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The Bahamas
Capital: Nassau
Composed of over 1,700 islands. Only around 700 are of any decent size.

British Commonwealth nation under Queen Elizabeth II?

Royal Bahamas Defence Force (Around 1,000 personnel)

Maritime Component 

Patrol Boats (Including 2 Bahamas Class and 3 Protector Class)
The Bahamas has the largest maritime presence of all the Commonwealth Caribbean nations.
HMBS Prefix to ships.

Landing Ship
A01 HMBS Lawrence W. Major

Bahamas Class Patrol Boats
P60 HMBS Bahamas
P61 HMBS Nassau

Damen Stan 4207 Class Patrol Boats (4)
P421 HMBS Arthur Dion Hanna
P422 HMBS Durward Knowles

P423 HMBS Leon Livingstone Smith
P424 HMBS Rolly Gray

The RBDF signed a 2013 letter of intent with Damen Shipyards Group  for 1 Stan Lander 5612 landing craft, 4 Damen Stan Patrol 4207, 4 SPa 3007, an upgrade for the Bahamas Class patrol vessels, and the upgrade and construction of 3 naval bases.

Air Wing. The aircraft are used mostly for reconnaissance and maritime patrol.

Beechcraft Super King Air 350 aircraft (1)
Cessna 208 Caravan aircraft (1)
Partenvia P 68 Observer aircraft (1)

No regular infantry brigades

Commando Squadron
The Commando Squadron is charged with manning outposts, training, detention, and marine role.

Commando Squadron Naval Infantry Training School

M101 105mm howitzers (for ceremonial purposes?)

Small Arms
FN MAG machine guns
L1A1 rifles
M-16 assault rifles
M4 carbines
HK UMP sub-machine guns

RBDF Reserves

Rangers- Youth program of the RBDF

RBDF pictures

Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF)
Around 3,000 personnel
Not part of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force.
Includes a Security and Intelligence (SIB) branch .

National Intelligence Agency (NIA)
Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU)

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