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France aids Comoros with the protection of territorial waterways
France also helps Comoros with training, and air surveillance.

France maintains a small naval base and a detachment of Foreign Legion (DLEM) on the nearby island of Mayotte which it occupies.

Force Comoriennes de Defense (FCD)
Comoran Defense Forces
500 personnel

Air Wing
Let L-410 transport aircraft (2)
Mi-14 Haze helicopter (1)
Ecureuil helicopter (1)

Maritime Wing
Patrol Boats, Yamayun Class (2)

Armee Nationale Developpement (AND)
National Army of Development 

Mitsubishi L200 pickup trucks

RPG-7 anti-tank rocket launcher
M40 recoilless rifles

NSV heavy machine guns
FN FAL assault rifles
AK-47 assault rifles
SKS rifles

Service de Sante Militaire (SSM)
Military Health Service

Ecole Nationale des Forces Armees et de la Gendarmerie (ENFAG)
National School of the Armed Forces and Gendarmerie

Gendarmerie Nationale (GN)
National Police force
500 personnel

Aermacchi SF.260 aircraft (5)
Cessna 402 aircraft (1)

Groupement de Securite des Hautes Personnalites (GSHP)
Act as a Presidential Guard and provides VIP protection.

Comoros Security Forces Pictures

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