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Capital: Doha?

Qatari military forces took part in the 1991 Battle of Khafji, fighting along side U.S. forces against Iraqi forces. The Qatari contingent was composed of mostly Pakistani recruits. The Qatari contingent that fought at Khafji was a tank unit composed of AMX-30 tanks.
Qatar also allowed U.S. forces to be stationed in the nation.

Aircraft from Qatar took part in the 2011 NATO led attacks on Libya.

2017- A Saudi led coalition imposes sanctions and a blockade on Qatar, alleging Qatar supports terrorists and has friendly relations with Iran.

Turkey had around 200 or so military personnel stationed in Qatar under a 2014 defense agreement. More Turkish soldiers were dispatched to Qatar after the Saudi led blockade and continued threats.

Qatar-Turkey Joint Force Command (QTJFC)

The US has around 10,000 soldiers stationed in Qatar, mostly at the Al Uldeid base.

11,800 total military personnel

Qatar Emiri Air Force
1,500 personnel

Doha International Airport
F-15 fighter aircraft 

Mirage 2000 fighter aircraft (12)

Alpha Jet trainer/light attack aircraft (6)

BAe Hawk trainer aircraft (18 on order)
C-17 Globemaster III transport aircraft (2)
C-130J Super Hercules (4)

Boeing 747 transport aircraft (2)
Boeing 707 transport aircraft (2)
Boeing 727 transport aircraft (1)
Airbus 340 transport aircraft (2)
Airbus 320 transport aircraft (1)
Airbus 310 transport aircraft (1)
Airbus 330 transport aircraft (1)
Falcon 900 transport aircraft (2)
Piper PA-28 Cherokee utility aircraft (10)
Piper PA-34 Seneca utility aircraft (4)
SA.342 Gazelle helicopters (14)

SA.330 Puma helicopters (12)
Westland Sea King helicopters (13)

UH-60R Sea Hawk helicopters used for ASW (6 on order)
Sikorsky S-92 (2)

AIM-9 Sidewinder
R.550 Magic II
R.530 Matra
AM-39 Exocet air launched anti-ship missiles
HOT anti-tank missiles for SA.342 helicopters
Apache “Black Pearl” cruise missiles for Mirage 2000 aircraft.

TTL BTT-3 Banshee target drones

Qatar Emiri Navy
1,800 personnel
Includes maritime police

Fast Attack Craft with Exocet anti-ship missiles (7)

Patrol Craft (60)
Landing Craft, Tank (1)

11 fast interceptor boats for special forces

MM40 Exocet anti-ship missiles
MM38 Exocet anti-ship missiles
Mistral surface-to-air missiles
Goalkeeper 30mm rotary guns on certain vessels (4)

Coastal Exocet anti-ship missiles batteries (4)

Naval Special Forces

Qatar Emiri Land Forces
8.500 personnel
Qatari citizens only constitute about 30% of the army, in which more than 20 different nationalities are represented.

1 Armored Brigade (composed of 1 armored battalion, 1 mechanized battalion, and 1 artillery battalion)
4 Mechanized Battalions
Royal Guard Brigade (3 Infantry Battalions)
2 Artillery Battalions
Special Forces Battalion

Leopard 2A4 tanks (36)
Leclerc tanks (100)
AMX-30 tanks (44)

MOWAG Piranha Mk II 8x8 wheeled (38)

AMX-10P (40)
AMX-VCI (33)
AMX-10RC (12)

Cadillac Gage V-150 Commando (8)
Commando Mk III 4x4 wheeled armored personnel carrier. Portuguese made. (8)
EE-9 Cascavel 6x6 wheeled (20-32)
FV-702 Ferret reconnaissance vehicles (12)

FV-601 Saladin (10)

FV-603 Saracen 6x6 wheeled armored personnel carriers (30)

VAB 6x6 wheeled armored personnel carriers (158)

VAB with 81mm mortars (4)
VAB with HOT anti-tank guided missiles (24)
Fahd 4x4 wheeled armored personnel carriers. Egyptian made. (10)
UR-416 4x4 wheeled armored personnel carriers (20)
Renault Higuard MRAP
HMMWV utility vehicles (6)
Renault Sherpa Light 
Panhard VBL (16)

Land Rovers
Unimog U-4000 and U-5000 trucks

BP-12A ballistic missiles


ASTROS II multiple rocket launchers (18)
BM-21 122mm multiple rocket launchers (3)

Panzerhaubitze 2000 Pzh2000 155mm self propelled howitzers (24 on order)
AMX Mk F3 155mm self propelled howitzers

G5 155mm towed howitzers (12)

L16 81mm mortars (30)
Brandt 120mm mortars (15)

FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank guided missiles
HOT anti-tank guided missiles
MILAN anti-tank guided missiles
Swingfire anti-tank guided missiles

AT-4 anti-tank rocket launchers
Carl Gustav anti-tank rocket launchers

M203 under barrel grenade launchers

Barrett M82 .50 cal sniper/anti-material rifles
M2 Browning .50 cal machine guns
FN MAG machine guns
FN Minimi machine guns
HK21 machine guns
AK-12 assault rifles
AK-47/AKM assault rifles
HK G3 assault rifles
M-16 assault rifles
FN FAL assault rifles
Valmet M76 assault rifles
Valmet M62 assault rifles
M4 carbines
HK MP5 sub-machine guns
Sterling sub-machine guns
Mossberg Model 700 shotguns
HK4 pistols
Sig Sauer P226 pistols

Air Defense
MIM-104 Patriot PAC-3 surface-to-air missiles
MIM-23 Hawk surface-to-air missiles
Roland surface-to-air missiles

Rapier surface-to-air missiles
Crotale surface-to-air missiles
Mistral surface-to-air missiles
Sea Cat/Tiger Cat surface-to-air missiles (5)
FIM-92 Stinger surface-to-air missiles
SA-7 surface-to-air missiles
Blowpipe surface-to-air missiles

Military Police
Scarlet red berets

Special Forces
Maroon berets

Internal Security Forces



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