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New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand

Capital: Wellington
Major Cities: Auckland

The native Maori people lived in New Zealand for hundreds of years.
In 1840 New Zealand becomes a British colony.
White settlers pushed the native Maori people off a good portion of their lands.

21 SEP 12- The U.S. lifts a decades long ban on New Zealand navy ships docking The ban was put in place after a 1986 New Zealand ban denying U.S warships carrying nuclear weapons from docking at New Zealand ports. A new defense agreement was signed earlier in the year between the U.S. and New Zealand.

ANZUS member nation
ANZUS is a defense pact between Australia, New Zealand and the United States. The pact binds Australia with New Zealand and the U.S. with Australia, separately.

The US company Rocket Lab has its Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1 (also known as Mahia Launch Complex or Spaceport) located close to Ahuriri Point at the southern tip of Māhia Peninsula, on the east coast of New Zealand's North Island. Rocket Lab gathers geospatial intelligence and launches satellites for US intelligence and private companies.


New Zealand Defence Force
9,702 active duty military personnel
2,249 reserve personnel

Royal New Zealand Air Force
3,253 personnel

C-130 transport aircraft (5)

P-3 Orion maritime patrol aircraft (6)
PAC CT/4 Airtrainer (12)
Beechcraft Super King Air
A109 helicopters (3)

NH 90 helicopters (2)

UH-1 helicopters (13)

Boeing 757 aircraft used for VIP transport or strategic transport (2)

A-4 Skyhawk (retired)
MB-339 trainer/light attack aircraft (retired)

Royal New Zealand Navy
2,166 personnel

Naval Ensign of the Royal New Zealand Navy

ANZAC class frigates (2)

Protector Class Patrol Boats (6)
Multi-role vessel (1)
L412 HMNZS Canterbury

Tanker Ship (1)

Naval Aviation
SH-2 Seasprite helicopters (5)

Operational Dive Team (ODT)
REMUS 100 autonomous underwater vehicles

Fleet Reserve 

Volunteer Reserve

New Zealand Army
7,000 personnel

NZLAV (105)

Pinzgauer High Mobility All-Terrain Vehicles (248 non-armored and 60 armored)

Unimog trucks

L16A2 81mm mortars (50)

L119 towed 105mm howitzers (24)

FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank guided missiles

Carl Gustav

HK GMG automatic grenade launchers
M203 under barrel grenade launchers

M2 Browning .50 cal heavy machine guns
FN MAG machine guns
Minimi light machine guns
Arctic Warfare AW50 12.7mm anti-material/sniper rifle
L96 sniper rifles
Steyr AUG
L1A1 rifles (held in reserve)
Benelli M3 12 gauge shotguns
SIG P226 pistols

Mistral surface-to-air missiles

New Zealand Special Air Service (NZ SAS)

Obsolete Weapons
FV101 Scorpion?
M40 106mm recoilless guns?
L118 105mm light guns?
M101 105mm?
Parker Hale Model 82 sniper rifles?
The M113 armored personnel carriers were replaced in 2004 with the NZLAV.

Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB)
Spied on the founder of the website Megaupload, Kim Dotcom (birth name Kim Schmitz), before the government of New Zealand raided his home in 2012 under the behest of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Satellite communications intercept station located at GCSB Waihopai (near Blenheim).
Radio communications intercept station located at GCSB Tangimoana (near Palmerston North)

30 APR 2008- One of the two domes at the Waihopai station was attacked by Ploughshares activists using sickles. The attack collapsed the dome and caused $1 million New Zealand dollars in damage.

New Zealand Defence Force pictures

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