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Kingdom of Jordan
Capital: Amman

100,000 total military personnel (2010 est.)
65,000 reserve personnel (2010 est.)

1948 War
1967 Six Day War
1970- Palestinian militants in Jordan attempt to overthrow King Hussein. This attack and armed rebellion is put down. This event was called “Black September”.
1973- Yom Kippur War (Ramadan War)

Jordanian military forces have helped train Iraqi police and military forces after the 2003 U.S. led invasion and occupation of Iraq. Jordan also donated military hardware to the new Iraqi forces.

Jordan is a key nation used by terrorists for cross border attacks against the Syrian government. 

Jordan is host to thousands of U.S. military forces stationed predominately near the Jordanian border with Syria. (as of June 2013)

U.S. Patriot missile batteries deployed in Jordan (as of June 2013)
U.S. F-16 fighter aircraft deployed in Jordan (as of June 2013)

Jordanian Armed Forces

Royal Jordanian Air Force
520 aircraft

Al Shaheed Muwaffaq al Salti Air Base in Azraq

King Abdullah II Air Base located east of Zarqa

King Abdullah Air Base (KAAB) located northeast of Amman

King Feisal bin Abdul Aziz in Al Jafr. Named after the Saudi king who financed the base.

Prince Hussan Air Base (H5) located 72.4 miles to the north east of Amman.

H4 Air Base located near Ruwaished in the Mafraq Governorate. 2,480 meter runway.

King Hussein Air College in Mafraq (Only five miles from the Syrian border)

Wadi El Murbah Highway Strip in the Mafraq province near the Tarbil Border Crossing with Iraq.

F-16 fighter aircraft (62)

Mirage F1 fighter aircraft (30)

F-5 Tiger II fighter aircraft (39)
CASA C-101 Aviojet trainer aircraft (16)

Slingsby T-67 Firefly trainer aircraft (16)
CASA CN-235 aircraft modified to gunships. Used by Special Forces (2)

Air Tractor AT-802 attack aircraft (6)

Air Tractor AT-802U Sky Warden (4)


Il-76 transport aircraft (3)
C-130 transport aircraft (7)

An-32 transport aircraft used by Special Forces (3)
CASA C-295 transport aircraft (2)
Airbus A340 transport aircraft with AN/AAQ-24 used to transport royals (1)
Airbus A318 transport aircraft used to transport royals (1)
Gulfstream V aircraft used to transport royals (1)
Gulfstream IV aircraft used to transport royals (3)
Cessna 208 Caravan aircraft used for reconnaissance (5)
Seabird Seeker used for reconnaissance (6)

AH-1 Cobra attack helicopters (33)
MD 500 helicopters (14)
Special UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters used to transport the King of Jordan (2)
UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters (16)

AS.350 helicopters (3)
AS.332 transport helicopters (10)

Bell UH-1 helicopters (30)
EC 635 helicopters (13)
EC 120 Colibri helicopters operated by the Jordanian police (4)
MBB Bo 105 helicopters operated by the Jordanian police (3)
Ka-226 helicopters (6)
Socata TB 20 (2)

AIM-7 Sparrow
AIM-9 Sidewinder
R550 Magic
Super 530
R.530 air-to-air missiles

AGM-65 Maverick air-to-ground missiles
AGM-114 Hellfire anti-tank guided missiles
BGM-71 TOW anti-tank guided missiles
Direct Attack Guided Rocket (DAGR)

Belouga CBU bombs?
BLU-107 Durandal anti-runway bombs
Mk 82, Mk 82, Mk 84, etc.

Air Defense

MIM-104 Patriot surface-to-air missiles (3)

MIM-23 Hawk surface-to-air missiles (22)

SA-22 Pantsir-S1 surface-to-air missiles
SA-8 Gecko surface-to-air missiles (50)
SA-13 Gopher surface-to-air missiles (50)

SA-24 shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles
SA-18 shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles
SA-14 shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles
SA-7 shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles
FIM-43 Redeye shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles
ZSU-23-4 self propelled anti-aircraft guns (48)

M163 Vulcan self propelled anti-aircraft guns (100)

M42 Duster self propelled anti-aircraft guns. In storage. (216)

Maritime Wing
Small coast line of about 26km (16 miles) along the Gulf of Aqaba which gives Jordan access to the Red Sea.
The Jordanian maritime wing is part of the army.

Patrol Boats (17)

Maritime Special Forces
Includes combat divers and a special boat unit.

