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1991-1995- Yugoslavian civil war. Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia Herzegovina become independent nations after heavy fighting and the signing of the Dayton Accords.. All sides are accused of brutality and “ethnic cleansing” during the conflict, especially the Serbians. A few Serbian leaders and military commanders are later put on trial for war crimes. Montenegro and Serbia still form Yugoslavia after the civil war, until 2006 when Montenegro declares independence.

Slobodan Milosevic- Serbian politician and president of Yugoslavia during the civil war.
Radovan Karadzic- Bosnian Serb political leader from 1992-1996.

Serbian forces battle Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) guerrillas in the majority ethnic Albanian region of Kosovo. The KLA seeks a separate state of Kosovo.

1999- NATO aircraft bomb Yugoslavia in order to get Serbian forces to withdraw from the Kosovo region.

1999- A U.S. F-117 stealth fighter is shot down in Serbia.

07 MAY 1999- During the U.S. led NATO bombing campaign against Yugoslavia, the Chinese embassy in Belgrade is bombed by U.S. B-2 stealth bombers. The geographic coordinates for the Chinese embassy was provided by the CIA. B-2 stealth bombers armed with JDAM GPS guided bombs were used in the attack. Three Chinese reporters were killed.

2006- Montenegro declares independence.

Serbia still has the largest military in the Balkans.

Air Force
Approximately 4,500 personnel with 180 aircraft

MiG-29 fighter aircraft (4)

MiG-21 fighter aircraft (31)

Soko J-22 Orao (Eagle) attack aircraft (28)

Soko G-4 Super Galeb attack aircraft (25)

An-2 utility aircraft
An-26 transport aircraft
Yak-40 VIP transport (2)
UTVA 75 trainer aircraft. To be replaced by Lasta 95. (12)

Lasta 95 trainer aircraft. Serbian made (17)

UTVA Kobac trainer/light attack aircraft. In development.

Sova trainer/light attack aircraft

Soko Gazelle helicopters used for reconnaissance and attack. License produced by Soko. (49)

Mi-8 transport helicopters (5)
Mi-17 transport helicopters (2)
Airbus H145M helicopter (1)

Many J-22. J-21, and G-2 attack aircraft were withdrawn from service due to the 1996 Agreement on Sub-Regional Arms Control.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Chinese made Wing Loong unmanned combat aerial vehicles (9)?
Chinese made CH-92A unmanned combat aerial vehicles FT-8C missiles (6)

Pegaz 011 (Pegasus 011) unmanned aerial vehicles. Serbian made.

Orbiter Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Shadow unmanned aerial vehicle. Serbian made.


Vrabac unmanned aerial vehicle. Serbian made.

Obad rotary unmanned aerial vehicles

Gavran 145 (Raven 145) loitering munition


Osica loitering munition

KAM-81 loitering munition

KAM-60 (IKA-Kamikaze) loitering munition

Strsljen rotary unmanned aerial vehicle. Under development by EDePro. Innovative new product. Not part of Serbian military as of yet.

Grom B (Thunder B) guided bomb

Air Defense
HQ-22 (FK-3 export variant) air defense system. Made in China. 

SA-3 Goa
SA-6 Gainful
SA-9 Gaskin

SA-7 Grail shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles
SA-13 Gopher

SA-16 Gimlet shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles
BOV-3 self propelled anti-aircraft guns with three M55 20mm cannons. (65)

PASARS-16 air defense system with L/70 40mm gun and two RLN-IC surface-to-air missiles.

Bofors L/70 40mm anti-aircraft guns

Yugoslavian Air Defense managed to shoot down a U.S. F-117 stealth bomber on the 27 of March 1999.

After Monte Negro became a separate nation, Serbia became landlocked.
Serbia is landlocked and has no official navy, however Serbia does operate patrol boats off the Danube River. Serbia also maintains assault ships.

Serbian River Flotilla
Around 1,400 personnel

Command Ship (1)

Degaussing Ship (1)

Mines Warfare Vessels (4)

Landing ships (2)

Patrol Boats (7)

PTS-M amphibious transport vehicles

PM M71 mobile pontoon bridge

48,000 active duty personnel?
100,000 reserve personnel?
T-72B1MS "White Eagle" tanks

M-84 tanks. Based on the Soviet T-72 tank. Made in the former Yugoslavia. (213)
Modernized M-84AS
Modernized M-84AI

BVP M-80A Infantry Fighting Vehicles. Made in the former Yugoslavia. (520)

LAZAR III  8x8 armored personnel carriers


  Lazar III with 30mm aut0 cannons

LAZAR II  8x8 armored personnel carriers
LAZAR I 8x8 armored personnel carriers

BOV-VP Armored Personnel Carriers. Used by military police. Made in the former Yugoslavia. Also called the M-86. (56)

BTR-50 amphibious Armored Personnel Carriers
BRDM-2 armored vehicles
BOV-1 anti-tank missile carriers with six AT-3 missiles. Also known as the POLO M83 (86)

BOV M-11 armored vehicles with 12.7mm Remote Control Weapons Station. Serbian made. Currently for export only.

