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Peoples Republic of China
Capital: Beijing (Peking)
Population of over 1.3 billion people.

Waring States Period
Three Kingdoms Period

Opium War
1900-1901 Boxer Rebellion
Invasion and occupation of Manchuria by Japan.
Chinese Civil War

Mao Tse Tung
Little Red Book
Red Guards
Cultural Revolution
1950 Chinese invasion and occupation of Tibet.
1950-1953 Korean War
1962 Border dispute with India.
1979 Chinese incursion into Vietnam
1989 pro-democracy protests in Tienanmen Square crushed by government forces

Recent Historical
07 MAY 1999- During the U.S. led NATO bombing campaign against Yugoslavia, the Chinese embassy in Belgrade is bombed by U.S. B-2 stealth bombers. The geographic coordinates for the Chinese embassy was provided by the CIA. B-2 stealth bombers armed with JDAM GPS guided bombs were used in the attack. Three Chinese reporters were killed.

April 2001- While flying near Chinese territory, a U.S. EP-3E Aries II spy plane is clipped and damaged by a Chinese J-8 fighter jet and has to make an emergency landing on Hainan Island. The Chinese capture the crew and dismantle the aircraft. The crew and aircraft are later returned.

Spratly Islands dispute between China, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Brunei.

Ethnic Uighur (Uyghur) people in the mostly muslim region of Xinjiang

Ethnic Han Chinese incursions into ethnic Uyghur territory. Ethnic Han deliberately displacing Uyghur and repopulating the areas with ethnic Han.

Communist Party of China

Space Program
Chinese National Space Administration (CNSA)
The Chang Zheng-1 (Long March-1) rocket was China's first space launched rocket.
The Chang Zheng-2 (Long March-2) rocket
The Chang Zheng-3 (Long March-3) rocket
The Chang Zheng-4 (Long March-4) rocket

Spy satellites in space

Anti-Satellite Weapons
KT-2 (Kaituozhe-2) anti-satellite missile. Destroyed an old Chinese FY-1C satellite orbiting in space during a test.
KT-1 (Kaituozhe-1)

Second Artillery Corps- Chinese strategic missile force

Hypersonic Glide Vehicles tested by China. Called the WU-14 by the U.S. Department of Defense

Chinese Ballistic Missiles
DF-3 (Dong Feng-3 or East Wind-3)

DF-4 Two stage ballistic missile. To be replaced by the DF-31
DF-5 Two stage silo based Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM)

DF-11 (CSS-7/M-11) Short range ballistic missile.

DF-15 (CSS-6/M-9) Single stage short range ballistic missile.

DF-16 medium range ballistic missile


DF-26 intermediate range ballistic missile 
Nicknamed the "Guam Express"

DF-21 Two stage medium range ballistic missile.

DF-31 mobile Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM)
DF-31AG mobile Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM)

Dong Feng-41 (DF-41) Intercontinental Ballistic Missile.

Dong Hai-10 (also called the Chang Jian-10 or Long Sword-10) cruise missile

DF-17 hypersonic missiles

DF-100 hypersonic cruise missiles

Air Force
Peoples Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF)
About 300,000 personnel

J-31 stealth fighter. Believed to be based on the U.S. F-35 stealth fighter.

J-20 stealth fighter

FC-1 (JF-17 Thunder) fighter aircraft. Joint developed between China and Pakistan. Used by the Pakistani Air Force. Currently under evaluation in China.

J-11 (Copy of the Russian SU-27)-140

J-10 Vigorous Dragon (Domestic Chinese make and design)-260

SU-30MKK Russian made fighter aircraft-123

Su-27 Russian made fighter aircraft-76

J-8 fighter aircraft (Domestic Chinese make and design)-360

J-7 (Jian-7) “Air Guard” (based on the Russian MiG-21 fighter aircraft)-350

JH-7 (Jian Hong-7) fighter/bomber aircraft. “Flying Leopard”-70

FC-20 advanced trainer aircraft

Retired from service in China
J-6 (Copy of the Russian MiG-19)
J-5 (Copy of the Russian MiG-17)
J-2 (Copy of the Russian MiG-15)

Export versions
F-10 fighter aircraft (Export version of the J-10)
F-8 fighter aircraft (Export version of the J-8)
F-7 fighter aircraft (Export version of the J-7)

Q-5 (Qiang-5) ground attack aircraft. To be replaced by the JH-7 fighter bomber aircraft. Two 23mm cannons. On January 7th, 1972 a Chinese Q-5A (nuclear version of the Q-5) dropped Chinas first nuclear bomb. The special bomb bay was made to carry a single Kuang Biao-1 air-dropped hydrogen bomb. The Q-5B is the anti-ship missile and torpedo carrying variant of the Q-5.-130

A-5 ground attack aircraft (Export version of the Q-5. Also called the Q-5 III)

H-6 (Hongzha-6) bomber aircraft. (Copy of the Russian Tu-16)-120

H-5 (Harbin-5) medium bomber aircraft. Chinese copy of the Il-28 bomber aircraft. Still in Chinese service?

