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Capital: Bandar Seri Begawan
The official language is Malay
Brunei achieved full independence from the U.K. in 1984

Spratly Islands dispute between China, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Brunei.

Brunei uses soldiers from Nepal called Gurkhas, who actually work for the British. The Gurkhas are there at the request of the Sultan of Brunei to protect British interest, mainly the oil installations at Seria. The British also train in Brunei in jungle warfare.

Host bases for the British Army and the Singapore Armed Forces.

One of the Singapore bases is used as a training camp to provide Singapore forces with training in jungle warfare.
Lakium camp in Temburong
Sungai Akar Camp with support helicopters to fly soldiers out to Lakium Camp.

Angkatan Bersenjata Diraja Brunei (ABDB)
Royal Brunei Armed Forces

Royal Brunei Air Force

Based at Rimba Air Base which is within the Brunei International Airport
Some pilots and technicians are provided by the British Royal Air Force (RAF)
CN-235 transport aircraft
S-70 helicopters
BO-105 helicopters
Bell 212 helicopters
Bell 214 helicopters

Parachute Airborne Tactical Delivery Unit (PATDU)

Royal Brunei Navy
Based in Muara
Prefix KDB on sailing ships which stands for Kapal Diraja Brunei
Small but well equipped navy
Corvettes with Exocet anti-ship missiles and Sea Wolf missiles (4)

Guided Missile Patrol Craft with Exocet missiles (3)
Offshore Patrol Vessels (3)
Patrol Boats (23)
Landing Craft (4)
Small armed river boats (17)

Royal Brunei Land Forces
3 Infantry Battalions
Armed Reconnaissance Squadron
Air Defense Battery
Combat Engineer Squadron
Penanjang Workshop
Penanjang Garrison Headquarters

Rapier surface-to-air missile systems
Mistral surface-to-air missile systems

L-118 light guns

Scorpion light tanks (20)
VAB armored personnel carriers (45)

FV106 Samson armored recovery vehicles (2)
Land Rover Defender 4x4 wheeled vehicles

L16 81mm mortars
Armbrust anti-tank rocket launchers
M-16A2 assault rifles

The Special Combat Squadron is a Special Operations force in the Army of Brunei. Red berets.

Gurkha Reserve Unit- Guard force for the Sultanate composed of around 500 retired British Gurkhas.

Intelligence Directorate


Royal Brunei Police

Royal Brunei Armed Forces pictures

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