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2023 - Russian tactical nuclear weapons to be positioned in Belarus

79,000 active duty personnel
289,000 reserve personnel

Air Force
18,170 personnel (2007)

MiG-29 fighter aircraft (39)

Su-27 fighter aircraft (17)

Su-25 attack aircraft (46)

Su-24 attack aircraft(35)

Yak-130 advanced trainer/light attack aircraft (12)

L-39 trainer/light attack aircraft (10)

An-12 transport aircraft (6)
An-24 transport aircraft (1)
An-26 transport aircraft (6)
Il-76 transport aircraft (4)

Mi-24 attack helicopters (26)

Mi-8 transport/attack helicopters (12)

Mi-6 transport helicopters (15)
Mi-26 transport helicopters (14)
Mi-2 helicopters

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
BELAR YS unmanned aerial vehicles

Burevestnik MB  unmanned aerial vehicles

Sterkh-BM unmanned aerial vehicles. Made by the Minsk Aircraft Repair Plant.

Filin or Philin (Eagle Owl) unmanned aerial vehicles. Made by the Minsk Aircraft Repair Plant.

Grif-K unmanned aerial vehicles. Made by Aircraft Repair Plant 558.

The Grif-100E is the designation of the system which includes the Grif-1E unmanned aerial vehicle, container and launcher.

Busel  unmanned aerial vehicles
Busel-M  unmanned aerial vehicles
Busel-M50  unmanned aerial vehicles

Berkut-1E unmanned aerial vehicles

Berkut-2E  unmanned aerial vehicles

BAK unmanned aerial vehicles

UBAK-25 unmanned aerial vehicles

Kvadro-1400 (Quadro-1400) rotary unmanned aerial vehicles armed with two RPG-26 anti-tank rocket launchers.

"Soaring Tube" rotary unmanned aerial vehicle armed with a single RPG-26 anti-tank rocket launcher.

UVH-296 rotary unmanned aerial vehicles

Air Defense
S-400 air defense system

S-300V (SA-12 Giant/Gladiator)

TOR-M2 (SA-15 Gauntlet)

9K37 Buk (SA-11 Gadfly)

9K35 Strela-10 (SA-13 Gopher)
9K33 Osa (SA-8 Gecko)

2S6M Tunguska (SA-19 Grison)

ZU-23 towed 23mm anti-aircraft guns.

Belarus is landlocked and has no naval forces.

30,000 personnel?

NBC Defense Battalion
Electronic Warfare

T-72 tanks (1,465)

T-62 tanks (170 in reserve)
T-55 tanks (29 in reserve)
BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles (1,164)

BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles (109)
BMD-1 infantry fighting vehicles (154)

BTR-80 armored personnel carriers
BTR-70MB1 armored personnel carriers

MT-LB armored personnel carriers (66)

Caiman 4x4 armored vehicle. Based on the BRDM-2. Made in Belarus.

Volat MZKT-490100 4x4 wheeled armored vehicle. Made in Belarus.

Lis-PM (Fox-PM) 4x4 armored vehicle. Made by MZKT

VN3 4x4 armored vehicle. Chinese made.

Drakon 4x4 wheeled light armored vehicles


EQ2058 Mengshi utility vehicles. The EQ2058 is a variant of the EQ2050 which itself is a Chinese made HMMWV copy.

EQ2058 with AT-5 Spandrel (9M113 Konkurs) anti-tank missile.

EQ2058 with AGS-17 automatic grenade launcher.

EQ2058 with Remote Weapons Station. Same system used on the Adunok Unmanned Ground Vehicle?

Bogatyr 4x4 wheeled light armored vehicles. Dong Feng EQ2050F variant jointly produced by Belarus and China.

9P149 Shturm-S- MT-LB with AT-6 (9K114 Shturm) anti-tank missile.

Karakal (Caracal) anti-tank missile carrier. Made by Beltech Holding of Belarus.

 Berserk unmanned ground vehicle armed with two 7.62x54mm GShG four barrel rotary guns.

Bogomol unmanned ground vehicle equipped with four Shershen anti-tank missiles. The Shershen may be exchanged for the Fagot, Konkurs or Metis anti-tank missile. 

Whistle unmanned ground vehicle armed with 57mm multiple rocket launcher that fires S-5 (C-5) air launched rockets.

Adunok-M unmanned ground vehicle.

Remote Weapons Station

Shershen (Hornet) anti-tank guided missile launcher. Made in Belarus.

Shershen-D missile launcher with two missiles
Shershen-Q missile launcher with four missiles.
Shershen-L light version

AT-6 anti-tank guided  missile launcher
AT-5 anti-tank guided missile launcher
AT-4 Spigot (9K111 Fagot) anti-tank guided missile launcher

2B23 Nona M1 120mm mortars

RPG-7 anti-tank rocket launchers
RPG-18 anti-tank rocket launchers
RPG-22 anti-tank rocket launchers
RPG-26 anti-tank rocket launchers
RPG-29 anti-tank rocket launchers
SPG-9 recoilless guns
RPO-A Shmel incendiary rocket launcher
MM-60 rocket launcher. 60mm rocket propelled grenade launcher. Made in Belarus.

AGS-30 automatic grenade launchers
AGS-17 automatic grenade launchers

GP-34 under barrel grenade launchers
GP-30 under barrel grenade launchers
GP-25 under barrel grenade launchers

NSV heavy machine guns
DshK heavy machine guns
PK machine guns
RPD machine guns
RPK light machine guns
Dragunov SVD sniper rifles
VSS Vintorez suppressed sniper rifles
AKM assault rifles
AK-74 assault rifles
Makarov PM pistols
HK MP5 sub-machine guns may be used by certain elite units
Sig Sauer P226 pistols may be used by certain elite units 

9K720 Iskander short range ballistic missiles

OTR-21 Tochka (SS-21 Scarab) short range ballistic missiles

Polonez (Polonaise) multiple rocket launcher. Joint development between Belarus and China.

BM-30 Smerch multiple rocket launcher (48)

BM-27 Uragan 


BelGrad BM-21A 122mm multiple rocket launchers

Flute 80mm multiple rocket launcher with armored cab. Fires S-8 (C-8) air launched rockets.

2S19 MSTA-S self propelled 152mm howitzers (13)

2S5 self propelled 152mm howitzers (120)

2S3 self propelled 152mm howitzers (168)
2S1 self propelled 122mm howitzers (246)

2A65B MSTA-B towed 152mm howitzers (140)
D-20 towed 152mm howitzers
2A36 towed 152mm howitzers
D-30 towed 122mm howitzers

2S9 self propelled 120mm mortars  (54)

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus (MUS)
OMON- Special riot police under the MUS.

Almaz- Elite anti-terrorist unit belonging to the MUS.
Internal Troops
Elite 3rd Red Banner Brigade located in Minsk. Crowd control, anti-terrorism, assist Border Guards. The Internal Troops fall under the MUS.

Border Guard
Fall under the Ministry of Defense. Part of the Armed Forces of Belarus. 

Militsiya- Police force responsible for regular police duties.

Belarus Committee on State Security (BKGB)

140th Repair Plant
Volat or Minsk Wheeled Tractor Plant (MZKT)

558th Aviation Repair Plant

Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ)

Belspetsvneshtekhnika (BSVT)


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