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Capital: Bucharest (Bucuresti)

NATO member nation.

Part of the Roman Empire
Vlad "the Impaler" 
Sided with Nazi Germany during World War 2

1989 civil unrest and overthrow of Nicolae Ceausescu

Department of State Security. Secret police during the Communist era of Romania. Securitate is Romanian for Security.

Securitate snipers
Used laser sights to kill as well as to terrorize people.
Government forces used secret tunnels under government facilities to recapture them.

U.S. to use Romania air base for a 2014 withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan?

Air Force
Fortele Aeriene Romane
Approximately 9,700 personnel

F-16 fighter aircraft (12) 

MiG-21 fighter aircraft (36)

An-30 reconnaissance aircraft (2)
An-2 Colt propeller aircraft used for training
C-130 Hercules transport aircraft (3)
C-27J Spartan transport aircraft (7)
An-26 Curl transport aircraft
IAR 99 trainer aircraft (21)

Yak 52 trainer aircraft

IAR 316 (Alouette III) helicopter
IAR 330 (Puma) helicopter. 
IAR 330 SOCAT- Attack helicopter version of the IAR 330. Upgraded with the help of the israeli company Elbit.

RQ-1 Shadow unmanned aerial vehicles (7)

Airbases or Airfields
Campiu Turzil

Reserve Airbases
Contanta Mihail
Kogalniceanu Airport
Timisoara Giamata

Fortele Navale Romane
Approximately 7,100 personnel
Operates on the Black Sea and the Danube River

Frigates (3)
Missile Corvettes (3)
Corvettes (4)
Submarine (1 submarine in need of overhaul)
Torpedo Boats (3)
Patrol Boats (12)
River monitors (8)
Mihail Kogalniceanu Class
F-45 Mihail Kogalniceanu
F-46 Ion C Bratianu
F-47 Lascar Catargiu

Smardan Class
F-176 Rahova

F-177 Opanez
F-178 Smardan
F-179 Posada
F-180 Rovine

Mine Warfare vessels (5)
Electronic Surveillance ship

Land launched P-15 anti-ship missiles.

P-15 Termit (SS-N-2 Styx) or P-270 Moskit (SS-N-22 Sunburn) anti-ship missiles on Corvettes.

Naval Aviation
IAR 330 helicopters (3)

Naval Infantry
307th Marine Battalion

ABC-79M armored personnel carriers (13)
TABC-79M (3)
Md 82 76mm howitzers
AG-7 (RPG-7)
AG-9 (SPG-9)
Md 66 (PKM) machine guns
PM md 64 (RPK) light machine guns
PA md 86 assault rifles

Fortele Terestre Romane
80,000 active duty
104,000 reserve

Mountain troops

NBC protection troops

T-72 tanks (30 tanks kept in storage?)
TR-125 (T-72 with all Romanian parts. 125mm gun. Prototypes only. Project cancelled)-8
TR-85 tanks (Romanian built tanks based on the TR-580)- 305?

TR-580 tanks (Romanian built copy of the T-55)- 226?
T-55 tanks- 569?
TAB B33 Zimbru (Romanian BTR-80) wheeled armored personnel carrier- 69

TAB 77 (Romanian BTR-70) wheeled APC- 162?

TAB 71 (Romanian BTR-60) wheeled APC- 699?

ABC-79M (TABC-79) wheeled APC- 391?

MOWAG Piranha V armored personnel carriers

MOWAG Piranha II APC- 24


MLI-84 amphibious tracked Infantry Fighting Vehicle- 122

MT-LB armored personnel carriers- 8

9P148 (BRDM-2 armored vehicles with AT-5 anti-tank guided missiles)

9P133 (BRDM-2 armored vehicles with AT-3 anti-tank guided missiles)

Panhard PVP 4x4 light armored vehicle. 

