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The Kingdom of Morocco
Capital: Rabat
Morocco has 2,952 km of coastline
The Atlas mountain range covers a good portion of Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia.

Native Berber people and arab invaders

Almoravid Dynasty

Spanish controlled portions of Morocco
Cueta (Sebta) and Melilla are enclaves in Morocco controlled by Spain since the 1400's. A double fence has been built around Cueta and Melilla with ground sensors added to prevent illegal African immigrants from entering. Cueta and Melilla are used by illegal African immigrants to sneak into mainland Spain. Ceuta has a population of about 76,600 and Melilla has a population of about 69,400.

Gained independence in 1956
Border skirmishes with Algerian forces called the Sand War

1967- Morocco fought along with other Arab nations against israel in the Six Day War.
1973- Morocco sent troops to fight against israeli forces during the Yom Kippur War (Ramadan War) in 1973.

1977- Intervened in Zaire to aid the government of Zaire during the Shaba conflict.

25 year long war against POLISARIO forces in the Western Sahara. Morocco built a large berm around a good portion of Western Sahara to contain POLISARIO forces, and exploit the economically viable parts. Almost as many Moroccan military forces were stationed in the Western Sahara as the entire Sahrawi population. Called the Moroccan Wall. Laid land mines around the wall. Backed by Rapid Reaction Units.

Sent a few troops to take part in Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm against Iraqi forces.

The Royal Moroccan Armed Forces
185,000 active duty personnel (2010 est.)

Royal Moroccan Air Force
13,000 personnel

F-16 fighter aircraft (24)

Mirage F1 fighter aircraft (40)

F-5 Tiger II fighter aircraft (39)

Alpha Jet trainer/light attack aircraft (22)

Cessna T-37 Dragonfly trainer aircraft (14)
T-6 Texan II trainer aircraft (23)

Beechcraft T-34 Turbo Mentor trainer aircraft (12)
FFA AS-202/18 Bravo trainer aircraft (10)
C-130 Hercules transport aircraft (12)

CASA CN-235 transport aircraft (7)

Alenia C-27J Spartan transport aircraft (4)

KC-130 refueling aircraft (3)
Lockheed RC-130 aircraft used for surveillance and reconnaissance (1)
Dassault Falcon 20 aircraft used for electronic warfare (2)
BN-2T Defender aircraft used for maritime patrol and reconnaissance (14)
Bombardier 415 amphibious aircraft (4)
Boeing 737 aircraft used for VIP transport (2)

Dassault 50 aircraft used for VIP transport (1)

Dassault 100 aircraft used for VIP transport (1)
Gulfstream II aircraft used for VIP transport (2)
Gulfstream III aircraft used for VIP transport (1)
Gulfstream V aircraft used for VIP transport (1)
Gulfstream G550 aircraft used for VIP transport (1)
Beechcraft Super King Air used as trainer and for VIP transport (16)
Cessna 414 aircraft used for VIP transport (1)
Cessna 421 aircraft used for VIP transport (1)
Cessna Citation V aircraft used for VIP transport (1)
Cessna Citation XLS aircraft used for VIP transport (1)
SA.342 Gazelle helicopters used in attack role (24)

Bell OH-58 Kiowa helicopters (26)
SA.330 Puma transport helicopters (37)

AS.332 Super Puma transport helicopters (2)
EC135 helicopters used by Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie (3)
EC145 helicopters used by Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie (2)
AS.350 helicopters used by Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie (4)
UH-1 Iroquois helicopters (31)
UH-1N Twin Huey helicopters (3)
CH-47 Chinook transport helicopters (10)

S-70 Black Hawk helicopters used by Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie(2)
Agusta Westland AW139 helicopter used for VIP transport (1)
ULM Tornado ultra light aircraft used by the Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie (20)

MD 500 Defender helicopters?

