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Incomplete and conflicting data on certain issues.

70,000 military personnel?
20,000 reserve personnel?

Royal Air Force of Oman

Fin Flash

F-16 fighter aircraft (12)

SEPECAT Jaguar aircraft used for ground attack (27)

C-130 Hercules transport aircraft (3)
BAe Hawk 103 trainer aircraft (4)
BAe Hawk 203 trainer aircraft (11)

PAC Super MFI-17 Mushshak trainer (8)
Pilatus PC-9 trainer aircraft (12)
Dornier Do 228-100 light transport aircraft (2)
Short SC-7 Skyvan aircraft used for light transport (12)
Airbus A320 transport aircraft (2)
AB 205 helicopters used for search and rescue (21)
Eurocopter AS.550 Fennec helicopters (3)
Eurocopter .225 Super Puma helicopters (4)
NH90 helicopters (20)
Bell 214 utility helicopters (11)
Bell 206 Jet Ranger helicopters (3)
Bell UH-1 Iroquois helicopters (20)
AB 212 Twin Huey helicopters (3)
Agusta Westland AW139 helicopters (10)
Westland Lynx Mk 120 helicopters (15)

MBDA R.550 Magic air-to-air missiles
AIM-9 Sidwinder air-to-air missiles
AIM-120 AMRAAM air-to-air missiles
MBDA MICA air-to-air missiles

AGM-84 air-to-ground missiles
AGM-65 Maverick air-to-ground missiles

TTL BTT-3 target drones

Approximately 4,200 personnel

Corvettes (3)

Fast Attack Craft with MM40 Exocet anti-ship missiles (4)
Patrol Craft (3)
Landing Ship (1)
Transport Ship (1)
Logistics Ship (1)

MM40 Exocet anti-ship missiles
MM38 Exocet anti-ship missiles
Harpoon anti-ship missiles

Challenger 2 tanks (38)

M-60A3 tanks (93)
M-60A1 tanks (6)
Chieftain tanks (27)
Mowag Piranha 8x8 wheeled armored vehicles (175)
Panhard VBL (132)
Panhard VAB 4x4 and 6x6 wheeled vehicles 23-33 total (including 6 with 2RM 120mm mortars, 6 VAB-VCI and 8 VAB-VTT)
Fahd armored personnel carriers. Egyptian made. (31-100)
WZ-551 (50)
FV101 Scorpion light tanks (37-60)
FV103 Spartan (6-16)
FV105 Sultan (13)
FV106 Samson (3)
Alvis Stormer (10)
Alvis Saladin (38)
Saxon armored personnel carriers (22)
Cadillac Gage Commando (20)
VBC-90 (9)
HMMWV utility vehicles
Commando Mk III 4x4 wheeled utility vehicles. Portuguese made. (10)

Type 90 122mm multiple rocket launchers. Chinese made. (12)

G6 howitzers (24)
M109 155mm self propelled howitzers (15)
L118 105mm light guns (39)
Type 59-1 Chinese made. (12)
M46 130mm guns (15)
FH-70 (12)
2A18 (D-30) 122mm howitzers (30)
M-102 105mm howitzers (36)

Brandt 120mm mortars
2R2M 120mm mortars
M-30 107mm mortars
L16 81mm mortars

BGM-71 TOW anti-tank guided missiles
FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank guided missiles
Milan anti-tank guided missiles

LAW shoulder fired anti-tank rocket launchers

M203 under barrel grenade launchers
M79 grenade launchers
M2HB Browning .50 cal machine guns
M82 Barrett .50 cal sniper/anti-material rifle
Accuracy International Arctic Warfare sniper rifle
FN MAG machine guns
L110A1 machine guns
Steyr AUG assault rifles
G3 assault rifles
FN FAL assault rifles
M16 assault rifles
INSAS assault rifles
M4 carbines
HK MP-7 sub-machine guns
HK MP-5 sub-machine guns
Sterling sub-machine guns
SIG Sauer P226 pistols

Air Defense
Tigercat surface-to-air missiles
Crotale surface-to-air missiles
Mistral surface-to-air missiles (54)
Rapier surface-to-air missiles (40)
Skyguard Air Defense System (Italian Aspide surface-to-air missiles with Swiss Oerlikon GDF-002 anti-aircraft guns.)
Blowpipe shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles
Javelin shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles
SA-7 shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles
Oerlikon GDF-007 twin 35mm anti-aircraft guns (10)
Bofors 40mm anti-aircraft guns
VDAA 2x20mm self propelled anti-aircraft guns (9)
M-167 Vulcan

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