BOV M16 Milos (Milosh) light armored 4x4 vehicle. May be armed with the M15 Remote Weapon Station

HMMWV utility vehicles (40)
Land Rover Defender utility vehicles
Zastava NTV utility vehicles

Miloš unmanned ground vehicle

Milica unmanned ground vehicle

FAP 1118 4x4 trucks

FAP 2228 6x6 trucks

FAP 3240 8x8 trucks

Anti-Tank Weapons
Malyutka-2- Improved version of the 9M14 Malyutka (AT-3 Sagger). Includes the Malyutka 2T and Malyutka 2T5 upgrades.

AT-3 anti-tank guided missiles
AT-4 anti-tank guided missiles
M-90 shoulder fired 120mm anti-tank rocket launchers. Joint development between a Serbian and a Macedonian company.

M-79 Osa shoulder fired anti-tank rocket launchers. Made in the former Yugoslavia.

M-80 Zolja shoulder fired anti-tank rocket launchers. Disposable. Made in the former Yugoslavia.

Bumbar (“Bumble Bee”) wire guided anti-tank missile. Serbian made.

ALAS missile. Advanced Light Attack System. Under development by a private Serbian company. Capable of engaging enemy armored vehicles, structures, low flying aircraft, and small ships and boats


Proposed launcher vehicle for the ALAS missile.

RALAS missile. Appears to be a shortened version of the ALAS missiles with shorter range of 10km

LORANA missile. Non line of sight missile. Being developed by a Serbian company.

Sumadija missile

Kosava 1 (Whirlwind 1) rocket propelled bombs

Kosava 2 (Whirlwind 2) rocket propelled bombs

Multiple Rocket Launchers

LRSVM M18 modular multiple rocket launcher with armored cab.
Hold two containers that can fire 107mm, 122mm and 128mm rockets in addition to Kosova rockets and ALAS missiles.

LRSVM Morava modular multiple rocket launcher
Holds two containers that can fire 107mm, 122mm or 128mm rockets.

M-87 Orkan 262mm multiple rocket launchers on a 8x8 wheeled truck. 12 tubes. (4?)

M-96 Orkan II 262mm multiple rocket launchers on 8x8 wheeled truck. 4 tubes.

M-77 Oganj 128mm multiple rocket launchers on a 6x6 wheeled truck. 32 tubes. (70?)

M-94 Plamen-S 128mm multiple rocket launcher on 6x6 wheeled truck. 32 tubes.

M-63 Plamen 128mm towed multiple rocket launcher.32 tubes. (48?)

Plamen A 128mm rockets
Plamen B 128mm rockets
Plamen S 128mm rockets

2S1 self propelled 122mm howitzer (72?)

M96 NORA-B self propelled 152mm howitzers. Serbian made.

NORA B-52 self propelled howitzers. Export version of the M96 Nora

SOKO 122mm self propelled howitzers. D-30 122mm howitzer mounted on armored truck.

SORA 122mm self propelled howitzers. D-30 122mm howitzer mounted on a modified FAP 2026 truck.

M-46 (36?)
M-84 NORA 152mm towed howitzers. Serbian made. (36?)

D-30 towed 122mm howitzer (72?)
M74 120mm mortars
120mm thermobaric mortar rounds

Sarac 99 20mm anti-tank/anti-material rifle based upon the 20mm M55. Two man crew portable.


Zastava M93 Black Arrow- Serbian made sniper/anti-material rifle in 12.7mm or .50 caliber NATO.

Zastava M84 7.62x54mm machine guns

Zastava M-91 7.62x54mm sniper rifles. Made in the former Yugoslavia.

Zastava M-76 7.92x57mm Mauser sniper rifles. Made in the former Yugoslavia.

Zastava M-21 Serbian made 5.56mm assault rifles.

Zastava M70 7.62x39mm assault rifles.

63rd Parachute Battalion

Counter-Terrorist Unit

Special Anti-Terrorist Unit


SAT (CAT) Counter-Terrorist Unit?

Serbian Gendarmerie
Andarmerija (pronounced Zhandarmeriya)
Blue beret

Gendarmerie Special Units 
Black beret

Serbian Intelligence
Security Information Agency (BIA)

Vojnoobavestajna Agencija (VOA)
Military Intelligence Agency

Vojnobezbednosna Agencija (VBA) 
Military Security Agency

Serbian Companies
Vojnotehnički Institut (VTI)- Military Technical Institute (MTI) 
EDePro (Engine Development and Production)
Yugoimport SDPR
Tovarna Avtomobilov Maribor (TAM)- Maribor Automobile Factory
FAP (Fabrika Automobila Priboj)
Brodotehnika shipyard

Serbia military pictures

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