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Capital: Tashkent

Tashkent is the capital and the largest city in Uzbekistan.

The U.S. had forces operating at the Karshi-Khanabad airfield sometime after September 11, 2001. After the Andijan massacre and the U.S. reaction to the massacre, Uzbekistan asked the U.S. forces to leave the country. The last U.S. forces in Uzbekistan left in 2005.

Tashkent was headquarters of the former Soviet Unions Turkestan Military District. Uzbekistan also inherited a military academy from the former Soviet Union. Uzbekistan also inherited many weapons and military units from the former Soviet forces stationed in Uzbekistan.


Air Force

SU-27 fighter aircraft (31)

SU-24 attack aircraft (32)
MiG-29 fighter aircraft (39)
SU-25 attack aircraft (25)
SU-17 attack aircraft (36)
L-39 trainer/light attack aircraft (14)
Il-76 transport aircraft (6)
An-12 transport aircraft (5)
An-24 transport aircraft (1)
An-26 transport aircraft (15)
Mi-24 attack helicopters (51)

Mi-8 transport helicopters

Mi-17 transport helicopters
Mi-26 transport helicopters (1)
Mi-6 heavy transport helicopters (27)
Elbit SkyStriker unmanned aerial vehicles


Air Defense
FD2000 Chinese made air defense system. Export version of the HQ-9 air defense system.

SA-3 Goa (S-125) surface-to-air missiles

ZSU-23-4 self propelled anti-aircraft guns

ZU-23 towed anti-aircraft guns

M-1939 (61-K) towed anti-aircraft guns

Uzbekistan is landlocked but conducts river patrols
Gyurza Class river patrol boats. Made in the Ukraine (2)

Uzbekistan has the largest military in Central Asia.
Around 65,000 military personnel.

T-72 tanks (70)

T-64 tanks (100)
T-62 tanks (
T-54/T-55 tanks (80)
BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles (172)
BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles (180)
BRM-1K armored reconnaissance command variant of the BMP-1 (6)
BTR-80 armored personnel carrier (290)

BTR-70 armored personnel carrier (36)
BTR-60 armored personnel carrier (24)
BTR-D airborne armored personnel carriers (50)
BRDM-2 armored reconnaissance vehicles (13)


M-ATV MRAP All Terrain Vehicles (308)


SS-21 Scarab (OTR-21 Tochka) short range ballistic missiles

BM-21 122mm multiple rocket launchers (60)
BM-27 220mm multiple rocket launchers (49)

2S1 122mm self propelled howitzers (18)
2S3 152mm self propelled howitzers (17)
2S7 203mm self propelled gun (48)

MT-12 towed 100mm anti-tank guns
D-30 towed 122mm howitzers
D-1 towed 152mm howitzers
D-20 towed 152mm howitzers
2A36 towed 152mm guns

2S9 self propelled 120mm mortars (60)
2B11 120mm mortars
2S12 Sani 120mm mortars

AT-4 Spigot (9K111 Fagot) anti-tank guided missiles

RPO-A Shmel


PK machine guns


SVD Dragunov sniper rifle

AK-47 assault rifles
AK-74 assault rifles

Milliy Xavfsizlik Xizmati (MXX)
National Security Service


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