YJ-81 air-launched anti-ship missiles
YJ-91 anti-radiation missiles (copy of the Russian Kh-31P)

PL-12 air-to-air missiles. Believed to be comparable to the U.S. AIM-120 AMRAAM missile. Developed from the HQ-61 surface-to-air missile.
SD-10 air-to-air missile. Export version of the PL-12.
LD-10 air-to-ground missile. Anti-radiation variant of the PL-12.
PL-11 air-to-air missiles
PL-9 air-to-air missiles
PL-8 air-to-air missiles

CM-502KG air-to-ground missiles

Blue Arrow 7  light air-to-ground missiles

Blue Arrow 9 light air-to-ground missiles

FT-7 Dual seat fighter/trainer aircraft. Variant of the F-7 fighter aircraft.
L-15 Falcon Trainer/light attack aircraft
JL-8 trainer aircraft-180

IL-76 Russian made transport planes
Y-20 heavy transport planes
Y-9 transport planes
Y-8 (Yun-8) transport planes (Chinese made copy of the An-12)
Y-5 (Chinese made copy of the An-2)

KJ 200 AWACS-2

KJ 2000 AWAC/AEW&C aircraft-8

HY-6 air refueling aircraft. Modified H-6 aircraft.

IL-78 air refueling aircraft

Z-15 transport helicopters
Z-9 helicopters
Z-8 helicopters (Chinese copy of the SA 321 Super Frelon)

Mi-17 transport helicopters
French made SA.342 Gazelle helicopters
U.S. made S-70 Black Hawk helicopters

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Lijian (Sharp Sword) Stealth UAV.

WZ-8 (DR-8) high speed reconnaissance drones

Tianchi (Copy of the U.S. Global Hawk UAV?) BZK-005?

Anjian (Dark Sword) Stealth UAV. Still in development?

SH-1 unmanned aerial vehicle

Harpy UAVs purchased from israel. Sent to israel for upgrades. Sent back to China without upgrades because of U.S. protests. Box launchers for multiple Harpy UAV's on trucks.

BZK-005 Giant Eagle or soaring dragon? Copy of the U.S. Global Hawk?

BZK-007 Sunshine?
WZ 2000?
HW-600 Sky Eagle
HJ-300 Blade
HW-100 Sparrow Hawk
HW-200 Ascender
WJ-600 unmanned combat aerial vehicle

WJ-500 unmanned aerial vehicle

Wing Loong (Pterodactyl). Used for reconnaissance and combat. Copy of the U.S. MQ-9 Reaper?

Wing Loong II unmanned aerial vehicles. Under development. 

Xianglong (Soaring Dragon)- Copy of the U.S. RQ-4 Global Hawk?

CH-4 unmanned aerial vehicle. Used for reconnaissance and combat. Export version of the Wing Loong?

CH-3 unmanned aerial vehicle. May be equipped with the AR-1 air-to-surface missiles.

Blue Fox- Based upon the L-15 trainer aircraft

ASN-9 (Ba-9)

ASN-7 recoverable UAV
ASN-15 reconnaissance UAV
ASN-104 reconnaissance UAV
ASN-105 reconnaissance UAV
ASN-206 reconnaissance UAV
ASN-207 reconnaissance UAV


ASN-301 anti-radiation loitering munition. Appear to be a copy of the Harpy loitering munition.

AV500W rotary unmanned aerial vehicles. Made by AVIC

CR500 Golden Eagle rotary unmanned aerial vehicles

Sharp Eyes III rotary unmanned aerial vehicles

CH-901 container launched loitering munition

Artillery fired unmanned aerial vehicles

Ba-2 target drones
Ba-5 target drones (based on the J-5 fighter aircraft)
J-6 Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles (UCAV)?
J-7 target drones (based on the J-7 fighter aircraft)

B-6 drone (based on the J-6 fighter aircraft)?
Ba-9 (ASN-9) target drones
Wu Zhen-5 (WZ-5) jet powered reconnaissance drone. Based on the U.S. AQM-34N Firebee. Several U.S. Firebee drones were shot down flying over North Vietnam and China in the 1960's. The drone is also known as the Chang Hong-1.
Chang Kong-1 target drone. Developed from the Lavochkin La-17C.

