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Capital: Stockholm

13,000 total active duty personnel
232,000 reserve personnel (Including 42,000 Home Guard)

Sweden shares borders with Norway and Finland, both of which have good relations with Sweden.

The Stockholm Archipelago includes hundreds of small islands near the Stockholm area. This area is called a “Special Zone” and defended by the Amfibiekaren (Amphibious Corp)

Sweden uses counter-commando units in and around military installations.

Air Force

BASE-90 distribution airfield plan. Highways built and remodeled to be used as landing strips. Along the roads are turn around facilities where aircraft can be refueled and rearmed. The take off and landing of aircraft on these roads are practiced during peace time.

A couple of underground air bases.

Saab JAS 39 Gripen fighter aircraft (184)?

Saab 105 trainer aircraft (35)

C-130 transport aircraft (8)
Saab 340 aircraft used for transport (5)
Saab S100 used for AEW&C (4)
MBB Bo 105 helicopters
AS.332 Super Puma transport helicopters (12)
NHI NH90 transport helicopters (4)
Agusta A109 transport helicopters (20)
UH-60 helicopters (4)

IRIS-T air-to-air missiles
Meteor air-to-air missiles
RBS-15F air launched anti-ship missiles

The Saab 35 Draken fighter aircraft was retired in 1999
The Saab 37 Viggen fighter aircraft was retired in 2005

Air Defense
RBS-90 surface-to-air missiles
RBS-70 surface-to-air missiles

RBS-23 BAMSE surface-to-air missiles

MIM-23 HAWK (RBS-97) surface-to-air missiles

Saab MSHORAD air defense system. Mobile Short Range Air Defense.

Bofors L/60 40mm anti-aircraft guns
Bofors L/70 40mm anti-aircraft guns
Luftvarnskanonvagn 90 (LvKv90)- 40mm anti-aircraft gun mounted on a CV-90 chassis.

Luftvarnsrobotvagn 701 (Lvrbv 701) vehicles with RBS-70 surface-to-air missiles. Retired in the year 2000.

Flygbasjagarna (FBS)- Air Force Rangers

Narskydd (NSKY)

Swedish Navy (Marinen)

Patrol the Baltic Sea
Take part in international operations.
Swedish naval vessels have a HMS prefix.

Karlskrona Naval Base
Some naval units in Musko, Berga, Goteborg, Visby, Malmo, and Hamosand

Underground naval base at Musko on the island of Musko, south of Stockholm.

Corvettes (All Swedish made. All armed with RBS-15 anti-ship missiles. 9 total)
The Visby Class corvette is armed with 57mm guns and RBS-15 anti-ship missiles. Stealthy design. (5)
The Stockholm Class corvette is armed with RBS15 anti-ship missiles and a 57mm gun (2)

Goteborg Class corvettes armed with RBS15 anti-ship missiles a 57mm gun and a 40mm gun (4)

Submarines (5)
Mine Warfare vessels (Swedish made)-11
Patrol Boats (Swedish made)-13
Landing Craft-100
Transport Ship
Small Combat Boats
CB90 (187)
SB90E (5)
Auxiliary vessels

Combat Boat 90 (CB90)- Swedish made small combat boats. Called the Strb 90H in Sweden. Armed with 3 Browning .50 cal machine guns, 1 Mark 19 grenade launcher and 4 sea mines or 6 depth charges. The boats can hold 21 soldiers. Built by Dockstavarvet.

Storebro SB90E – Small boats with generally no type of armament. Originally called the Stridsbat 90E. Built by Storebro of Sweden. The SB90E have been mostly replaced by the CB90 (Strb 90).


CV90 being loaded into the civilian passenger ship Gotland

Bofors Torpedo 2000 (Torpedo 62)

RBS-15 Mk III anti-ship missiles

1st Marine Regiment (located in Berga)

Amfibienkaren (Amf 1)- Amphibious Corps. Handle the coastal defense of Sweden, including the Stockholm Archipelago Special Zone. They are equipped with Hellfire (Designated RBS-17) anti-tank missiles and RBS-15 anti-ship missiles.

Bassak (Navy Counter-Commando Company)
Kustjagarna (Coastal Rangers)

Attackdykarna (Attack Divers)

Old Decommissioned Swedish Coastal Artillery
75/57- 75mm gun turrets (7.5cm tornpjas M/57)

12/70- 120mm gun turrets (12cm tornautomatpjas M/70)

Many of the old gun turrets were disguised as rocks.

Leopard 2 tanks- Called Stridsvagn 122 (Strv122) by the Swedish

Combat Vehicle 90 (CV90)- Called Stridsfordon 90 (Strf90) by the Swedish. Swedish made armored vehicle with 40mm gun.)

