Anti-terrorist force belonging to the Federal Police

(WEGA) anti-terrorist force located in Vienna.

Austrian Intelligence
Bundesamt fur Verfassungsschutz und Terrorismusbekampfung (BVT)- Federal Office for the Protection of Constitution and Counter-Terrorism

Heeresnachrichtenamt (HNA)- Army Intelligence Office
Abwehramt (ABWA)- Military Protective Office

Diamond Aircraft


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