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Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica
Capital: San Jose

2012- China donates 350 police cars to Costa Rica.

2012- China donates 25 million dollars to Costa Rica for the creation of a Costa Rican police training academy.

OCT 2016- China donates two new Y-12E aircraft to Costa Rica.

A border conflict with Nicaragua in 2010 led to the creation of the Border Police (Policia Fronteras)

Costa Rica has no official military. Only police forces.

Approximately 14,000 personnel?

Ministerio de Seguridad Publica (MSP)
Ministry of Public Security

Fuerza Publica (Public Force)

Servicio de Vigilancia Aerea (SVA)
Harbin Y-12E transport aircraft (2)

DHC-4 transport aircraft

Cessna 206 utility aircraft

Cessna 207 utility aircraft
Piper PA-31 Navajo utility aircraft
Piper PA-34 Seneca utility aircraft
MD 600 helicopters

Aero Commander

Coast Guard

Policia Turistica (Tourism Police)
Policia Transito (Transit Police)

Unidad de Intervencion Policial (UIP)

Organismo de Investigacion Judicial (OIJ)
Judicial Investigation Organization

Grupo de Apoyo Operativo (GAO)
Special police unit in San Jose

M-16 assault rifles
M4 carbines
Uzi sub-machine guns
MP5 sub-machine guns
Beretta M9 pistols

Reserva Fuerza Publica

Policia Frontera
Frontier Police or Border Guard
Wear camouflage fatigues or blue uniforms.
Patrol borders with Guatemala and Panama.

DIS- Intelligence and Security Directorate.
The DIS reports directly to the Minister of the Presidency.
The UEI is part of the DIS.

Unidad Especial de Intervencion (UEI)
Special Intervention Unit. Elite SWAT like unit.
Part of the Intelligence and Security Directorate (DIS)

Issues with MS13 gang infiltration into Costa Rica

Costa Rican Public Force pictures

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