HMMWV 4x4 wheeled utility vehicles- 122

URO VAMTAC 4x4 wheeled utility vehicles- 62

Renault Dacia Duster . Jointly produced by Renault and Dacia.

DAC trucks
ROMAN trucks

Air Defense
HAWK XXI surface-to-air missiles operated by the Romanian Air Force
SA-6 surface-to-air missiles
SA-8 surface-to-air missiles
CA-95 (Romanian SA-9 copy) surface-to-air missiles

CA-94 (Romanian SA-7 copy) shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles
SA-7 surface-to-air missiles

M1988 30mm anti-aircraft guns. (Romanian made)
Oerlikon GDF-003 twin 35mm anti-aircraft guns
S-60 57mm anti-aircraft guns
Gepard self propelled anti-aircraft guns. (German made)

Special Forces
Batalionul 1 Operatii Speciale “Vulturii” (Eagles)

Small Arms
md 2ooo pistols (9mm Romanian made. Standard pistol)
Glock 17 pistols
HK MP-5 sub-machine guns
Uzi sub-machine guns
PA md 86 (Pusca Automata model 1986)-  Romanian made 5.45x39mm assault rifles. Standard assault rifle
PM md 63 (AIM)- Romanian made 7.62x39mm assault rifles. Licensed produced copy of the Soviet AKM with a notable fore grip. Used by reserve forces. 
PM md 65 (AIMS)
PM md 90
HK G36 assault rifles (for Special Forces)
SIG 551 assault rifles (for Special Forces)
Steyr AUG assault rifles (for Special Forces)
Mitraliera md. 93 machine guns (Romanian made 5.45x39mm machine guns)
PM md. 64 machine guns (Romanian made 7.62x39mm machine guns)
Mitraliera md. 66 (Romanian version of the 7.62x54mm PKM machine gun)
Vektor SS-77 (South African made 7.62x51 machine guns. Used by Romanian Special Forces)
Browning .50 cal machine guns
PSL sniper rifle. (Romanian made 7.62x54mm sniper rifles. Similar to SVD Dragunov)
Armalite AR-10 (7.62x51mm sniper rifle. Used by Romanian Special Forces)
Brugger and Thomet APR (7.62x51mm sniper rifles. Used by Romanian Special Forces)
AG-40 (Romanian made 40mm grenade launchers)

AT-4 Spigot (9K111 Fagot) anti-tank guided missiles

AG-7 (Romanian copy of the RPG-7)
AG-9 (Romanian copy of the SPG-9)

M1988 60mm mortars
M1977 82mm mortars
M1982 120mm mortars

LAROM multiple rocket launchers. Uses Lynx like launcher system. Jointly developed between Romania and Israel.
LAROM with 122mm rockets. Two containers with 20 tubes. 40 rockets total.

LAROM with LAR-160 160mm rockets. Two pods consisting of 13 tubes. 26 rockets total

APR 40 multiple rocket launchers. 40 tubes 122mm rockets. (Romanian made)

ATROM 155mm self propelled howitzer (Romanian version of the Israeli made ATMOS 2000 on a ROMAN 6x6 truck chassis.

2S1 122mm self propelled howitzer
Md.89 122mm self propelled howitzer. (Romanian made. 2S1 turret on a MLI-84 chassis)

M1993 98mm mountain gun (Romanian made)
M30 122mm howitzer
M82 130mm towed gun (Romanian made)
M85 152mm gun/howitzer (Romanian made)
ML-20 152mm gun/howitzer
M81 152mm howitzer (Romanian made)
M1977 100mm towed anti-tank gun

Detasamentul de Interventie Rapida (DIR)
Rapid Intervention Squad- Elite unit belonging to the Romanian military police.

Romanian Intelligence

Dacia- Romanian subsidiary of Renault
Diesel Auto Camion (DAC)
Industria Aeronautica Romana (IAR)
ROMARM- State owned defense compmany
Constanta shipyard
Mangalia shipyard
Galati shipyard

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