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Taiwan (Republic of China)

Capital: Taipei
Taiwan includes the islands of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, and Matsu.

When the Communist gained control of mainland China in 1949, the remaining nationalist fled to the island of Taiwan and formed the “Republic of China”.

Still considered by China to be a rebel province.

Spratly Islands dispute between China, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Brunei.

Many underground tunnels and military bases.

Kinmen Islands

Taiwan Strait

19 MAR 2004- Staged assassination attempt on the President and Vice President of Taiwan, one day before national elections. Neither the president nor vice president were seriously wounded. Two men arrested for illegal weapons connected to the shooting later died.

Air Force

F-16 fighter aircraft (145)

Mirage 2000 (56)

Indigenous Defense Fighter (IDF) or F-Ck-1 Ching Kou (125)

F-5 Tiger II fighter aircraft

AIDC T-5 Yung Yin or "Brave Eagle" jet trainer aircraft. Formerly designated the XAT-5. Under development by the Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation of Taiwan.

E-2 Hawkeye AWACS aircraft

C-130 transport aircraft

Fighter aircraft practice take off and landing on freeway.
MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicles.

Teng Yun 2 (Cloud Rider 2)  unmanned aerial vehicles. Made by NCSIST Aeronautical System Research Division (ASRD). Under development.

Cheung Shan unmanned aerial vehicles

Chien Hsiang (Rising Sword) loitering Munition (under development)

Fire Cardinal loitering munition (under development)

AIM-7 Sparrow air-to-air missiles
AIM-9 Sidewinder air-to-air missiles
Magic II air-to-air missiles
MICA air-to-air missiles
Sky Sword I Taiwanese made air-to-air missiles
Sky Sword II Taiwanese made air-to-air missiles
AIM-120 air-to-air missiles
Wan Chien air-to-ground cruise missiles
AGM-65 Maverick air-to-ground missiles
AGM-84 Harpoon anti-ship missiles

Air Defense
MIM-104 Patriot surface-to-air missiles

MIM-23 Hawk surface-to-air missiles

Tien Kung III (Sky Bow III)  surface-to-air missiles system. Look similar in appearance to the Patriot missile system.

Tien Kung II (Sky Bow II) surface-to-air missile system

Tien Kung I (Sky Bow I) surface-to-air missiles system

Sky Guard air defense network consisting of RIM-7 Sparrow surface-to-air missiles, and Oerilikon 35mm anti-aircraft guns linked to a Skyguard radar.

Antelope air defense network consisting of L-70 40mm anti-aircraft guns, and Tien Chen 1 missile launchers (AIM-9 missiles on a 4x4 truck) linked to a MPQ-78 radar.

T-82 20mm anti-aircraft guns

40,000 personnel

Frigates (22)

Destroyers (4)
Submarines (5) 
Hai Shih Class SS-791 and SS-792
Chien Lung Class SS-793 and SS-794

Hai Kun Class submarine. Made in Taiwan SS-711

Kuang Hua VI Class missile boats (30)

Tuo Chiang Class  missile corvette (2)

Ching Chiang Class patrol ships (12)

Mine Warfare vessels (14)

Landing Ship, Dock (LSD)-1
Tank Landing Ship, Tank (LST)- 9

SeaWolf Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (under development)

S-2 Tracker maritime patrol aircraft (11)
P-3C Orion maritime patrol aircraft (12)

S-70 helicopters (19)
Hughes 500MD helicopters used for ASW (9)

TC-2N Sea Sword surface-to-air missiles for Kang Ding class frigates. The Sea Sword is a ship launched version of the TC-2 (Tien Chien II) Sky Sword air-to-air missile.

Hsiung Feng I (Brave Wind I) anti-ship missiles- To be replaced by the Hsiung Feng-II.

Hsiung Feng II (Brave Wind II) Taiwanese made anti-ship missiles. On board some missile boats, frigates, and destroyers. Ground based and Air launched versions also.

Hsiung Feng III (Brave Wind III) anti-ship missiles

Harpoon anti-ship missiles
ASROC torpedoes

Marine Corps
Approximately 15,000
Conduct amphibious operations, counter landing operations and the general reinforcement of Taiwan. Functions as a rapid reaction force.