AIM-9 air-to-air missiles
Matra R530 air-to-air missiles
R550 Magic II air-to-air missiles
MBDA MICA air-to-air missiles
AIM-120 air-to-air missiles

AGM-65 Maverick air-to-surface missiles
AGM-88 HARM air-to-surface anti-radiation missiles
GBU-10 Paveway II laser guided bombs
GBU-12 Paveway II laser guided bombs
GBU-24 Paveway III laser guided bombs
AASM precision guided bombs
JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munition) precision guided bombs
HOT anti-tank guided missiles

M134 miniguns used on some helicopters

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Bayraktar TB2
RQ-1 Predator
BAe SkyEye

E95M aerial targets

AN/MPQ-64 Sentinel air radars (8)
AN/TPS-43 air radars (8)
AN/TPS-63 air radars (8)
MSSR air radars
RATAC ground radars (12)
BOR-A 550 ground radars
RASIT ground radars
AN/PPS-5A ground radars
Stentor Battlefield radars
AN/MPG-61 air radars (9)
AN/MPQ-57 air radars (3)
AN-MPQ-55 air radars (9)
AN/MPQ-62 air radars (3)
AN/MPQ-49 air radars
ARSS-1 ground radars (12)
AN/TPS-79 air radars

Marine Royale
Royal Moroccan Navy
42,000 personnel

Naval Ensign of the Royal Moroccan Navy

Strategic position overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar

Naval facilities located in Casablanca, Al Hoceima, Dakhla, Agadir, Ksar Sghir

Frigate, FREMM multipurpose (1 commissioned)
Frigates, FMMM Class (3)

Frigates, Floreal Class (2)

Corvettes (2)
Patrol Boats (33)

Landing Ships (3)

Auxiliary Ships (4)

Naval Aviation
AS.565 Panther helicopters (4)

MM38 Exocet anti-ship missiles
MM40 Exocet anti-ship missiles

Groupes d'Intervention de la Marine Royale (GIMR)

Used by Coast Guard and Police Forces
Patrol Boats (73)
Hovercraft (2)

Royal Moroccan Army
185,000 personnel

2 Parachute Brigades
Brigade d'Infanterie Parachutiste (1 BIP)
Brigade d'Infanterie Parachutiste (2e BIP)

4 Commando Battalions

Light Security Brigade
Brigade Legere de Securite (BLS)

VT-1A- Equivalent of a heavily upgraded Chinese Type 96 tank (54)
T-72 tanks (100)

M1A1 tanks

M60A3 tanks (300)

M48 tanks (185)
SK-105 light tanks (105)
Ratel 90 infantry fighting vehicles (30)
Ratel 20 infantry fighting vehicles (30)
AIFV infantry fighting vehicles (112)
M113 armored personnel carriers (1,300)
VAB VCI armored personnel carriers (75)
VAB VTT armored personnel carriers (320)

UR-416 with Cobra anti-tank guided missiles (45)
AMX-10RC armored reconnaissance vehicles (110)
AML-90 armored reconnaissance vehicles (140)

AML-60 armored reconnaissance vehicles (35)

HMMWV utility vehicles

URO VAMTAC utility vehicles
URO ATLAS (URO VAM made in Morocco)

Toyota Land Cruisers
M151 Mutt utility vehicles
ACMAT ALTV pickup truck

AM General M-813 trucks
Renault TRM-10000 trucks
Unimog trucks
ACMAT trucks

M901A1 anti-tank missile carrier

HOT anti-tank guided missiles
BGN-71 TOW anti-tank guided missiles
MILAN anti-tank guided missiles
HJ8L anti-tank guided missiles
M47 Dragon anti-tank guided missiles
9M133 Kornet anti-tank guided missiles
9M113 Konkurs anti-tank guided missiles
9K115-2 Metis-M anti-tank guided missiles
9K11 Malyutka anti-tank guided missiles

APILAS anti-tank rocket launcher
LRAC 89 anti-tank rocket launcher
Type 69 anti-tank rocket launcher
RPG-7 anti-tank rocket launcher
M72 LAW anti-tank rocket launcher
M40 recoilless gun anti-tank rocket launcher
SPG-9 recoilles gun anti-tank rocket launcher
B10 recoilless gun anti-tank rocket launcher

CIS 40 automatic grenade launchers, Made in Singapore.

