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Capital: Panama City
The Panama Canal

The U.S. government strongly supported Panamanian separatists who wanted independence from Colombia. This was done with the planned construction of the Panama Canal. The Panamanian separatists wanted to negotiate directly with the U.S. government over the construction of the canal while the government of Colombia disagreed. A separate nation of Panama was planned for 1903, the same year the U.S. planned the construction of the Panama canal. As soon as the Panamanian separatists declared independence, the U.S. formally recognizes them. Panama becomes a U.S. “protectorate”.

The U.S. invaded Panama in 1989 in order to arrest Manuel Noriega, a notorious drug trafficker and CIA asset. The former head of the Panama National Guard, Noriega had come into power after. Under Noriega, the National Guard of Panama was changed into the Panama Defense Force (PDF) and increased to several battalions in size. One of these battalions included the elite Battalion 2000.

Operation “Just Cause” under U.S. President George Bush. Bush also headed the CIA from 1976-1977. The U.S. military already had a presence in Panama before the invasion, including Howard Air Force Base. From these bases the U.S. harassed the citizens of Panama and intentionally provoked firefights with Panamanian forces, to create an excuse to invade. The U.S. Stealth bomber was tested in Panama for the first time against military forces along with a number of other recently developed weapons. Many Panamanian civilians were killed by U.S. forces. Whole blocks of residential areas were burned down.

After the 1989 U.S. invasion, Panama got rid of its military forces and only maintains police forces, which includes special police units.

The Panama Canal was officially handed over to Panama in 1999, and the last of the U.S. soldiers were pulled out.

Panama has no official military forces. Only police and paramilitary forces.

Panamanian Public Forces
Approximately 12,000 personnel

Policia Nacional

Servicio Nacional de Fronteras or SENAFRONT (National Border Service)
Green berets

HMMWV utility vehicles


M-203 under barrel grenade launchers
M-16 assault rifles
AK style assault rifles
SVD Dragunov sniper rifles

Servicio de Protecion Institucional (SPI)-  Institutional Protection Service

Judicial and Technical Police (PTJ)

Servicio Nacional AeroNaval
National Air Navy Service

Britten Norman Islander light transport aircraft
Cessna 150 utility aircraft
Cessna 152 utility aircraft
Cessna 172 utility aircraft
EC 145 helicopters
MD 500 helicopters
UH-1 helicopters
UH-1N helicopters
Bell 407 helicopters
Bell 412 helicopters
Bell 205 helicopters
Bell 212 helicopters

S-76 helicopters

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