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Capital: Dakar

French airbase BA 160
The French 23e Batallion d'Infanterie de Marine (23e BIMa) in Dakar .

The US donates 23 HMMWV vehicles to Senegal in 2016.

Senegal has approximately 19,000 military personnel

Air Force (Armee de l'Air)

CASA C-212 aircraft used for maritime patrol (1)
CASA CN-235 aircraft used for troop transport and VIP transport (2)
Fokker F-27 Friendship transport aircraft (6)

Britten-Norman Islander aircraft (1)
Boeing 727 aircraft used for VIP transport (1)
Aerospatiale Magister trainer aircraft (4)

Aerospatiale Epsilon trainer aircraft (2)
Mi-35 attack helicopters (2)

Mi-17 transport helicopters (2)

SA.341 Gazelle helicopter (1)
Mi-2 utility helicopters (2)

AS.355 Ecureuil helicopters used for training (2)

Bofors L/60 towed 40mm anti-aircraft guns (12)
53-T2 Tarasque 20mm anti-aircraft guns. French made (21)

Navy (Marine)

Fast Attack Craft
Patrol Boats
Transport vessels

Army (Armee de Terre)
9,000 personnel?

Ratel-20 6x6 wheeled infantry fighting vehicle (12)
Panhard AML-60 4x4 wheeled vehicle with 60mm mortart (28)
Panhard AML-90 4x4 wheeled armored reconnaissance vehicles (24)
Armscor Eland-90 4x4 wheeled armored reconnaissance vehicles (47)
M-8 Greyhound 6x6 wheeled armored reconnaissance vehicles (14)
VBX-170 armored personnel carriers (12)
Panhard M3 4x4 wheeled armored personnel carriers (12)
Dozor B 4x4 armored vehicles

M-3 Halftrack (10)
HMMWV utility vehicles (23)
M-151 Jeep

BM-21 multiple rocket launchers

M-50 towed 155mm howitzers (12)
M-101 towed 105mm howitzers (6)
M116 towed 75mm howitzers (6)

Brandt 120mm mortars
Brandt 81mm mortars

Milan anti-tank guided missiles

LRAC 89 anti-tank rocket launchers

Army Aviation
Aviation Legere de l'Armee de Terre
helicopters (5)
SA330 Puma transport helicopters (2)

Red Guard of Senegal (Garde Rougedu Senegal)
Part of the Senegalese Gendarmerie. Responsible for presidential security. The name comes from the historical dress uniforms they often wear.

National Gendarmerie
Includes Territorial Gendarmerie and a Mobile Gendarmerie

National Police (Surete Nationale)

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