The U.S. flew D-21 high altitude reconnaissance drones, launched from SR-71 Black Bird aircraft, over Chinese facilities from 1969-1971. The D-21 drones had a pre-programed flight path and were operated by the CIA and U.S. Air Force. The last of four drones operated during this time frame crashed in China.

CAA-1C Thunderbolt Chinese made air-to-air missiles
PL-10 Chinese made air-to-air missiles
PL-7 Chinese made air-to-air missiles
PL-11 Chinese made air-to-air missiles
PL-8 Chinese made air-to-air missiles
PL-5 Chinese made air-to-air missiles

CM-102 anti-radiation missiles

LD-10 anti-radiation missiles

TY-90 (Tianyan 90) Chinese made air-to-air and surface-to-air missiles. Light enough to be fired from helicopters. Weighs 20 kg. 1.9 meters long and 90mm in diameter.

LT-2 laser guided bomb
LT-3 guided bomb
GB-1 laser guided bomb
FT-1 bomb

FT-2 bomb
FT-3 500 lb bomb (glide bomb kit also available for the FT-3)
FT-4 500 lb bomb (glide bomb kit also available for the FT-4)
FT-5 bomb

FT-6 bomb
LS-6 50 kg bomb (glide bomb kit also available for the 50 kg LS-6)
LS-6 100 kg bomb (glide bomb kit also available for the 100kg LS-6)
LS-6 250 kg bomb stand-off glide bomb
LS-6 500 kg bomb stand-off glide bomb

AR-1 air-to-ground missiles for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.
LMD air-to-ground missiles for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

anti-tank bombs for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

The Chinese airborne corps are part of the PLA Air Force. Airborne forces number around 24,000 personnel.
ZBD03 airborne infantry fighting vehicles. First generation was called the ZLC2000.

Air Force Reserve

Peoples Liberation Army Navy
About 250,000 personnel

Aircraft Carrier (2)
The Liaoning (Russian made Admiral Kuznetsov Class aircraft carrier.) is fitted with Chinese made J-15 carrier based fighter aircraft.

Domestically built Type 001A Class aircraft carrier.

Destroyers (25)

Frigates (47)

Submarines (63)

Missile Boats (91)

Type 022 Houbei Class Fast Attack Craft with Hung Niao cruise missiles and C-801, C-802, or C-803 anti-ship missiles. Also equipped with a 30mm gun. Has stealthy features. (83)

Torpedo Boats
Gun Boats
Patrol Boats (231)
Mine Warfare vessels (40)
Assault Ships (2)
Landing Ships (88)
Landing Craft (140) 

Air Cushion craft
Type 726 air cushioned craft

Supply Ships

Unmanned Underwater Vessels

Naval Aviation
J-15 carrier based fighter aircraft

H-6D bomber aircraft (14)
JH-7 maritime fighter aircraft (54)
Su-30MKK fighter aircraft (24)
J-11 fighter aircraft (24)
J-10 fighter aircraft (20)
J-8 fighter aircraft (48)
J-7 fighter aircraft (30)
Q-5 attack aircraft (30)
Y-8 aircraft used for maritime patrol
Y-7 aircraft used for transport
SH-5 maritime patrol amphibious aircraft (4)

JL-8 trainer aircraft (12)
JL-9 trainer aircraft (12)


Naval Surface-to-Air Missiles
HHQ-16- Naval version of the HQ-16.

HHQ-9- Naval version of the HQ-9.

Anti-Ship Missiles and Cruise Missiles
Russian made P-270 Moskit (SS-N-22 Sunburn or 3M80) supersonic anti-ship missiles
Russian made 3M-54 Klub supersonic anti-ship missiles
HY-1 Hai Ying-1 or Sea Eagle-1 (CSS-C-2 Silkworm) anti-ship missiles. Coastal version of the SY-1?
HY-2 (CSS-C-3 Seersucker) coastal anti-ship missiles.
HY-4 (CSS-C-7 Sadsack) coastal anti-ship missiles.
HY-41/XW-41 – Improved version of the HY-4.
DF-21D ballistic missiles used in anti-ship role. So called “carrier killer”.

