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Capital: Ashgabat

The capital, Ashgabat or Ashkhabad (“City of Love”) lies between the Kara Kun desert and the Kopet Dag mountain range.
Ashgabat is also the largest city in Turkmenistan, with a population of around 1 million people. Turkmenistan's total population is just over 5 million.
Turkmenistan has the 4th largest natural gas reserve in the world.
Turkmenistan shares borders with Iran to the south, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan to the north and Afghanistan to the east.

Air Force
4,300 personnel

MIG-29 fighter aircraft (24)

SU-25 attack aircraft (43)

M-346 advanced trainer/light attack aircraft

A-29 Super Tucano light attack aircraft

L-39 trainer/light attack aircraft (2)
Mi-24 attack helicopters (10)
Mi-8 transport/attack helicopters
An-2 transport aircraft

Chinese made WJ-600 unmanned combat aerial vehicles

Chinese made CH-3 unmanned combat aerial vehicles

Turkish made Bayraktar TB2 unmanned combat aerial vehicles

Italian made Falco unmanned aerial vehicles 

israeli made Orbiter-2 unmanned aerial vehicles

AR-1 air to surface missiles for CH-3 drones.

Lavochkin La-17 target drones

Skystriker loitering munitions

Air Defense

FD-2000 (Export version of the HQ-9 which is a Chinese copy of the S-300)

FM-90 (Export version of the HQ-7B which is a Chinese copy of the Crotale)

SA-5 Gammon (S-200)

SA-3 Goa (S-125)

SA-8 Gecko (9K33 Osa)
SA-13 Gopher (K35 Strela 10)

S-60 towed 57mm anti-aircraft guns

Maritime forces (Including Border Guard)
Access to the Caspian Sea
2 Russian made Molniya Class (Project 12418) missile boats
2 Turkish made large patrol boats.

Small patrol boats called BAR-12 (or BARS-12)

Missile boats armed with SS-N-22 Sunburn or SS-N-25 Switchblade anti-ship missiles

Border guards have patrol boats.

2012 military exercise in the Caspian Sea and along the coast called Khazar 2012.

Inherited several Rifles Divisions from the former Soviet Unions Turkestan Military District.
Much equipment held in storage.

Turkmenistan uses traditional names for military ranks
Esger- Warrior
Onbashi- Leader of 10 (section leader)
Yuzbashi- Leader of 100 (junior officer)
Munbashi- Leader of 1000 (senior officer)
Goshunbashi- Army Commander

T-90 tanks (10)

T-72 tanks (702?)
BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles 

BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles
BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles. Many modernized to BMP-1M standard with weapon stations.

BRM-1 reconnaissance vehicle. BMP-1 variant with low profile turret and ground radar. (12)
Lazar 3 - Serbian made 8x8 wheeled armored personnel carriers


BRDM-2 armored reconnaissance vehicles (170?)

BTR-80 armored personnel carriers.  Many with Ukranian made GROM weapon stations.

BTR-70 armored personnel carriers
BTR-60 armored personnel carriers
Typhoon armored personnel carriers


PMV Survivor II 4x4 wheeled armored vehicles

Kirpi 4x4 wheeled  Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles

NIMR Abjan 440A armored vehicles

Saudi Arabian made Al Shibl light armored vehicles

Combat Guard 4x4 light armored vehicles

MANTRA 4x4 vehicles with rapid mine laying attachment and Skylark unmanned aerial vehicle

Toyota Hilux pickup trucks?

Polaris DAGOR off road vehicles. Used by Special Forces

Polaris MRZR off road vehicles. Used by Special Forces

Polaris Sportsman 6x6 All Terrain Vehicles. Used by Special Forces

FROG-7 (9K52 Luna-M) rockets?

BM-30 300mm multiple rocket launchers

BM-27 220mm multiple rocket launchers

RM-70 122mm multiple rocket launchers

BM-21 122mm multiple rocket launchers

2S1 self propelled 122mm howitzer
2S3 self propelled 152mm howitzer
D-30 towed 122mm howitzer
D-1 t0wed 152mm howitzer

2S9 120mm self propelled mortars
PM-38 120mm mortars

BRDM-2 with anti-tank guided missiles

Caracal anti-tank guided missile vehicles

AT-2 anti-tank guided missiles
AT-3 anti-tank guided missiles
AT-4 anti-tank guided missiles
AT-5 anti-tank guided missiles
AT-6 anti-tank guided missiles


GP-25 under barrel grenade launchers

NSV heavy machine guns
DShk heavy machine guns
PKM machine guns
RPK machine guns
Dragunov SVD Sniper rifles
AK-74 assault rifles
ARX-160 Italian made 5.56mm assault rifles
AK-47 assault rifles
Makarov PM pistols

Döwlet Serhet Gullugy (DSG) - State Border Service
700 personnel
Patrol boats



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