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Guinea Bissau

Guinea Bissau

Guinea Bissau
Capital: Bissau

Former Portuguese colony
PAIGC leader Amilcar Cabral was assassinated in 1973.
PAIGC guerrillas found refuge in Senegal and Guinea during their struggle for independence.
Gained independence from Portugal in 1974.

Deliberate attempt by the colonial Portuguese to assimilate the people in their African colonies.

Civil War 1998

Continuous civil unrest and coup attempts typical of most African nations.

Many small offshore islands that allow drug dealers to drop bales of drugs that are later picked up and transported to Europe. Former top ranking Guinea Bissau military officers were classified by U.N. officials as “drug kingpins”.

Armed Forces of Guinea Bissau
4,000 personnel?

Air Force
Forca Aerea de Guine-Bissau

Dornier Do 27 aircraft (1)
Cessna 337 Skymaster aircraft used for liaison. Built by Reims. (1)
Mi-8 Hip helicopter (1)

SA.319 Alouette III helicopter (1)


Naval Infantry?


T-55 tanks (10)
T-34 tanks (10)
PT-76 light amphibious tanks (20)
BTR-60 armored personnel carriers (35)
BTR-40 armored personnel carriers (25)
BTR-152 armored personnel carriers (20)
BRDM-2 armored reconnaissance vehicles (10)

BM-21 122mm multiple rocket launchers (9)

D-30 towed 122mm howitzers (26)

AT-3 Sagger (9K11 Malyutka) anti-tank guided missiles

RPG-7 anti-tank rocket launchers
B-10 recoilless guns

RPD machine guns
FN FAL assault rifles
AK-47 assault rifles
Vz. 52 assault rifles

SA-7 (Strela-2) shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles
S-60 towed 57mm anti-aircraft guns (10)
ZSU-23-4 self propelled 23mm anti-aircraft guns (16)

ZU-23 towed 23mm anti-aircraft guns (16)

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