YJ-1 (Ying Ji-1 or Eagle Strike-1)
YJ-6- Air launched cruise missiles (CAS-1 Kraken)
YJ-8 (CSS-N-4 Sardine)?


YJ-61- Air launched cruise missiles. Improved version of the YJ-6.
YJ-62- Long range cruise missiles. Tomahawk like.

YJ-63- Air launched cruise missiles
YJ-81- Improved version of the YJ-8.
YJ-82 (CSS-N-8 Saccade)

TL-1 (Tian Long or Sky Dragon-1)
TL-6 small anti-ship missiles.
KD-88 air launched anti-ship cruise missiles. Air launched variant of the YJ-8.

SY-1 (Shang You-1 or Upstream-1) Has the NATO reporting name CSS-N-1 Scrubbrush. Ship launched version of the HY-1. Copy of the Russian P-15 Termit (SS-N-2 Styx).
SY-2 (Shang You-2 or Upstream-2) Has the NATO reporting name CSS-N-5 Sabot. Ship launched version of the HY-2?

FL-1 (Fei Long-2 or Flying Dragon-2) Export version of the SY-1?
FL-2 Export version of the SY-2.
FL-3 Export version of the C-301?
FL-10- Export version of the C-701?

C-101- Supersonic anti-ship missile. Export or air launched version of the YJ-16?
C-201- CSS-N-2?
C-201W- Export version of the HY-4 coastal anti-ship missiles.
C-301- Supersonic anti-ship missile. CSS-C-6 Sawhorse.
C-401 air launched anti-ship missiles?
C-601- air launched anti-ship missiles. Export version of the YJ-6?
C-602- Long range cruise missiles. Export version of the YJ-62?

C-611- Improved version of the C-601.
C-701- Exocet like anti-ship missiles. Light weight. Ground, ship and and air launched.
C-703 millimeter wave guided version of the C-701.
C-704- Exocet like anti-ship missiles. Light weight. Ground, ship and and air launched.

C-705- Planar wing version of the C-701/C-704
C-801- Export version of the YJ-8
C-802- Export version of the YJ-82?

C-803- Export version of the YJ-83.
CM-302 anti-ship cruise missiles

JL-1 (Julang-1) submarine launched ballistic missiles. Based on the DF-21 missile.

JL-2 submarine launched ballistic missiles

CM-708UNA submarine launched cruise missiles

CY-3 anti-submarine missiles?

YU-7 torpedoes

Chen-1 influence mines
Chen-2 influence mines
Chen-3 influence mines
Chen-6 influence mines
T-5 mobile mines
PMK-1 rocket rising mines (Russian made)
Mao-5 rocket rising mines
EM53 bottom influence mines

Air defense systems used on certain vessels

About 12,000 personnel

ZBD 2000 amphibious tanks
Type 62 light tanks
Type 63 light amphibious tanks
Type 86 (WZ501) infantry fighting vehicles
Type 63 armored personnel carriers
Type 77 amphibious armored personnel carriers
Type 85 armored personnel carriers
WZ551 wheeled armored personnel carriers
ZBD-05 amphibious infantry fighting vehicles


Type 95 assault rifles

Type 89 self propelled 122mm howitzers

Naval Reserve

Naval Militia

Peoples Liberation Army Ground Force

1,700,000 active duty personnel
800,000 reserve personnel
10,000 Main Battle Tanks
5,500 Armored Personnel Carriers
2,200 Infantry Fighting Vehicles
25,000 Artillery pieces

Army Aviation
WZ-10 attack helicopters

WZ-9 (Wu Zhi-9) helicopters

Type 15 light main battle tanks
VT-5 tanks. Export variant of the Type 15

VT-4 tanks (MBT 3000). Not used by China. Exported.

MBT 2000. Not used by China. Exported.

ZTZ 96 tanks (also called the Type 96 or Type 88C) 125mm main gun.

ZTZ 99 tanks (also called the Type 99 or WZ 123) 125mm main gun.
Type 90-II (MBT 2000)
Type 88 tanks 

Type 85 tanks with 125mm guns
Type 80 tanks with 105mm guns
WZ 121 tanks (Wuzhuang Zhisheng-121 or Type 69)-300
WZ 120 tanks (also called the Type 59. Copy of the T-54)

WZ 132 light tanks (also called the Type 62)
WZ 211 light amphibious tanks (also called the Type 63)

ZBD2000 amphibious assault vehicles

WZ501 (Type 86) infantry fighting vehicles (Chinese copy of the BMP-1)

ZBD-09 8x8 wheeled Infantry Fighting Vehicles with 30mm gun.

