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Capital: La Paz (administrative capital) or Sucre (constitutional capital)

A few dozen HN-5 shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles were loaded on a U.S. cargo plane and flown to the U.S. to be dismantled. This action was carried out without the permission of the president of Bolivia. The people of Bolivia were outraged over the incident. The weapons were purchased in the 1990's.

2006- Bolivia sent soldiers to occupy foreign owned gas companies, and on the 1st of May (May Day) the gas companies were nationalized.

2006- Two new military bases are to be built in the lowlands of Bolivia. To cost around $22 million. The bases are to station some 2,500 elite soldiers. The bases are most likely being built to watch for any incursions from U.S. forces coming from Paraguay. There are U.S. forces stationed in Paraguay supposedly to train Paraguay military and police forces.

2006- Bolivian president Evo Morales announced that Bolivia would no longer be attending the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (formerly known as the School of the Americas) at Fort Benning, Georgia.

2007- A U.S. embassy official in Bolivia told members of the U.S. Peace Corps volunteers to spy on Cubans and Venezuelans in Bolivia.

APR 2013- The US donates three C-130 transport aircraft, eight UH-1 helicopters, and one King Air airplane to Bolivia for counter drug operations.

01 MAY 2013- Bolivian president Evo Morales seeks to expel the CIA linked U.S.AID, stating that the organization has been used to spy on Bolivia and other nations.

20 DEC 2013- China launches Bolivias first communications satellite. The Tupac Katari (TKSat 1) satellite was launched from a Chinese Long March-3B rocket. The Bolivian Space Agency (ABE) created the satellite. The satellite, Tupac Katari, is named after a Native American resistance leader.

Amachuma satellite control station

55.500 total military personnel

Air Force
Fuerza Aerea Boliviana
4,000 personnel

K-8 trainer/light attack aircraft (6)

AT-6 trainer/light attack aircraft

PC-7 trainer/light attack aircraft

C-130 transport aircraft (3)

PC-6B Turbo Porter transport aircraft

Hughes 500M helicopters
AS.332 Super Puma helicopters

EC-145 helicopters
UH-1 helicopters
Bell 212 helicopters
SA.315 helicopters
R44 helicopters

F-86F Sabre fighter aircraft (retired in 1994)
AT-33N (T-33) trainer/light attack aircraft (retired in 2017)

Fuerza de Tarea Aerea Diablos Rojas
Task Force Red Devils
Search and Rescue (SAR) group that operate UH-1 helicopters?

Task Force Black Devils
Fuerza de Tarea Aerea Diablos Negros
Transport group that operate C-130 aircraft?

FAB personnel

Grupo de Artilleria y Defensa Antiaerea (GADA) Anti-Aircraft Artillery Defense Group

HN-5 shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles

Oerlikon 20mm anti-aircraft guns

Type 65- Chinese made twin 37mm anti-aircraft guns

Browning M2HB .50 cal. machine guns

Fuerza Naval Boliviana (also called Armada Boliviana)
Bolivian Naval Force

Bolivia is landlocked, but maintains a small navy which operates mainly on Lake Titicaca and on rivers.
Every year in an annual ceremony on the Dia del Mar (Day of the Sea), Bolivia politely asks Chile for its coastal lands back that were lost during the War of the Pacific in 1879-1884.
3,800 personnel
2,000 Naval Infantry

Patrol Boats (43)

Small patrol craft

Piranha assault boats (8)
Transport ship (1)
Hydrocarbon transports (2)
Hospital river boats (3)

Cessna 402 light aircraft (1)
Cessna 206 light aircraft (1)


Policia Militar (PM)
Military Police

Infanteria de Marina
Naval Infantry
Approximately 2,000 personnel
Black berets?

Type 65 recoilless gun
M-20 Super Bazooka
RPD machine guns
Dragunov SVD sniper rfiles
AK-47/AKM assault rfiles

Fuerza de Tarea Diablos Azules
Task Force Blue Devils
Blue berets

Naval Intelligence

Ejercito Boliviano
20,000 personnel

FV 101 Scorpion light tanks ?
Steyr SK 105 Kurassier light tanks with 105mm gun (36)

EE-9 Cascavel armored reconnaisance vehicles (24)

EE-11 Urutu armored personnel carriers (24)

V-150 Commando armored personnel carriers (10)

M-113 armored personnel carriers (50)

Mowag Roland armored personnel carriers (20)

Shaanxi Baoji Tiger 4x4 light armored vehicles. Donated by China. (37?)

M3 halftrack armored personnel carriers

HMMWV 4x4 wheeled utility vehicles

Tiuna 4x4 wheeled utility vehicles
Bolivian made Koyak (or Kojak) fast assault vehicles (or dune buggies) used by Special Forces

Unimog trucks with small Bolivian made multiple rocket launchers. Still used?

M-101 towed 105mm howitzer (6)
Bofors M-1935 75mm guns (6)
M-116 75mm pack howitzer (10)
LeFH-18 howitzers (World War 2 era German howitzers)

M120 120mm mortars
M30 107mm mortars
M29 81mm mortars
W87 81mm mortars
M224 60mm mortars

HJ-8 anti-tank guided missiles

RPG-7 anti-tank rocket launchers
RL-83 Blindicide anti-tank rocket launchers?
M20 Super Bazooka anti-tank rocket launchers
M-40A1 106mm recoilless guns
M67 90mm recoilless guns
Type 65/87 82mm recoilless guns

M203 under barrel grenade launchers
MM-1 multiple grenade launchers?
M-79 grenade launchers
Type 87 (QLZ-87) 35mm automatic grenade launchers?

Steyr HS-50 sniper/anti-material rifles
Steyr SSG-69 sniper rifles
Dragunov SVD sniper rifles
M2H Browning .50 cal machine guns
M-60 machine guns
FN MAG machine guns
Type 56 light machine guns
FN FAL assault rifles
Type 56 assault rifles
G3 assault rifles
Galil assault rifles
SIG SG 542 assault rifles?
M-16 assault rifles
SA80 assault rifles
Steyr AUG assault rifles
M4 carbines
Uzi sub-machine guns
MAT-49 sub-machine guns
FMK 3 sub-machine guns
Glock 17 pistols
Beretta 92 pistols
M1911 .45 cal pistols

Armored unit wears burgundy berets

Special Forces
Koyak- Bolivian made dune buggies used by Special Forces. May be equipped with heavy weapons such as HJ-8 anti-tank guided missiles, Browning M2HB machine guns or small multiple rocket launchers with 2.7 inch rockets..

RPD machine guns
Galil assault rifles

Night vision goggles

Escuelade Condores- Condors School

Ranger training school
Camouflage berets

Fuerzas Especiales
Special Forces
Green berets

Satinadores de Selva
Jungle Rangers
12th Ranger Regiment "Manchego"

Fuerza de Tarea Diablos Verdes (Task Force Green Devils)
Anti-Narcotics unit?
Transportation unit?

Regimiento de Satinadores de Montana 24 "Mendez Arcos"
Mountain Rangers
Mountain troops for Andes mountains

Centro de Instruccion de Tropas Especiales (C.I.T.E.)
Special Troops Training Center for airborne forces

Army Aviation
Z-9 helicopters

Robinson R44 helicopters

Colorado- Presidential Guard

Policia Nacional de Bolivia (PNB)- National Police of Bolivia

Unidad Tactica de Operaciones Policiales (UTOP) police unit

DELTA elite police unit

FOE police anti-narcotics unit

FELCN police anti-narcotics unit

Direccion Nacional de Inteligencia- National Intelligence Directorate. Part of the National Police of Bolivia.
G2- Military Intelligence