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Capital: Helsinki

Currently the 31st NATO member nation.

Winter War fought against Russia from 1939-1940

Finnish Defense Forces
34,700 total active duty personnel
357,000 reserve personnel

ATACMS tactical missiles for the M270 rocket launch system

Air Force
3,100 personnel
Air Force Headquarters located in Tikkakoski

F/A-18 (Called F-18 in Finland)
F/A-18C (55)

F/A-18D (7)
BAe Hawk trainer/light attack aircraft

Valmet L-70 Finnish made trainer aircraft.  (28)

Valmet L-90 (Finnish made trainer/liaison aircraft. Propeller.)

Pilatus PC-12 light utility aircraft
CASA C-295 transport aircraft (3)

Fokker F27 transport aircraft (2)

Learjet 35 AWACS aircraft

The Finnish Air Force practice take off and landing from highway airstrips.

Air Defense
ITO 96- BUK M1 (SA-11) surface-to-air missiles

ITO-90- Crotale surface-to-air missiles mounted on Sisu XA-181 armored vehicles.

ITO 2005- ASRAD-R missile system mounted on Unimog 5000 trucks.

RBS-70 surface-to-air missiles

ITO 86- Igla-M (SA-18 Grouse) shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles

ITPSV 90 Marksman- 35mm anti-aircraft gun mounted on a T-55 chassis.

35 ITK 88- Oerlikon 35mm anti-aircraft guns
23 ITK 95 ZU-23 anti-aircraft guns

6,700 active duty personnel
31,500 when fully mobilized

Missile Patrol boats with RBS-15 Mk3 anti-ship missiles (8)

Mine Warfare vessels (17)

Landing Craft
Watercat M8 (G Class)

Watercat M9

Watercat M11 (Uisko Class)

Watercat M12 (Jurmo Class)

Watercat M14
Watercat M18

Special Forces

Coastal Fixed Artillery
130mm Tornikanuuna (130 53 TK or 130 TK)- Finnish made 130mm coastal gun turrets.

100mm Tornikanuuna (100 56 TK or 100 TK)- Finnish made 100mm coastal gun turrets. Uses the turret of a T-55 tank. Decommissioned in 2012?

Coastal Mobile Artillery
130k 54- Soviet M-46 130mm towed guns.
139k 90-60- Finnish made 130mm towed gun.

Coastal anti-ship missile units

Coastal Jaeger battalions and companies
Uusimaa Brigade- Part of the Finnish Navy. Trained to fight in coastal environments.

MTO-85- Truck mounted RBS-15SF

SPIKE ER (Spike anti-tank guided missiles with an Extended Range) used in an anti-shipping role.

BORA-A 550 Ground and Coastal radar.

Watercat M12 (Jurmo?) fast landing craft. May be equipped with NEMO 120mm mortar system. 

Leopard 2A4 tanks - (100)

T-55 tanks (40)
CV-9030 FIN 92 infantry fighting vehicles

BMP-2 Infantry Fighting Vehicle

BTR-60 armored personnel carriers

MT-LB armored personnel carriers
Patria AMV armored personnel carriers with Protector Remote Weapons Station (RWS)

Patria Pasi (Sisu Pasi) XA-180 armored personnel carriers. Amphibious.

Patria Pasi (Sisu Pasi) XA-185 armored personnel carriers. Amphibious.

Sisu Nasu tracked vehicles. NA-110 and NA-140 BT

Bandvagn 206 tracked carriers

298 RsRakH 06 (M270 MLRS)- 227mm multiple rocket launchers.
Standard 227mm rockets and ATACMS tactical missiles fired from the M270 rocket launch system.