ZBD-05 Infantry Fighting Vehicles with 30mm guns.
ZBD-04 Infantry Fighting Vehicles with 100mm guns.

ZTD-05 armored amphibious vehicle

QN-506 tank support vehicle. Based on the Type 59 tank. Similar to the Russian BMPT 72 "Terminator". Armed with a 30mm cannon and anti-tank missiles.

YW 531 (Type 63) armored personnel carriers

YW 701 armored command vehicle (YW 531 variant)
YW 750 armored ambulance (YW 531 variant)
YW 381 self propelled 120mm mortar carrier (YW 531 variant)
YW 304 self propelled 82mm mortar carrier (YW 531 variant)
ZSL-92 (also called Type 92) 6x6 wheeled infantry fighting vehicles

BK 1990 8x8 wheeled self Propelled howitzer with a 120mm
ZLC 2000 (WZ 506) airborne combat vehicle
WZ 551 (Type 92) 6x6 wheeled armored personnel carrier with 25mm auto cannons.

ZFB-05 light armored vehicles

CS/VN-3 4x4 wheeled armored vehicles

Dongfeng EQ2050 utility vehicles. Chinese made copy of the HMMWV.

Dongfeng CSK131 light armored vehicles. 

BJ 2022 (Beijing 2022) utility vehicle

Beiben Kaijia 8x8 armored trucks.

Sharp Claw 2 unmanned ground vehicles

Sharp Claw 1 unmanned ground vehicles


WS-3 400mm guided multiple rocket launcher

WS-2 (Weishi-2 or Guardian-2) 400mm self propelled multiple rocket launcher on a 6x6 wheeled truck. 6 box shaped launchers. Rockets have a reported range of 200km.

AR-3 370mm self propelled multiple rocket launcher 

WS-1 302mm self propelled multiple rocket launcher on a 6x6 wheeled truck. 4 tubes. The rockets have a 100km range. An extended range version, the WS-1B, has rockets with a range of 180km.

PHL-03 300mm multiple rocket launcher. 12 tubes. Chinese copy of the Russian BM-30.

A-100 300mm multiple rocket launcher. 10 tubes. Looks similar to the BM-30. (Not in service with China.)

WM-80 273mm self propelled multiple rocket launcher. 8x273mm rockets. 8X8 wheeled vehicle. The rockets have a range of about 80km.

WM-40 (Type 83) 273mm self propelled multiple rocket launcher. 4x273mm rockets. Tracked vehicle.

Type 82 130mm self propelled multiple rocket launchers. 30 tubes. 3 rows of 10.

SR-5 multiple rocket launchers
Fires 122mm rockets and/or 220mm rockets.

PR50 Sandstorm 122mm multiple rocket launcher
Two pods of twenty tubes each. Forty total tubes. Reload racks of forty rockets at the rear of the vehicle.

WS-22 guided multiple rocket launcher system. Variant of the PR50 multiple rocket launcher that fires guided rockets.

The WS-33 rocket and WS-43 cruise missile can be fired from the same TEL vehicle as the WS-22 rocket.

WS-64 multiple rocket launcher

WS-63 multiple rocket launcher

SY400 multiple rocket launcher
The Transporter Erector Launcher (TEL) vehicle for the SY400 missile can also fire the BP-12A short range ballistic missile

SY300 multiple rocket launcher

Type 81 122mm self propelled multiple rocket launcher on a 6x6 wheeled truck. 40 tubes.

Type 83 122mm self propelled multiple rocket launcher on a 6x6 wheeled truck. 24 tubes.

PHZ 89 (Type 89) 122mm self propelled multiple rocket launcher. 40 tubes. 12.7mm machine gun. Reloading rack.

Type 90 122mm self propelled multiple rocket launcher on a 6x6 wheeled truck.

Type 81 107mm self propelled multiple rocket launcher on a 4x4 wheeled truck.

Type 63 107mm towed multiple rocket launcher. 12 tubes.

Container based multiple rocket launcher

WS-43 cruise missiles

PLZ-45 155mm self propelled howitzers

PLZ-05 (Type 05) 155mm self propelled howitzers

PLZ-07 122mm self propelled howitzers

PTL-02 100mm?

