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Capital: Tirana
NATO member nation.

Sent military forces to Afghanistan as part of NATO contingent.

Around 750,000 old concrete bunkers waste away in the Albanian countryside and shore. The bunkers were built during the time of Enver Hoxha to protect Albania from potential invading forces from the East or West.

The 1997 Civil Uprising in Albania was sparked by many Albanians loosing their money to a Ponzi scheme. The civil disturbance was also called the “Lottery Uprising”

Forcat Ajrore
Air Force

Many Albanian aircraft have been retired since 2005.The current aircraft inventory is composed of mostly utility helicopters. 1 old Chinese H-5 bomber is currently used to tow targets.

A-109 helicopters
AB-205 helicopters

AB-206 helicopters

BO-105 helicopters

AS-532 helicopters

EC-145 helicopters

Retired Chinese made F-6 and F-7 fighter jets.

Forcat Detare
Naval Force
Patrol Vessels 

Mine Warfare vessels

Roja Bregdegtare (Coast Guard)
Coast Guard vessels

Old rusting submarines are still kept in sub pens. To be refurbished and sold.

Strategic naval base at Valona (Pasalimani)?
Cheimaras (Porto Palermo) underground submarine base?

Forcat Tokesore
Ground Forces
16,000 active duty personnel
35,000 reserve

Iveco VM90 armored personnel carriers (250)?

M113 armored personnel carriers (130)?
Iveco LMV (15)
HMMWV utility vehicles (20)
Land Rover Defender (127)
Mercedes Benz G-Class (150)

Chinese made Type 59 tanks (most have been retired some are in storage)
Chinese Type 63 (YW531) armored personnel carriers (retired from service)

Small Arms
KPVT 14.5mm heavy machine guns
DShK 12.7mm heavy machine guns
PK machine guns
RPK light machine guns
Dragunov SVT sniper rifles
HK 417 sniper rifles
M4 carbines
AK-47 assault rifles
AKS assault rifles
G36 assault rifles
HK MP-5 sub-machine guns
HK MP-7 sub-machine guns
TT-33 pistols
Beretta 92 pistols
HK P8 pistols

Albanian made weapons
July 10th rifle (Albanian made copy of the Chinese Type 56 carbine or SKS)
Automatiku Shqiptar ASh-78 Tip-1 (Albanian made copy of the Chinese Type 56 assault rifle)
ASh-78 Tip-2
ASh-78 Tip-3
Tip-57 rocket propelled grenade launcher (Albanian made copy of the Chinese Type 56?)

60mm mortars
82mm mortars

HJ-8 Chinese made anti-tank guided missiles

RPG-7 rocket launchers
Chinese made Type 56 rocket launchers 
Tip-57 (Albanian made copy of the Type 56)?

Type 66 152mm howitzers. Retired from service?

Air Defense
HN-5 Chinese made shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles

9K32 Strela-2 (SA-7 Grail) shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles

DShK 12.7mm machine guns

Chinese Type 65 towed twin barrel 37mm anti-aircraft guns retired from service?

M1939 or Chinese Type 55 towed 37mm anti-aircraft guns retired from service?

Rapid Reaction Brigade

Policia Ushtarake (Military Police)

Special Forces
Batalioni Operacioneve Speciale (BOS)
Special Operations Battalion
 Also called Forcat Speciale (Special Forces)
ARX-160 assault rifles
MP5K sub machine guns

Light blue beret

Military Police

Ministry of the Interior

Garda e Republikes e Shqiperise
Albanian Republican Guard
Under the Ministry of the Interior
Protect government buildings and officials

Albanian State Police
Policia e Shtetit

Reparti i Neutralizimit te Elementit te Armatosur (RENEA)
The Department of Neutralization of Armed Elements

Albanian Intelligence Agencies
Sherbimi Informativ Shteteror (SHISH)-State Intelligence Service 
Sherbimi Informativ Ushtarak (SHIU)- Military Intelligence Service

Albanian military pictures

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