122 RAKH 89 (RM-70)- Czech made 122mm multiple rocket launchers.

152 TELAK 91 (2S5 Giatsint-S) 152mm self propelled howitzers
122 PSH 74 (2S1 Gvodzika) 122mm self propelled howitzers.

122 H63A (D-30) 122mm towed howitzers.
155 K 98- 155mm field guns

130 K 90-60- 130mm towed field guns.
152 K 89- 152mm towed field guns
155 K 83- 155mm towed field guns.

XA 361- Swedish made AMOS 120mm double mortars on a Patria AMV chassis..
Krh TeKa (Kranaatinheitintelakuorma-auto ) 120mm mortar on a SISU NA-140 BT tracked vehicle.

NEMO 120mm unmanned mortar turret that can mounted to a variety of different vehicles including  armored personnel carriers and boats. Basically a single barrel version of the AMOS. Made by Patria of Finland.

120mm mortars
81mm mortars
82mm mortars

Anti-Tank Guided Missiles
PSTOHJ 2000- Euro Spike anti-tank guided missiles
RO 2006- Euro Spike anti-tank guided missiles with an extended range

PSTOHJ 83 MA (BGM-71 TOW 2A) anti-tank guided missiles. Tandem warheads.
PSTOHJ 83 MB (BGM-71 TOW 2B) anti-tank guided missiles. Top attack version.

102 RSLPSTOHJ NLAW- Swedish made RB-57 NLAW (MBT LAW) anti-tank rocket launchers. !50mm disposable shoulder fired rocket launcher.
112 RSKES APILAS- French made Apilas disposable recoilless anti-tank weapon.
66 KES 88 (M72A5 LAW)
66 KES 75 (M72A2 LAW)
95 S 58-61- 95mm recoilless gun.

40 KRKK 2005 (HK GMG) grenade launchers made by Heckler and Koch of Germany.
40 KRPIST 2002 (HK 69) grenade launchers made by Heckler and Koch of Germany.

Small Arms
12.7 RSKK M2 (Browning M2 .50 cal machine guns)
12.7 ITKK NSV (NSV heavy machine guns)
7.62 KK 62 Finnish made machine guns
7.62 KK PKM (PKM machine guns)
7.62 KK PKT (PKT machine guns for tanks)
7.62 KK MG3 (MG3 machine guns)
12.7 TKIV 2000 (M82 Barrett) sniper/ant-material rifles.
7.62 TKIV 85 Finnish made sniper rifles by Valmet. Copy of the Mosin Nagant rifle.
7.62 TKIV Dragunov (Dragunov SVD) sniper rifles

8.6 TKIV 2000 sniper rifles made by Sako.
7.62 RK 95 TP assault rifles by Sako. Modernized RK 62.
7.62 RK 76- Modernized RK 62.

7.62 RK 72 TP- Former East German made MPi-KMS-72 (AKMS-47 copy)
7.62 RK 62 assault rifles by Valmet. Standard issue.
7.62 RK 56 (Type 56) assault rifles. Chinese made copy of the AK-47.
HK G36 assault rifles used by the border guard rapid response unit.
12 pumppuhaulikko Remington Police shotguns
9.00 KP 2000 (HK MP-5) sub-machine guns
9.00 PIST 80 (FN HP-DA) pistols
9.00 PIST 80/90 (Refurbished PIST 80)
9.00 PIST 2008 (Glock 17) pistols
9.00 PIST 2003 (Walther P99) used by police and military.
9.00 PIST SIG Sauer

Army Aviation
NH90 helicopters

MD 500 helicopters

All Finnish Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are operated by the Artillery Brigade.

Utti Jaeger Regiment (Parachute Jaegers or Special Jaegers)
Maroon beret.


Border Guard

Jager or Jaeger units are like Ranger units. Light infantry Long Range Reconnaissance. Jager means “Hunter”.

Finnish Intelligence
Finish Intelligence Research Establishment located in Tikkakoski

Valmet (Valtion Metallitehtaat)
Marine Alutech



  1. That is not BTR-50, it's BTR-60. I drove BTR-50 during my conscription so I know that BTR 50 is tracked.