PLL-05 (Type 5) 120mm self propelled mortar/gun. 6X6 wheeled.

SM4 self propelled 81mm mortar

Anti-tank Weapons
Red Arrow 12 anti-tank guided missiles

ZBL 09 anti-tank missile carrier

HJ-10 (AFT-10)  anti-tank guided missiles on ZBD-04 chassis

HJ-9 (AFT-9) anti-tank guided missiles

WZ550 ATGM carrier with HJ-9 missiles

HJ-8 (Hong Jian-8) “Red Arrow-8” anti-tank guided missiles

HJ-73 anti-tank guided missiles (Copy of the AT-3)

Type 98 shoulder fired anti-tank rocket launcher with 120mm rockets. Tripod configuration also.

PF-89 shoulder fired anti-tank rocket launcher

PF-97 Shoulder fired Thermobaric rocket launcher. Fires 93mm rockets.

Type 69 (Chinese made copy of the RPG-7)

Type 65 82mm recoilless guns
Type 78 82mm recoilless guns. Improved version of the Type 65.

FHJ-84 Shoulder fired, double barreled 62mm incendiary rocket launcher.

FHJ-01? 62mm or 64mm incendiary rocket launcher?

Type 91 (QLG-91) 35mm under barrel grenade launcher for the Type 95 assault rifle.

QLZ-87 (Type 87) 35mm automatic grenade launcher. Tripod and bipod configuration.

LG1 35mm under barrel grenade launcher for the Type 95 assault rifle
LG2 40mm under barrel grenade launcher for the Type 95 assault rifle.
LG3 40mm automatic grenade launcher
LG6 40mm grenade launcher
QLT-89 (Type 89) 50mm silent individual grenade launcher (or mini mortar)

Type 90/103 40mm rifle grenades for the Type 95

DFR 89 individual incendiary. Disposable.

Hua Qing minigun- Chinese made 6 barrel minigun in 7.62x54mm caliber.

Small Arms
AMR-2 12.7mm sniper/anti-material rifle

M-99 12.7mm sniper/anti-material rifle
Type 88 (QBU-88) 5.8mm sniper rifle

JS-2 5.8mm sniper rifle

Type 80 7.62mm machine gun (copy of the PKMS)
Type 81 7.62mm light machine gun, Machine gun version of the Type 81 assault rifle.
Type 67 7.62x54mm machine gun

Type 88 5.8mm machine gun
Type 95 light machine gun. Drum magazine fed version of the Type 95 assault rifle. Bipod. 5.8x38mm

Type 95 (QBZ-95) bullpup assault rifle. 5.8x38mm

Type 97 bullpup assault rifle. 5.56mm export version of the Type 95

QBZ-191 assault rifle chambered in 5.8x42mm. Assault rifle, carbine and marksman rifle variants

QBZ-03 (Type 03) 5.8mm assault rifle.

Type 81 7.62mm assault rifle

Type 56 assault rifle (Chinese copy of the AK-47)
CQ assault rifle (Chinese copy of the M-16)
Type 95 carbine. Carbine version of the Type 95 assault rifle.
Type 56 carbine (Chinese copy of the SKS)
QCW 05 (Type 05) 5.8x21mm silenced sub-machine guns. Bullpup design.

JS 9mm silenced sub-machine gun. Bullpup design. Based on the QCW-05. Designed for export.
Type 85 7.62x25mm sub-machine gun

Type 79 7.62x25mm sub-machine gun

Type 64 silenced 7.62x25 sub-machine gun

Chang Feng (CF-05) 9mm sub-machine gun with Helical magazines.

QSW 06 (Type 06) 5.8mm silenced pistols

QSZ-92 (Type 92) 9mm or 5.8mm pistols

NP42 9mm pistols developed for export.

Air Defense
S-400 Triumf Russian made air defense system
S-300 Russian made air defense system
HQ-1 (Hong Qi-1 or Red Flag-1) Chinese copy of the SA-2

HQ-2 further development of the HQ-1

HQ-2J advanced version of the HQ-2.

TOR-M1 surface-to-air missiles. Russian made.

HQ-6A surface-to-air missiles
The HQ-6 missile is based on the Aspide missile which itself is based on the AIM-7 missile.


HQ-7 short range surface-to-air missiles. Copy of the Crotale. Used on ships or on ground vehicles.

