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Capital: Kingston

Gained independence from the U.K. In 1962.

Jamaica Defence Force (JDF)

Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicle (12)

V-150 armored personnel carriers (13)
Retired from service.

Land Rovers

L16 mortars
2 inch mortars

M-79 grenade launchers

M2 .50 cal. heavy machine guns
L7A1 (FN MAG) machine guns
M-16 assault rifles
L1A1 assault rifles
SA80 assault rifles
Sterling sub-machine guns
Browning GP 35 pistols

Military police. Red beret.

Air Wing

Cessna 210M Centurion utility aircraft (1)
Britten Norman Islander BN-2A used for transport/maritime patrol (1)
Diamond DA-40 trainer aircraft (2)
Bell 429 helicopters (2)
Bell 407 helicopters (4)
Bell 206 helicopters (2)
Bell 412EP helicopter (1)
Eurocopter AS.355N Ecureuil 2 helicopters (4)

Coast Guard
5 Large Patrol Vessels

Numerous small patrol vessels

Jamaica Defence Force pictures

Jamaica Constabulary Force
Approximately 8,600 personnel

Mobile Reserve
Marine division
Mounted troop
Special Operations
Bureau of Special Investigations
National Intelligence Bureau 

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