NSV machine guns
M2HB machine guns
AA-52 machine guns
M1919 machine guns

PKM machine guns
PK machine guns
RPD machine guns
FN MAG machine guns
FALO (Light machine gun variant of the FN FAL)
M60 machine guns
M249 machine guns
FN Minimi machine guns
RPK-74 machine guns
HK11 machine guns
Ultimax 100 machine guns. Made in Singapore.

M82A1 anti-material/sniper rifles
PGM Ultima Ratio 7.62x51mm sniper rifles
FR-F2 sniper rifles
M14 sniper rifles

Type 56
M16 assault rifles
FN CAL carbines
Steyr AUG
Valmet M76 Finnish made assault rifles?
Beretta BM59
SAR 21

MP-5 sub-machine guns
MAT-49 sub-machine guns
L2Al Sterling sub-machine guns
M3 sub-machine guns

Beretta 92 pistols
MAB PA-15 (P-15) pistols
MAC Mle 1950 pistols
TT-33 pistols
Smith & Wesson Model 10 revolvers


BM-30 multiple rocket launchers (36)
BM-21 122mm multiple rocket launchers (36)

M110 self propelled 203mm howitzers (60)
Mk F3 self propelled 155mm howitzers (100)
M109 self propelled 155mm howitzers (187)

AMX-13 Mk 61 self propelled howitzers (5)
FH-70 towed 155mm howitzers (30)
M114 towed 155mm howitzers (20)
M198 towed howitzers (35)
L118 towed gun (36)
M101 towed howitzers (18)
M-46 (M1954) towed 130mm guns (18)
M-1950 towed 155mm howitzers. French made. (35)

Air Defense
MIM-23 Hawk XXI surface-to-air missiles (36)
MIM-72 Chaparral surface-to-air missiles (72)

Tunguska M1 self propelled air defense system (12)
9K32 Strela-2 surface-to-air missiles (72)
M1939 (61-K) anti-aircraft guns (100)
ZSU-23-4 self propelled 23mm anti-aircraft guns (90)

ZU-23-2 towed 23mm anti-aircraft guns (90)
M163 Vulcan self propelled 20mm air defense gun

M167 Vulcan towed 20mm air defense gun

Moroccan Royal Guard
3,000 personnel

Traces its origin back to the Black Guard.
Officially part of the Royal Moroccan Army. Under the direct control of the royal family.
Provide security to the Moroccan royal family.
Red berets
Cavalry units
Ceremonial dress.

HMMWV utility vehicles

M40 GMC 155mm self propelled howitzers

M120 120mm mortars
L16 81mm mortars

BGM-71 TOW anti-tank guided missiles


ZPU-2 14.5mm anti-aircraft guns

M2 Browning .50 cal machine guns
FN MAG machine guns
AA-52 machine guns
SAR-21 rifles
M16A2 assault rifles
FN FAL assault rifles
AK-47 assault rifles
HK MP5 sub-machine guns
Beretta 92 pistols

Gendarmerie Royale
Royal Moroccan Genarmerie
23,000 personnel

GSIGR (Groupement de Sécurité et d'Intervention de la Gendarmerie Royale) 

Surete Nationale

Forces Auxiliaires (Auxiliary Forces)



Western Sahara

Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic

Popular de Liberacion de Saguia el Hamra y Rio de Oro

T-55 tanks

BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles

"Technicals" or 4x4 wheeled vehicles with heavy weapons

BM-21 multiple rocket launchers

SA-6 surface-to-air missiles
ZU-23 anti-aircraft guns


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