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Capital: Khartoum

2011- Sudan is partitioned into Sudan and South Sudan, due to pressure from the west and the UN. South Sudan becomes an independent nation.

Most weapons are produced by the Military Industry Corporation (MIC) of Sudan.

244,300 active duty military forces
85,000 reserve forces
17,500 paramilitary forces

Air Force
Approximately 3,000 personnel

Su-30 fighter aircraft (20)
MiG-29 fighter aircraft (12)

MiG-23 fighter aircraft (3)

FTC-2000 fighter/advanced trainer aircraft (6)

F-7 fighter aircraft (20)
F-5 fighter aircraft (13)

Su-24 attack aircraft (12)
Su-25 attack aircraft (15)

Nanchang A-5 Fantan ground attack aircraft (20)
K-8 (JL-8) trainer/light attack aircraft (12)

Safat 03 trainer aircraft. Sudanese made. Based on the Serbian made UTVA-75.

Safat 01 trainer aircraft. Sudanese made.

An-24 transport aircraft
CASA C-212 transport aircraft
C-130 transport aircraft (4)
Y-8 transport aircraft (2)
DHC-5 transport aircraft (5)
Fokker F-27 Friendship used for VIP transport (1)
Mi-24 Hind attack helicopters (16)

Mi-8 Hip helicopters

IAR 330 Puma- Romanian made copy of the SA 330 Puma. (10)

Safat 02 light training helicopter. Sudanese made. Based on the Ukrainian Aerokopter AK1-3.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Zagil unmanned aerial vehicles

Iranian made Ababil-3 unmanned aerial vehicles?

BK-3 Burkan guided bombs
R-77 air-to-air missiles for MiG-29 aircraft

Karib air-to-ground rocket launchers

Air Defense
SA-2 (S-75) surface-to-air missiles
SA-14 shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles?
SA-7 (9K32 Strela-2) shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles

Nayzak- Copy of the Chinese made FN-6 shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles under production?

Khatim-3 self propelled 23mm anti-aircraft guns.

M163 Vulcan Self propelled 20mm anti-aircraft guns?

M167 Vulcan towed 20mm anti-aircraft guns?
M3 VDAA self propelled anti-aircraft guns?
ZU-23-2 towed 23mm anti-aircraft guns
ZPU-4 towed 14.5mm anti-aircraft guns
ZPU-2 towed 14.5mm anti-aircraft guns
Type 63 towed anti-aircraft guns
M1939 towed 85mm antiaircraft guns
S-60 towed 57mm anti-arcraft guns

Approximately 1,300 personnel
Patrol Boats (2)
Small patrol vessels (16)

Elteb-1 fast attack craft. Sudanese made. Produced by the Military Industry Corporation.

Tamai-1 Special Operations craft. Sudanese made. Produced by the Military Industry Corporation.

Trinkitat interceptor boat.Sudanese made. Produced by the Military Industry Corporation

Approximately 240,000 personnel
Type 96A tanks

Al Bashir 2 tank

Al Bashir tank (copy of the Chinese Type 85M-II)

Al Zubair 1 tank (copy of the Type 72Z)

Al Zubair 2 tank with 105mm gun (copy of the Type 59D)

Digna tank (copy of the T-55)

Type 62 light tanks (70)
BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles

Khatim 1 (copy of the Iranian Boragh infantry fighting vehicle)

Rakhash armored personnel carriers. Iranian made. (20)

Amir armored personnel carriers (Copy of the Iranian Rakhash)?

Shareef 1 (copy of the Russian BTR-80A)

Shareef 2 (copy of the Chinese WZ551A)

Panhard AML
BRDM-2 armored reconnaissance vehicles
Saladin armored reconnaissance vehicles
Al Kinaniya armored reconnaissance vehicles

Ferret armored reconnaissance vehicles
Sarsar-2 armored reconnaissance vehicles. Based on South Korean KIA chassis.

 HMMWV utility vehicles?

Nimr long range patrol vehicles. Based on the Chinese Dong Feng chassis.

Nassir pick up trucks
Karaba tactical 4x4 wheeled vehicles

Tamal tactical 4x4 wheeled vehicles 

WS-2 multiple rocket launchers

Shahin 333mm rockets of Iranian origin?

BM-21 122 multiple rocket launchers?

Taka 122mm multiple rocket launchers

Taka 2 eight tube 122mm multiple rocket launchers

Taka Y3 107mm multiple rocket launchers

Taka Y2 107mm multiple rocket launcher (copy of the Chinese Type 63)

Taka Y1 single tube 107mm rocket launcher

Taka 3 single tube 122mm rocket launcher

Abu Fatma self propelled 122mm howitzer (copy of the Russian 2S1)

Khalifa-1 self propelled 122mm howitzer. Uses a D-30 howitzer on a Kamaz 6x6 truck.

Mahdi 122mm howitzer (copy of the Russian M-30)

Khalifa 122mm howitzer (copy of the Russian D-30)

Nijoumi 100mm gun (copy of the Russian BS-3)

Ahmed 120mm mortars

Aboud 82mm mortars (copy of the Russian M-37M)

Nimir 60mm mortars

Khatim-4 anti-tank guided missile carriers

Sarib anti-tank guided missile launcher (copy of the Chinese HJ-8?)

9K11 Malyutka (AT-3 Sagger) anti-tank guided missiles

Swingfire anti-tank guided missiles

Nasif 82mm recoilless guns

Sinnar (copy of the RPG-7)
Sinnar PG-7V rockets
Sinnar OG-7V rockets

Soba (copy of the SPG-9)

Abba 35mm automatic grenade launchers (copy of the Chinese QLZ-87)

Khawad 12.7mm machine guns (copy of the DshK)

Karar 7.62x51 machine gun (Copy of the MG3?)

Mokhtar machine gun (copy of the PK machine gun)

Khawad-1 12.7mm sniper/anti-material rifles
Mokhtar-1 7.62x54mm sniper rifles

MAZ (copy of the AK-47)

Dinar assault rifle (copy of the G3 assault rifle)

Terab 5.56x45mm assault rifle (Copy of the Chinese CQ)

Sinan 5.56mm bullpup rifle

Tihraga 9x19mm sub-machine gun

Lando 7.56mm pistol

Marra 9x19mm pistols

Ateed automated weapons station. Copy of the Iranian ARIO-H762?

Sary night vision goggles

Shaheen hand held thermal viewers
Aukab thermal sight for gun
Rashid laser range finders
Jidyan long range thermal camera


Military police with red beret?

Rapid Support Force

Central Reserve Force

National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS)

Sudanese military pictures


Military Industry Corporation of Sudan
SAFAT Aviation (part of the MIC)

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