Royal Jordanian Land Force
Includes maritime units.

Al Hussein (upgraded Challenger 1 tanks with 120mm guns)- 390

Phoenix (upgraded M60A3 tanks with 120mm guns. In storage?)- 188
Al Khalid (upgraded Chieftain tanks with 120mm guns. In storage?)- 274
Tariq (Upgraded Centurion tanks with 105mm guns. In storage?)- 293
M-48 tanks

BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles (35)

AIFV infantry fighting vehicles (502)
Ratel infantry fighting vehicles. Most with 20mm guns and machine guns. Some with twin 23mm guns (341)

FV101 Scorpion armored reconnaissance vehicles (50)
FV107 Scimitar armored reconnaissance vehicles (103)
FV-702 Ferret armored reconnaissance vehicles (140)
Al Temsah (Crocodile) heavy armored personnel carrier utilizing a Centurion tank chassis.

MAP II tracked multiple purpose armored platform. Uses the Tariq tank chassis.
M113 armored personnel carriers (1,000)
FV103 Spartan armored personnel carriers (243)
Saxon armored personnel carriers 

EE-11 Urutu used by Security Forces (100)
M577 armored command vehicles (82)
RG-12 (40)
Matador mine protected vehicles (50)

Marauder mine protected vehicles (25)

AB5 Defender 110? Jordanian made? (14)
AB2 Al Jawad light armored vehicles. Jordanian made. Based on the Ford F-450 truck. (65)
HMMWV utility vehicles (250)

Desert Iris 4x4 wheeled Jordanian made utility vehicles (100+)

Al Thalab 4x4 wheeled Jordanian made long range patrol vehicles (100+)

Nimr 1 and Nimr II 4x4 wheeled utility vehicles. 

M901 ITV tank killer with TOW anti-tank missiles (73)

HIMARS self propelled 227mm multiple rocket launchers (12)
WM-120 self propelled 273mm multiple rocket launchers (24)
AB-19 self propelled 107mm multiple rocket launchers? Jordanian made? (32)

Hanwha-70- 70mm multiple rocket launchers. Joint South Korean and Jordanian development. Still being developed?

M110 self propelled 203mm howitzers (120)

M109 self propelled 155mm howitzers (355)

M114 155mm towed howitzers (40)
M102 105mm towed howitzers (50)

M712 Copperhead 155mm Precision Guided munitions. Fired from 155mm guns.

M106 self propelled 107mm mortar carrier (70)
Brandt 120mm mortars (300)
M30 107mm mortars (60)
M29 81mm mortars (450)
W-86 120mm mortars (300)
W-90 60mm mortars (375)
PPT-89 60mm mortars (1275?)

BGM-71 TOW II anti-tank guided missiles
FGM-148 Javelin
Jadara Terminator light anti-tank guided missile. Appears to be a copy of the Ukrainian made Corsar missile. Manufactured in Jordan by Jadara.
AT-14 Kornet
M47 Dragon
RPG-32 Hashim (manufactured in Jordan)
RPG-26 shoulder fired anti-tank rocket launchers

M40 106mm recoilless guns (330)

Mk 19 automatic grenade launchers
M203 under barrel grenade launchers

Browning M2HB .50 cal machine guns
FN MAG machine guns
M-60 machine guns
FN Minimi machine guns
M240 machine guns
Zastava M84 machine guns

M16 assault rifles
T91 assault rifles. Made in Taiwan.
T86 assault rifles. Made in Taiwan.
HK G3 assault rifles
Zastava M21
Zastava M70
Zastava M92
M4 carbines
HK G36 assault rifles used by Special Forces

Viper pistols?
HK USP pistols
Beretta M9 pistols
FN Browning HP-35 pistols
CZ99 pistols

Army Aviation
AH-1 Cobra attack helicopters with TOW II anti-tank missiles

Special Operations
Considered some of the most professional in the region.

Al Hussein Bin Ali Airborne Brigade
101st Special Forces Battalion
61st Special Reconnaissance Regiment (61SRR)
91st Airborne Battalion
81st Ranger Battalion

Royal Guard

Special Police Unit 14 (SWAT like unit)

Jordanian Intelligence
General Intelligence Directorate (GID)
Dairat al Mukhabarat al Ammah
Considered one of the most professional in the region.
Has good relations with and cooperates with the CIA and Mossad.

King Abdullah Design and Development Bureau (KADDB)


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