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Capital: Chisinau

Considered the poorest nation in Europe.

Russian peacekeepers ( 6 battalions of airborne soldiers) patrol the areas between Moldova and the breakaway Transnistria Republic.

Armata Nationala

Flag of the Moldovan Ministry of Defense

Aviation Brigade (Brigada de Aviatie)
1,040 personnel (2007)

An-12 transport aircraft (2)
An-24 transport aircraft (1)
An-26 transport aircraft (1)
An-72 transport aircraft (2)
PZL 104 trainer aircraft (5)
Mi-8 transport helicopters (4)

Air Defense
SA-3 Goa (S-125) surface-to-air missiles (16)

SA-5 surface-to-air missiles (13)?
S-60 57mm anti-aircraft guns (11)

ZU-23-2 towed 23mm anti-aircraft guns. Some mounted on BTR-D vehicles. (26) 

MiG-29 fighter aircraft retired from service.

21 MiG-29 fighter aircraft were sold to the U.S. in October of 1997 in order to prevent them from being sold on the international market.

5,148 personnel (2010)
66,000 reserve forces

BMD-1 infantry fighting vehicles (44)

BTR-D armored personnel carriers (9)
BTR-80 armored personnel carriers (11)
BTR-70 armored personnel carriers (5)
BTR-60 armored personnel carriers (48)
TAB Romanian made armored personnel carriers (89)
MT-LB armored personnel carriers (55)
HMMWV utility vehicles? 
Ford F-350

9P148 anti-tank guided missile carrier (BRDM-2 with five 9M113 Konkurs anti-tank missile launchers)

9K111 Fagot (AT-4 Spigot) anti-tank guided missiles
9K115 Metis (AT-7 Saxhorn) anti-tank guided missiles
9M113 Konkurs (AT-5 Spandrel) anti-tank guided missiles
9K114 Shturm (AT-6 Spiral) anti-tank guided missiles

MON-50 anti-personnel mines
TM-46 anti-tank mines

RPG-7 anti-tank rocket launchers
AG-7 anti-tank rocket launchers (Romanian made)
RPG-22 anti-tank rocket launchers
SPG-9 recoilless guns

GP-25 under barrel grenade launchers
F1 hand grenades
RGD-5 grenades

PK machine guns
RPK light machine guns
PM model 64 light machine gun. (Romanian made)
Dragunov SVD sniper rifles
PSL sniper rifles. (Romanian made)
AKM assault rifles
Pistol Mitraliera model 1963/1965 assault rifles. (Romanian made)
AK-74 assault rifles
M16 assault rifles?
TT-33 pistols
Makarov PM pistols

2B11 Sani 120mm mortars
Model 1977 82mm Romanian made mortars

2S9 Nona 120mm self propelled mortars (9)

MT-12 anti-tanks guns (36)

9P140 220mm multiple rocket launchers (11) In storage?
M-30 (M1938) towed 122mm howitzers (17) In storage?
D-20 (M1955) towed 152mm howitzers (31) In storage?
2A36 towed 152mm howitzers (21) In storage?

Engineer Battalion

Special Forces Battalion "Lightning"
Wear Green beret in dress uniform

1st Motorized Infantry Brigade ("Moldova")
Black berets

2nd Motorized Infantry Brigade ("Stefan Cel Mare")
light blue berets???

3rd Motorized Infantry Brigade ("Dacia")
Brigada 3 Infanterie Motorizata ("Dacia")
Black berets

Ministerul Afacerilor Interne (MAI)- Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA)

Trupelor de Carabinieri
Paramilitary National Police force


Politia (Police)

Politia Rutiera (Traffic Police)

Brigazii de Politie cu Destinatie Speciala (BPDS) "Fulger"
Special Police Brigade "Lightning"
Black beret (Beretei Negre)

Politia Frontiera
Border Police
Fall under the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The U.S. donates 23 million dollars worth of equipment to the Border Police.  Included were 80 Dacia Duster 4x4 compact Sport Utility Vehicles, 30 Opel Vivaro minibus, 105 All Terrain Vehicles, 3 boats and other equipment.

Moldovan Intelligence
Ministry of National Security?


Break away Republic of Transnistria
Also called the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR)
Located between the Dniester River and the Moldovan border with Ukraine.
Capital: Tiraspol

Declares independence from Moldova
Conflict between Moldova and the breakaway Transnistria
1992 ceasefire between the Transnistria and Moldova.

The Soviet 14th Army handed over 120 artillery pieces, 24 tanks, and 12 helicopters to Transnistria.

Former Soviet munitions depot of Kolbasna. Over 22,000 tons of weapons and munitions stored. (2005)

According to the international community, Transnistria allegedly has a few weapons making factories. Transnistria denies these allegations.

An-2 transport aircraft?
An-26 transport aircraft?
Yak-18 trainer aircraft?
Mi-24 helicopters (6)?
Mi-8 helicopters (9)?

Mi-2 helicopters (2)?

T-72 tanks
T-64 tanks (with Explosive Reactive Armor)
T-55 tanks
BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles

BTR-70 armored personnel carriers
BTR-60 armored personnel carriers
MT-LB armored personnel carriers
BRDM-2 armored reconnaissance vehicles

122mm multiple rocket launchers made in Transnistria. 20 tubes (2 rows of 10)

120mm mortars

Small patrol boats

Special Forces with red berets?

KS-19 anti-aircraft guns?


Supposedly had access to Alazan weather modification rockets or access to Alazan rockets. Alazan rockets contain a small amount of toxic or radioactive material.

MGB- Ministry of State Security

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