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Capital: Addis Ababa

1579- Defeated invading forces from the Ottoman Empire
1868- Defeated the Egyptians at Gura.
The First Italian Ethiopian War- Ethiopia had Russian military advisers who helped greatly. Russia sent a shipment of 60,000-100,000 Berdan rifles to Ethiopia, but Italian and British forces were able to sabotage the transportation. Russian advisers suggested Ethiopian forces close in quickly and attack Italian forces to help negate their superior weapons and equipment, and not commit to a long campaign.
1 March 1896- Ethiopian forces defeated the Kingdom of Italy in the Battle of Adowa to maintain Ethiopian sovereignty.
1935-1941 Italian Invasion and Occupation of Ethiopia
1941- Independence regained from Italian forces after Allied victories in the East Africa Campaign.
1964 Ethiopia-Somali War. Somalia had gained independence in 1960 and started making land claims on ethnic Somali areas still in Ethiopia and declared war on Ethiopia in 1964.
1977-1978 Ethiopia Somali War (Ogaden War). Somalia attacks Ethiopia again.
1998-2000 Ethiopian-Eritrean War. Landlocked after the civil war that made Eritrea an independent nation, and has no navy.
2006- Ethiopia sent troops to suppress Al Shabab guerrillas under the banner of the useless African Union. Paid off by the U.S. Literally paid millions by the U.S..
2009- Beaten back by Al Shabab guerrillas and withdrew back to Ethiopia in January of 2009.
2011- Ethiopian forces re-enter Somalia on December 31, 2011.

SS-1 Scud B short range ballistic missiles?
Hwasong-5 short range ballistic missiles?

Air Force
556 aircraft

MiG-23 fighter aircraft (12)
MiG-21 fighter aircraft (21)
Su-27 fighter aircraft (36)

Su-25 attack aircraft (14)
C-130 transport aircraft (3)
An-12 transport aircraft (9)
An-24 transport aircraft (1)
An-26 transport aircraft (1)
DHC-5 Buffalo (1)
Yak-40 aircraft used for VIP transport (1)
SF-260 trainer aircraft (4)
L-39 trainer aircraft (17)
Mi-24 attack helicopters (18)
Mi-8 transport helicopters (12)
Mi-6 transport helicopters (10)
Mi-14 helicopters used for anti-submarine warfare? (2)
SA.316 Alouette III helicopters (8)
Agusta Bell AB 204 helicopters (5)
MT-03 AutoGyro gyrocopter used by Special Forces (2)
Bayraktar TB2 unmanned combat aerial vehicles. Turkish made.
Mohajer-6 unmanned combat aerial vehicles. Iranian made.
Wing Loong unmanned combat aerial vehicles. Chinese made. 
CH-4 drones unmanned combat aerial vehicles

No naval forces.
Ethiopia became landlocked after Eritrea gained independence.

185,000 personnel

T-72 tanks (250)
T-62 tanks (100)
T-54/55 tanks (250)
BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles (70)
BTR-60 armored personnel carriers (80)
HMMWV utility vehicles
UAZ-469 utility vehicles
M151 Jeep
PTS-M amphibious vehicles
Toyota Land Cruiser trucks

As of 2015 Ethiopia also manufactures T-72 tanks

BMD-20 200mm multiple rocket launchers
BM-21 122mm multiple rocket launchers (58)
Type 63 107mm multiple rocket launchers (25)

M109 self propelled 155mm howitzers (17)
2S19 MSTA-S self propelled 152mm howitzers (20)
2S5 self propelled 152mm howitzers (10)
2S1 self propelled 122mm howitzers (10)
D-30 122mm howitzer on Type 85 armored personnel carrier (11)
S-23 towed 180mm guns (100)
M114 towed 155mm howitzers
Type 88 (WA-021) towed 155mm howitzers (18)
D-20 towed 152mm howitzers (20)
M-46 towed 130mm guns
D-30 towed 122mm howitzers (250)
M-30 towed 122mm howitzers (100)
M101 towed 105mm howitzers
Oto Melara Model 56 towed 105mm howitzer
T-12 (2A19) towed 100mm guns
D-44 towed 85mm guns
ZiS-3 (M1943) towed 76mm guns
M116 75mm pack howitzers

M43 120mm mortars
M30 107mm mortars
M2 107mm mortars
M43 82mm mortars
M29 81mm mortars
M1 81mm mortars
M19 60mm mortars

AT-14 Kornet-E anti-tank guided missiles
BGM-71 TOW anti-tank guided missiles
AT-6 Spiral anti-tank guided missiles
AT-4 Spigot anti-tank guided missiles
AT-3 Sagger anti-tank guided missiles
Nord SS.11 anti-tank guided missiles

RPG-7 shoulder fired anti-tank rocket launchers
RPG-18 shoulder fired anti-tank rocket launchers
M72 LAW shoulder fired anti-tank rocket launchers?
B-11 107mm recoilless guns
M40 105mm recoilless guns
B-10 82mm recoilless guns

M79 grenade launchers
GAFAT ET-97/2 40mm grenade launchers

DShK heavy machine guns
RPK light machine guns
RPD light machine guns
RP-46 light machine guns
AK-103 assault rifles manufactured under license by Gafat Armament Engineering Complex of Ethiopia.
GAFAT ET-97/1 7.62x39mm assault rifles.
AK-47/AKM assault rifles
Beretta BM59 assault rifles
G3 assault rifles
Vz. 58 assault rifles
Tavor TAR-21 bullpup assault rifles
Uzi sub-machine guns
Beretta Model 38 sub-machine guns
Makarov pistols

SpyLite reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles. israeli made.
Boomerang reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles. israeli made.

Army Aviation
DHC-6 transport aircraft (2)
Bell 205 helicopters (5)

Air Defense
SA-2 Guideline surface-to-air missiles (18)
Self Propelled SA-2 variant?
SA-3 Goa surface-to-air missiles (25)
SA-4 Ganef surface-to-air missiles?
SA-6 Gainful surface-to-air missiles ?
SA-9 Gaskin surface-to-air missiles?
SA-18 shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles
SA-7 shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles
ZSU-57-2 self propelled anti-aircraft guns (10)
ZSU-23-4 self propelled anti-aircraft guns (60)
S-60 towed 57mm anti-aircraft guns
M1939 towed 37mm anti-aircraft guns
ZU-23 towed 23mm anti-aircraft guns
ZPU-4 towed 14.5mm anti-aircraft guns
ZPU-2 towed 14.5mm anti-aircraft guns

Son-9 fire control radar

Metals and Engineering Corporation (METEC)- State owned umbrella corporation

Hibret Manufacturing and Machine Building Industry (HMMBI)
Gafat Armament Engineering Complex (GAEC)- Small arms production
Homicho Ammunition Engineering Industry (HAEI)- Production of munitions
Bishoftu Automotive Industry (BAI)- Production of T-72 tanks, and armored vehicles
Dejen Aviation Industry (DAVI)
Homicho Ammunition Engineering 
Nazareth Canvass and Garment Factory
Zuqualla Steel Rolling Mill
Metals and Fabrication Industry (MFI)
Hi Tech Industry (HTI)
Akaki Basic Metals Industry (ABMI)
Adama Garment Industry 
Adama Agricultural Machinery Industry (AAMI)
Ethiopia Plastics Industry
Ethiopia Power Engineering Industry (EPEI)
Locomotive sub industry

Branna Printing Enterprise


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