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Capital: Mogadishu

U.S. Naval vessels off the coast of Somalia. Occasionally fire guns and cruise missiles at the mujahideen in Somalia.
U.S. Navy vessel along with the vessels from a number of different nations from around the world patrol off the coast of Somalia to supposedly stop Somali pirates from raiding ships traveling in international waters.
U.S. drones occasionally attack mujahideen in Somalia.
The U.S. and other western nations helped take down the Islamic Courts government in Somalia, who finally brought a little stability to Somalia. The U.S. installed a weak puppet Somali regime, backed by soldiers from the African Union, mostly Ethiopians and Ugandans.

U.S. backed, puppet Somali government camp called Al Jazira is the main military base in Mogadishu.

Al Shabab and other Islamic militias initiate guerrilla warfare against the puppet regime and at some point controlled the majority of Somalia. The puppet government of Somalia was initially confined to only a few blocks in Mogadishu.

Breakaway region of Somalia. Relatively stable region.

tanks (operational?)

Fiat 6614 armored cars

multiple rocket launchers


ZPU-1 on trucks
ZPU-4 on trucks
ZU-23 on trucks

106mm recoilless rifles on utility vehicles?

Coast Guard
Small patrol craft

Somaliland military pictures

Considered an autonomous region in Somalia.
Does not seek independence from Somalia. 
Capitol: Garowe

Puntland Defense Force


BM-21 multiple rocket launchers

M40 recoilless rifles

DShK machine guns

ZPU-4 anti-aircraft guns
ZPU-2 anti-aircraft guns

Turbo Thrush aircraft (2)?

Puntland Maritime Police Force

Small patrol craft

Puntland military photos

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