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Capital: Podgorica
Montenegro means “Black Mountain”

Declared independence from Serbia in 2006.

NATO member as of June 2017.

Military of Montenegro (Vojska Crne Gore)
3,127 personnel

Air Force
226 personnel
Golubovci (Podgurica) Air Base

Mi-8 transport helicopter (1)
Gazelle Gama helicopters (11)

UTVA 75 trainer aircraft (3)
Air Tractor AT-802 aircraft (used for firefighting and coastal patrol)
PZL-Mielec M-18 Diomader aircraft (used for firefighting)

SA-7 (9K32 Strela-2) surface-to-air missile launchers
Bofors L/70 40mm anti-aircraft guns

401 personnel

After declaring independence in 2006, Montenegro inherited most of the vessels of the former Yugoslavia consisting of Serbia and Montenegro. Serbia became landlocked.

Naval bases at Bar, Kumbor, Novi Sad, and Tivat.

Kotor Class frigates (2)
Koncar Class corvettes (5)
Landing Craft, Tank (2)
Landing Craft, Utility (10)
Inflatable boats and small craft

Mala R-2 midget submarines? 

SS-N-2C anti-ship missiles

2,500 personnel

BOV armored vehicles

PMV Survivor II 4x4 wheeled armored vehicles

Puch 300gd utility vehicles (German made)
HMMWV utility vehicles

M79 Osa shoulder fired anti-tank rocket launcher
M80 Zolja shoulder fired anti-tank rocket launcher

M72 machine guns (Yugoslavian made 7.62mm machine guns)
M84 machine guns (Yugoslavian made 7.62mm machine guns)
M93 Black Arrow sniper rifle (Serbian made)
M91 sniper rifle (Serbian made 7.62mm sniper rifle)
M76 sniper rifle (Yugoslavian made 7.62mm sniper rifle)
G36 assault rifles

Tara TM-M4A1 assault rifles
HK MP5 sub-machine guns
Tara TM-9 sub-machine guns
CZ-99 9mm pistols
Glock 17 9mm pistols
Tara TM-9 9mm pistols

M94 Plamen-S 128mm multiple rocket launchers

D-30 towed 122mm howitzers (30)

Special Forces Brigade (includes Mountain Battalion)

Agencija za Nacionalnu Bezbjednost (ANB)-National Security Agency

Posebna Jedinica Policije (PJP)- Special Police Unit

Specijaina Antiteroristicka Jedinica (SAJ)- Special Anti-terrorist Unit

Military of Montenegro pictures

TARA Aerospace and Defence

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