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Capital: Parmaribo

Former Dutch colony

Around 2,200 total military personnel

Nationale Leger


PC-7 trainer/light attack aircraft (1)?
BN-2B Defender aircraft (1)?
BN-2A Islander transport aircraft (1)?
CASA C212 transport aircraft (2)?
Cessna 182 Skylane (1)?
Cessna U-206 Stationair (1)?
HAL Chetak helicopters (3)

Patrol Vessels (5)?

Patrol Boats (7)?

Personnel wear black berets?

Coast Guard
P201 (FPB 98 type patrol boat)

P101 (FPB 72 type patrol boat)
P102 (FPB 72 type patrol boat)

EE-9 armored reconnasaince vehicles (45)?

EE-11 armored personnel carriers (16)?

DAF YP-408- Dutch made 6x8 armored vehicle with 3 out of 4 axles driven (5)

81mm mortars

MILAN anti-tank guided missiles?

M-40 recoilless guns
M-18 recoilless guns
RPG-7 anti-tank rocket launchers

SVD Dragunov sniper rifles
FN MAG machine guns
FN Minimi machine guns
FN FAL assault rifles
AKM assault rifles
M-1 Garand rifles
M-1 Carbines
FN P90
Uzi sub-machine guns

Anti-Aircraft Weapons
DAF YA440 trucks with M-55 anti-aircraft guns

Suriname Military pictures

Korps Militaire Politie (MP)- Military Police Corps
Black beret

Korps Speciale Troepen (KST)

Korps Politie (Police Corps)


Arrestatie Team. SWAT like unit within the police.

Police Auxiliaries

Suriname Intelligence
Bureau Nationale Veiligheid (BNV)- National Security Bureau

Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU)

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