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The Kingdom of Bhutan”

Recent History
Indian separatists from the United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA), National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB), and Kamtapur Liberation Organization (KLO) had camps in Bhutan that were raided by the Army of Bhutan in 2003. The Royal Bodyguard was in the forefront of this offensive.

India is responsible for military training, arms, supplies, and the air defense of Bhutan.

Bhutan is landlocked and doesn't have a navy.

Royal Bhutan Army
Approximately 6,000 personnel

81mm mortars

AK-101 assault rifles
AK-104 assault rifles
FN FAL assault rifles
INSAS assault rifles
G3 assault rifles
Browning Hi Power pistols

Army Aviation

Mi-8 Hip transport helicopters (7)
Dornier Do 228 transport aircraft (1)

Special Forces

Royal Body Guards
Protect the King of Bhutan and the royal family.


Royal Bhutan Police

Special Reserve Police Force
Part of the Royal Bhutan Police

Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU)

Bhutan military pictures

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