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Capital: Dhaka

1947- India and Pakistan (consisting of East Pakistan and West Pakistan) are granted independence from Britain.
1971-Separatist in East Pakistan revolt causing West Pakistan to send forces to suppress the rebellion. India intervenes on the side of the East Pakistan rebels, widening the conflict. After bitter fighting between West Pakistan, India, and East Pakistan, East Pakistan (Bangladesh) gains independence from West Pakistan.

Air Force
11,000 personnel

MiG-29 fighter aircraft (8)

F-7 fighter aircraft (32)

Yak 130 trainer/light attack aircraft (16)

FT-7 trainer aircraft (8)
FT-6 trainer aircraft (6)
A-5 attack aircraft (8)

L-39 trainer/light attack aircraft (15)
PT-6 trainer aircraft (24)

C-130 transport aircraft (4)

An-32 transport aircraft (3)

An-2 aircraft converted to bombers?
Mi-17 transport helicopters

PL-2 air-to-air missiles
PL-5 air-to-air missiles
PL-7 air-to-air missiles
PL-9 air-to-air missiles
Vympel R-27 (AA-10) air-to-air missiles
Vympel R-73 (AA-11) air-to-air missiles
Vympel R-77 (AA-12) air-to-air missiles
LT-2 laser guided bomb
LS-6 satellite guided bomb

19,000 personnel

Frigates (5)

Fast Attack Craft (Missile)- 9

Fast Attack Craft (Torpedo)-8 total
Chinese made Huchuan (Type 025) torpedo boats-4
Chinese made P4 torpedo boats-4

Patrol Boats
Mine Warfare vessels (5)
Amphibious Warfare vessels (11)
Auxiliary vessels

C802 anti-ship missiles
Otomat anti-ship missiles
SY-1 anti-ship missiles
HY-2 anti-ship missiles
C704 anti-ship missiles

A244/S light weight torpedoes
ET52C light weight torpedoes

Naval version of the FM-90 (HQ-7) surface-to-air missile system on a couple of frigates.

Special Warfare Diving and Salvage (SWADS) unit

280,000 personnel

Main Battle Tanks-644+
Light Tanks- 140+
Armored Personnel Carriers- 1356+

MBT-2000 tanks (44)

Type 79 (60)
Type 69 II Mk 2G (145)

Type 69 II (65)
Type 62 (140)
Type 59 II (60)
Type 59 (60)
BTR-T (30+)
BTR-80 armored personnel carriers

MT-LB armored personnel carriers
Otokar Cobra (23)
ZFB-05 armored vehicles
Dongfeng EQ2050 utility vehicles

Army Aviation
Cessna CE-152 utility aircraft

Air Defense
FM-90 (HQ-7) surface-to-air missiles

HN-5 shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles

QW-2 shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles

Type 59 towed 100mm anti-aircraft guns. Chinese KS-19 copy.

Type 55 towed 37mm anti-aircraft guns. Chinese made M1939 copy.
Type 65 towed twin barrel 37mm anti-aircraft guns.
Type 74 towed twin barrel 37mm anti-aircraft guns. 
Type 56 towed quad barrel 14.5mm anti-aircraft guns. Chinese copy of the ZPU-4.

Type 58 twin barrel 14.5mm  anti-aircraft guns. Chinese copy of the ZPU-2.
Type 75 14.5mm anti-aircraft gun

P-35M radar?
PRV-11 radar?

Anti-Tank Weapons

9M133 Kornet (AT-14 Spriggan) anti-tank guided missiles
9K115-2 Metis M (AT-13 Saxhorn 2) anti-tank guided missiles

HJ-8 anti-tank guided missiles

9M14 Malyutka (AT-3 Sagger)
Type 75 recoilless guns (Chinese copy of the U.S. M-20 recoilless gun)
Type 69 anti-tank rocket launchers (Chinese copy of the RPG-7)
Type 70 anti-tank rocket launchers
Carl Gustav anti-tank rocket launchers
M-40 recoilless guns
Type 54 anti-tank gun

Rifle grenades

BD-14 (Bangladesh made general purpose machine guns)
Type 80 (Chinese PK copy)
Type 56 (Chinese RPD copy)

BD-08 light machine gun (license produced copy of the Chinese Type 81 light machine gun)
Accuracy International Arctic Warfare sniper rifles
Dragunov sniper rifles
Type 56 assault rifles (Chinese AK-47 copy)
SKS rifle

BD-08 rifles (license produced copy of the Chinese Type 81)
M4 carbines

Turkish made TRG-300 multiple rocket launchers (18)
Type 82 130mm multiple rocket launchers
WS-22A  guided 122mm multiple rocket launchers

Type 90 122mm multiple rocket launchers
KRL 122- Pakistani made 122mm multiple rocket launchers

Nora B-52 self propelled howitzers

Type 96 towed 122mm howitzers (230)
Type 86 towed 122mm howitzers
Type 83 towed 122mm howitzers
Type 54-1 towed 122mm howitzers (20+)
M-101 towed 105mm howitzers (50+)
Oto Melara Model 56 towed 105mm howitzers (30)
Type 59-1 (40+)

2S23 Nona 120mm self propelled mortars

Type 63 mortar

Para Commandos

Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB)
Floating Border Outpost (FBOP)


Coast Guard

Bangladesh Police

Armed Police Battalions (APBN)

Airport Armed Police- Part of the Armed Police Battalions

Special Security and Protection Battalion (SPBN)
Railway Police

Industrial Police

Highway Police

Police Bureau of investigation (PBI)

Rapid Action Battalion (RAB)

ZFB-05 armored vehicles

Metropolitan Police

Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP)
Armored vehicles
Includes a SWAT like unit
Includes a Detective and Criminal intelligence Branch or Detective Branch (DB)

Chittagong Metropolitan Police

Khulna Metropolitan Police

Rajshahi Metropolitan Police

Sylhet Metropolitan Police

Barisal Metropolitan Police

Formed Police Unit (FPU)
Bangladesh police contribution to the United Nations serving in many nations.

Tourist Police

National Security Intelligence (NSI)

Directorate General of Forces Intelligence (DGFI)- Military intelligence

Detective Branch-  Intelligence unit of Bangladesh Police (DB)

Bangladesh Ordnance Factories (BOF)
State owned company responsible for the production of small arms and ammunition

Khulna shipyard 
Located near Khulna, Bangladesh. Produce Padma Class patrol boats and Durjoy Class Large Patrol Craft 

Bangladesh Military Pictures

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