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Macedonia, North

North Macedonia

North Macedonia
Capital: Skopje

Declared independence from Yugoslavia in 1991.

2001 conflict between the ethnic Albanian NLA (National Liberation Army) and Macedonian government forces.

March 2002- Macedonian police shoot and kill 7 Pakistani illegal immigrants in a raid and pretend as if they were terrorist in order to impress the international community.

Applying for NATO membership as of 2011.
Name officially changed to North Macedonia in 2019 after protests from Greece.

Air Force
23 aircraft

Su-25 (4)
An-2 utility aircraft (1)
Mi-24 attack helicopters (8)

Zlin Z 242L trainer aircraft
Zlin Z 143L trainer aircraft
Mi-8 transport helicopters (6)
Bell UH-1 utility helicopters (2)

SA-13 surface-to-air missiles
SA-18 surface-to-air missiles
FIM-92 Stinger surface-to-air missiles?
SA-7 Grail surface-to-air missiles?

North Macedonia is landlocked and has no navy.


T-72 tanks (31)

BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles (11)
MT-LB armored personnel carriers (10)
Leonidus 1 armored personnel carriers (11) Greek made copy of the Steyr 4K 7FA
TM-170 armored personnel carriers (114) German made.

M113 armored personnel carriers (28)

BTR-80 armored personnel carriers (12)

BRDM-2 armored reconnaissance vehicles (10)
HMMWV utility vehicles (80)

BM-21 122mm multiple rocket launchers (12)
M-63 “Plamen” 128mm multiple rocket launchers (6)
M-30 towed 122mm howitzers (108)
M101 towed 105mm howitzers (36)

M-74 120mm mortars (78)

M90 anti-tank rocket launchers
M80 Zolja anti-tank rocket launchers
M79 Osa anti-tank rocket launchers
M57 anti-tank rocket launchers

NSV heavy machine guns
Zastava M84 machine guns (Yugoslavian made)
Zastava M93 sniper rifles (Serbian made)
Zastava M21 assault rifle (Serbian made)
Zastava M70 assault rifles (Yugoslavian made)
M60 assault rifles (Yugoslavian made)
M4 carbines
HK MP5 sub-machine guns

North Macedonian Army Special Forces
Volci (Wolves)

Ranger Battalion

Reserve Forces


Special Police Force
Tigri (Tigers)


North Macedonia military pictures


North Macedonian companies

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