M-60 tanks

M-41 tanks
AAV-7 amphibious assault vehicles
LVT-5- Landing Vehicle Tracked
CM-25 (M-113 armored personnel carrier with TOW anti-tank missiles)

Kung Feng IV multiple rocket launchers
M-109 self propelled howitzers
M-101 towed howitzers

BGM-71 TOW anti-tank guided missiles
FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank guided missiles
SMAW anti-tank rocket launchers

Chaparral surface-to-air missiles
Stringer shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles

Amphibious Reconnaissance unit

130,000 personnel (2008 est.)
The army is the last line of defense for Taiwan. Their primary focus is on defense and counter attack against amphibious assault and urban warfare. Underground tunnels and bases.

Army Aviation
AH-64E Apache Longbow attack helicopters (30)

AH-1W Super Cobra attack helicopters (62)

CH-47 Chinook transport helicopters (9)
OH-58 Kiowa helicopters (39)
UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters (60)
UH-1 helicopters

AIM-92 Stinger air-to-air missiles
AIM-9 Sidewinder air-to-air missiles

M-60A3 tanks (480)

CM-11 tanks (Modified M-48H turrets with with M-60A3 hulls?)-450
CM-12 tanks (CM-11 turrets with M-48A3 hulls?)-250
M-48A3 tanks (50)
M-41 light tanks (775)
CM-32 Yunpao "Clouded Leopard" 8x8 wheeled modular infantry fighting vehicle configuration armed with 20mm cannon, .50 cal machine gun and 7.62mm machine gun. Also known as the Taiwan Infantry Fighting Vehicle (TIFV)

CM-32 armored personnel configuration armed with .50 cal machine gun and 40mm grenade launcher.

CM-32 mortar carrier configuration with 120mm mortar.
CM-32 fire support configuration armed with 105mm gun.

V-150 Commando amphibious armored vehicles (300)
CM-21 (M-113 style armored personnel carrier)
CM-22 (CM-21 with 107mm or 120mm mortar)
CM-23 (CM-21 with 81mm mortar)
CM-25 (CM-21 with TOW anti-tank missiles)
CM-26 (CM-21 command vehicle)
M88A1 armored recovery vehicles (37)
HMMWV utility vehicles

NCSIST Coastal Defense Rocket System
Remote operated multiple rocket launchers that fire modified Kestrel rockets. Made by NCSIST of Taiwan.

NCSIST Short-Range Automated Defense Weapon System.
Remote operated 20mm Close In Weapon System (CIWS) made by NCSIST of Taiwan.

Kung Feng VI 117mm multiple rocket launchers

Thunderbolt 2000 wheeled multiple rocket launcher with 117mm, 180mm or 227mm rockets.

M1110 self propelled 203mm howitzers

M109 self propelled 155mm howitzers. (225)

M108 self propelled 105mm howitzers (100)?

M1 towed/fixed 240mm howitzers
M-115 towed 203mm howitzers

M-59 towed 155mm howitzers

M-101 towed 105mm howitzers

M712 Copperhead precision guided ammunition for 155mm howitzers
120mm mortars
81mm mortars
60mm mortars 
Electronic timing fuses for mortar rounds

AGM-114 Hellfire anti-tank missiles
HMMVV with TOW anti-tank missiles

BGM-71 TOW guided anti-tank missiles
FGM-148 Javelin guided anti-tank missiles
M-72 LAW light anti-tank rocket launchers
Type 66 light anti-tank rocket launchers
AT-4 anti-tank rocket launchers
APILAS- French made recoilless anti-tank rocket launcher
NCSIST Kestrel anti-tank rocket launchers

T85 40mm under barrel grenade launchers

T-91 assault rifles (current standard issue)
T-86 5.56mm assault rifles
T-65 5.56mm assault rifles.

Avenger air defense systems with Stinger missiles and .50 cal machine gun (74)

MIM-72 Chaparral
FIM-92 Stinger shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles
M-42 Duster self propelled 40mm anti-aircraft guns
M-55 quadruple .50 cal machine guns

Hsiung Feng IIE (HF-2E) missiles. Land attack cruise missile

Military Police
Separate branch of the military
V-150 armored personnel carriers
HMMWV utility vehicles

Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST)


Lung Teh Shipbuilding
CSBC Corporation
National Chung Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST)
Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC)

Armed Forces of Taiwan pictures

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