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United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates
Capital: Abu Dhabi
Consists of seven emirates.

Aircraft from the UAE took part along with NATO forces in bombing Libya in 2011.

Military forces in Afghanistan (2011)

Al Jazera news channel is based in the UAE. Gave biased coverage on the 2011 NATO and rebel attack on Libya. Showed great bias, like all western media, towards the rebels.

Union Defense Force
Approximately 65,000 total military personnel

Air Force
Approximately 4,000 personnel

F-16 fighter aircraft (79)

Mirage 2000 fighter aircraft (68)

Aermacchi M-346 Master trainer/light attack aircraft (order on hold?)
Aermacchi MB-339 trainer aircraft. To be replaced with M-346 aircraft. (5)

Pilatus PC-7 Turbo trainer aircraft (30)
Pilatus PC-21 trainer aircraft. (25 ordered?)
Grob G 115 trainer aircraft (12)
Calidus B-250 trainer/light attack aircraft. Made in the UAE. Under development. 
C-130 Hercules transport aircraft (6)
CASA CN-235 transport aircraft (11)
Cessna 208 Grand Caravan utility aircraft (7)

Black Shahine (Apache) cruise missiles on order?
AGM-114 Hellfire missiles

AH-64 Apache attack helicopters (30)

CH-47 Chinook transport helicopters (12)
SA.330 Puma helicopters (35)
AS.500 Fennec helicopters (12)
AS.332 Super Puma (2)
Bell 214 utility helicopters (4)
AB-412 transport helicopters (6)
AS.565 Panther helicopters (16)
AS.350 Ecureuil helicopters for trainers (14)
AS.365 Dauphin helicopters (1)
UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters (40)?

Wing Loong unmanned aerial vehicles
Wing Loong II unmanned aerial vehicles
Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aerial vehicles

United 40 unmanned aerial vehicles. Made in the UAE

Yabhon-R unmanned aerial vehicles. Made in the UAE.

NAMROD guided munitions. Made in the UAE.

Air Defense
Pantsir-S1 surface to air missile system.
Rapier surface-to-air missiles
Bofors 40mm anti-aircraft guns
Panhard M3-VDA with dual 20mm cannons

2,500 personnel

Corvettes with MM-40 Exocet anti-ship missiles (2)
Missile Boats with MM-40 Exocet anti-ship missiles (8)

Patrol Boats (20)
Mine Warfare vessels (2)
Landing Craft, Tank (7)
Landing Craft, Utility (5)
Landing Craft, Personnel (16)

Al Marakeb B7 unmanned surface vehicles?
Al Marakeb B10 unmanned surface vehicles?

Amphibious Transport Vessels (4)
Fast Supply Vessel (1)

Naval Aviation
Super Puma helicopters

Marte Mk 2/N light anti-ship missiles

Battalion sized marine unit
BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles
BTR-3 armored personnel carriers 


Leclerc tanks (388)

AMX-30S tanks (45)
OF-40 Mk. 2 tanks (36)
FV 101 Scorpion light tanks (76)
BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles (598)

BTR-3 armored personnel carriers (90)
AMX-10P armored personnel carriers (18)
AMX-VCI armored personnel carriers (11)
ACV-300 armored personnel carriers (133)
EE-11 Urutu (120)
Panhard AML (50)
Panhard M3 (370)
Ferret (30)
Saracen (30)
Nimr series of 4x4 and 6x6 wheeled utility vehicles. Designed in the United Arab Emirates. 
Nimr 4x4 Internal Security Vehicle
Nimr 4x4 Command Vehicle

Nimr 4x4 Armored Command Vehicle

Nimr 4x4 Double Cabin Cargo Vehicle
Nimr 4x4 Armored Double Cabin Vehicle

Nimr 4x4 Single Cabin Vehicle
Nimr 4x4 Open Top
Nimr 6x6 Armored Personnel Carrier

Nimr 6x6 Armored Patrol Vehicle

Nimr 6x6 Multi Role Vehicle (MRV)
Nimr 6x6 Single Cab
Nimr 6x6 Armored Ambulance

Army Aviation

ALAS-C coastal missile defense system

Jobaria multiple rocket launchers. Four rocket launchers with 60 tubes. 240 tubes total. Fires 122mm rockets. Developed by UAE and Turkey.

TRG-300 multiple rocket launchers on Jobaria platform?
BM-21 multiple rocket launchers (48)
BM-30 multiple rocket launchers (6)
G6 self propelled howitzers (72)
M109 self propelled howitzers (87)
AMX-13 Mk F3 self propelled howitzers (18)
L118 105mm towed guns (55)

FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missiles

Caracal pistols (Made in United Arab Emirates)

Federal Police

Coast Guard

3 Emirates maintain their own additional forces called Regional Commands.
Abu Dhabi Defence Force- 15,000 personnel
Dubai Defence Force- 20,000 personnel
Ras al Khaymah Defence Force- 9,000 personnel


Mercenaries from a group called Reflex Responses are to be based in the UAE. The founder of the group, Erik Prince, is also the founder of the infamous Black Water Security (now called Xe) Reflex Responses has a 529 million dollar contract with the government of the United Arab Emirates. The 800 man force are charged with suppressing revolts in the UAE, conducting special operations, defending oil pipelines, and keeping skyscrapers safe from attack. Most of the members were recruited from Columbia, South Africa, and the United States.

Emirates Defence Industries Company (EDIC)
EDIC Caracal
Nimr Automotive (part of EDIC)
Barij Munitions (part of EDIC)
Abu Dhabi Shipbuilding(ADSB)

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