Bofors 40mm APFSDS-T ammunition used with the CV90

Bofors 40mm Prefragmented Programmable Proximity fuzed or "3P" ammunition

Patria Pasi or Sisu Pasi XA-1805, XA-2025, XA-2033 series. Finnish made armored personnel carriers with 20mm guns. The XA-1805 is mainly used for U.N. Service. The XA-2025 is used as a command vehicle.
Panzerbandvagn 302 (Pbv 302)- Swedish made armored personnel carriers
MT-LB (Pbv 401) Armored Personnel Carriers
BMP-1 (Pbv 501) Infantry fighting Vehicles
Pansarvarnsrobotbandvagn 551 (PvRbv 551)- Swedish made armored vehicles with TOW (RBS-55) anti-tank missiles.

Volvo C306 (Tgb21) 6x6 wheeled troop carriers
Tgb22- Volvo C306 6x6 wheeled vehicles used as troop carriers and transport vehicles for the RBS-70.
Volvo C304 (Tgb13) 6x6 wheeled utility vehicles
Volvo C303 (Tgb11) 4x4 wheeled utility vehicles. Some C303 are equipped with Pvpj 1110 recoilless rifles.
Bandvagn 206 tracked carriers

Bandvagn 308 tracked carriers

Volvo trucks with RBS-15M anti-ship missiles

Trackfire Remote Weapons Station (RWS) made by Saab.

Anti-Tank Weapons
RBS-56 BILL Swedish made anti-tank guided missiles. Overfly Top Attack (OTA) ability.

BGM-71 TOW anti-tank guided missiles. (called RBS-55 by the Swedish )
Hellfire (RBS-17) anti-tank missiles with tripods. Used against enemy vessels in the Stockholm archipelago.

MBT-LAW (RB57 NLAW)- Main Battle Tank and Light Armor Weapon. Swedish made shoulder fired 150mm disposable anti-tank rocket launcher.

AT-4 (Pskott m/86)- Swedish made shoulder fired anti-tank rocket launcher.

Carl Gustav (Grg m/48)- Swedish made shoulder fired anti-tank rocket launcher.

Pvpj1110 (Pv1110)- Swedish made 90x760mm recoilless rifles.

M82A1 Barrett (Ag 90) .50 cal sniper/anti-material rifle
FN MAG (Ksp 58)- Belgian made machine guns
Psg 90 sniper rifles
FN FNC (AK5)- Belgian made assault rifles. Called AK5 by the Swedish.
HK G3 (AK4)- German made assault rifles. Called AK4 by the Swedish.
Glock 17 (Pistol 88)
Aimpoint red dot sights. Swedish made.

AN/PRC-25 (Ra145) backpack radios
AN/PRC-77 (Ra146) backpack radios

SS6120 (AMOS Advanced Mortar System)- Two 120mm mortars on an armored vehicle.

M41F 120mm mortars
M41D 120mm mortars
STRIX 120mm precision guided mortars munitions. Used against armored vehicles.

FH77BW L52 Archer self propelled 155mm howitzer

FH77AD (FH77 on an all terrain vehicle)
FH77 (Haubits 77) 155mm howitzers
FH77A (standard towed version)
FH77B (longer range)

BONUS 155mm precision guided artillery shells. Armor piercing sub-munitions. Swedish made.
M982 Excalibur 155mm precision guided artillery shells with an extended range. A joint U.S. and Swedish development.

Livgardet (LG)- Lifeguards battalion. Trained in urban combat and the defense of Stockholm. Train service personnel and Home Guard personnel. Also perform ceremonial duties.

Armens Jagarbataljon (AJB)- Ranger battalion

Livregementets husarer (K3)- Life Regiment Hussars- Air assault and Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP) battalion. Conducts ambushes and anti-tank attacks behind enemy lines. 4X4 wheeled vehicles.

Militarpolisjagarna- Military Police Rangers. Conduct counter-commando operations near Swedish military installations.

Hemvarnet (Home Guard)- Made up of former conscripts who volunteer for service in the Home Guard.

Armored Corps
Signal Corps
Logistics Corp
Engineer Regiment (Ing 2)
Artillery Regiment (A9)
Anti-Aircraft Regiment (Lv6)

Army Aviation
TH-55 (Hkp5) helicopters
Bell 204B (Hkp3C) helicopters
Schweizer 300C (Hkp5B) helicopters
MBB BO-105 (Hkp9A) helicopters
Jet Ranger (Hkp6A) helicopters

Barracuda multi-spectral camouflage systems. Made by Saab.

Royal Guards
Guard royal palaces. Perform ceremonial duties.

Security Police (SAPO)

Swedish Intelligence
Forsvarets Radioanstalt (FRA)- National Defense Radio Establishment. Under the Ministry of Defense.

Militara Underrattelse och Sakerhetstjansten (MUST)- Military Intelligence and Security Service.

Kockums shipyard


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