FM-80 (Fei Meng-80) Export version of the HQ-7
FM-90 (Fei Meng-90) Improved version of the FM-80. For export.
HQ-9 Similar to the S-300V. The HHQ-9 is the naval version of the HQ-9.

HQ-12 (also called the Kaishan-1 or KS-1) Mobile surface-to-air missile launcher on a 6x6 truck.

HQ-16 Copy of the Russian 9k37 Buk (SA-11 Gadfly). The HHQ-16 is the naval version.

HQ-61 First generation Chinese made short range surface-to-air missiles

HQ-64 surface-to-air missile launcher. 6x6 wheeled truck.

Lie Ying-60 surface-to-air missile launcher. Export version of the HQ-64.
TY-90 (Tian Yan) surface-to-air missiles

LD 2000 air defense system on an 8x8 wheeled truck. 6 TY-90 surface-to-air missiles and a seven barreled 30mm gun.

PGZ-95 (also known as the PGZ-04 or Type 95) mobile air defense system. Armed with four QW-2 surface-to-air missiles and four 25mm auto cannons.

PGZ-07 self propelled anti-aircraft gun with twin 35mm guns

FB-6A air defense system

FB-6C air defense system with FN-16 missiles on Dong Feng EQ2015 vehicle

QW-1 (Qian Wei-1 or Vanguard-1) Shoulder fired surface-to-air missile. Chinese copy of the SA-16.

QW-2 shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles
HY-6 (Hong Ying-6 or Red Tassel-6) shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles

HN-5 shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles (Chinese copy of the SA-7)

FN-6 (Fei Nu-6) Export version of the HY-6

Type 88 self propelled anti-aircraft gun

Type 59 towed 100mm anti-aircraft guns. Copy of the KS-19
Type 59 towed 57mm anti-aircraft guns. Copy of the S-60

Type 74 (upgraded Type 65)
Type 65 twin barrel 37mm anti-aircraft guns

Type 55 towed 37mm anti-aircraft guns. Copy of the M1939
Type 90 towed 35mm anti-aircraft guns. Copy of the Swiss Oerlikon GDF

Type 56 towed 14.5mm anti-aircraft guns. Copy of the ZPU-4
Type 58 towed 14.5mm anti-aircraft guns. Copy of the ZPU-2
Type 75 towed 14.5mm anti-aircraft guns. Copy of the ZPU-1
Type 80 towed twin 23mm anti-aircraft guns. Copy of the ZU-23-2
Type 87 towed twin 23mm anti-aircraft guns. Copy of the ZU-23-2

Special Forces

Army, Navy, and Air Force Reserve forces.

About 10 million personnel in 2003. Air defense, artillery, infantry and specialist units. Currently focusing forces on strengthening and improving urban militia units, to be prepared for Peoples War under high technology conditions in modern cities.

Peoples Armed Police
About 1.5 million personnel. Includes special police units.
Olive Green uniforms
Guard certain government facilities, respond to riots, terrorist attacks and other emergencies.
Border Guard, port and airport security responsibilities.
Have air defense capability and responsibility at certain events.
Traffic control and firefighting responsibilities.
Support PLA during war time.

Peoples Armed Police special forces.

WJ-03B armored vehicles

ZFB-05 light armored vehicles

Type 81 assault rifles in 7.62x39mm (Some being re-chambered for 5.8x42mm?)

Ministry of Public Security
Blue uniforms
Policing duties
Type 79 sub-machine guns. 7.62x25mm
QSZ-92 (Type 92) 9mm pistols
Type 77 pistols 9mm pistols

Chinese Intelligence
Ministry of State Security

Nuclear Weapons
China tested its first nuclear weapon in 1964.

Chemical Weapons
China is believed to possess chemical weapons, China is capable of producing chemical weapons.

Biological Weapons
China is suspected of possessing biological weapons at least for study and defense. China is capable of producing biological weapons.

Norinco (North Industries Corporation)
China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC)
China Aviation Industry Corporation (AVIC and AVIC II)
China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC)
China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC)
Chinese Shipbuilding and Offshore Company (CSOC)
China Precision Machinery Import and Export Corporation (CPMIEC)
China National Aero Technology Import and export Corporation (CATIC)
China Aerospace Long March International 
Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Company
FAW automotive
Shaanxi Baoji Special Vehicle Manufacturing Company

Peoples Liberation Army and Peoples Armed Police pictures

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