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Capital: Santiago
4,500 km (2,700 miles) long but only about 175 km (109 miles) wide on average

Chile was ruled by fascist dictator Augusto Pinochet from 1973-1990.

Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA)
Astronomical observatory attended by an international team of scientists.

Air Force
Fuerza Aerea de Chile (FACh)
About 11,000 personnel

F-16 fighter aircraft (46)

F-5 fighter aircraft (10)

A-36 Halcon (CASA C-101) trainer/light attack aircraft (42)

EMB-314 Super Tucano trainer/light attack aircraft (12)

ENAER T-35 Pillan trainer aircraft. Made in Chile. (33)

EL/M-2075 Condor AWACS

KC-135 Stratotank refueling aircraft (3)

CASA C-212 transport aircraft (3)
CASA CN-235 transport aircraft
C-130 transport aircraft (6)
DHC-6 Twin Otter transport aircraft
UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters

UH-1 Iroquois helicopters
Bell 412 helicopters

AIM-120 air-to-air missiles

AIM-9 air-to-air missiles
Derby air-to-air missiles
Python 4 air-to-air missiles
Python 5 air-to-air missiles
AGM-65 Maverick air-to-ground missiles

Air Defense
NASAMS Norweigian made surface-to-air missile system
Sistema Mygale- Peugeot P4 with Mistral surface-to-air missiles

Mistral surface-to-air missiles

Gepard self propelled anti-aircraft guns
Bofors 40mm anti-aircraft guns
GDF-005 twin 35mm anti-aircraft guns

M163 Vulcan self propelled 20mm anti-aircraft guns

M167 Vulcan towed 20mm anti-aircraft guns

Most Air Force personnel wear blue beret

Air Force Special Forces
Comandos de la Aviation- Aviation Commandos. Known as Black Eagles (Aguilas Negras)
Black beret

Paracaidistas de Busqueda, Salvamento y Rescate (PARASAR)- Parachute Search Rescue and Recovery
Agrupacion Antisecuestros Aeronaves (ASA)- Air Counter-Terrorism Group

Armada de Chile
Around 25,000 personnel

Frigates with Harpoon anti-ship missiles (8)

Missile Boats with Harpoon or Gabriel anti-ship missiles (3)
Fast Attack Craft with MM38 Exocet anti-ship missiles (3)
Submarines (4)

Patrol Boats (8)
Landing Platform Dock  (1)
LSDH-91 Sargento Aldea
Foudre Class Landing Platform Dock purchased from France in 2011.

Landing Ship Tank (2)
Landing Ship Medium (2)
Amphibious Warfare vessel (1)

Naval Aviation
P-3 Orion maritime patrol aircraft (4)

CASA C-295 aircraft used for maritime patrol (3)

EMB-111 aircraft used for maritime patrol

AS.532 Cougar helicopters

AS.365 Dauphin helicopters
Bell 206B/UH-57B helicopters

Harpoon anti-ship missiles
MM38 Exocet anti-ship missiles
AM39 Exocet anti-ship missiles
SM39 Exocet anti-ship missiles

Barak surface-to-air missiles on certain vessels. Vertical launchers.

Excalibur coastal defense systems with Exocet anti-ship missiles

Navy Special Forces
Buzos Tacticos de la Armada- Tactical Divers of the Navy
Wear green berets

Grupo de Abordaje y Registro (GARA)- Naval Registry and Boarding Party

Astilleros y Maestranzas de la Armada (ASMAR)- Shipyards and Arsenals of the Navy
Responsible for shipbuilding and ship repair.

Infanteria de Marina de Chile
About 4,800 personnel
Marines wear black berets

FV 101 Scorpion light tanks (45)

Bandvagn 206 tracked carriers (40)

HMMWV utility vehicles (60)
PVP utility vehicles (15)

Soltam M71 howitzers

Mistral surface-to-air missiles
Blowpipe shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles?
Bofors 40mm anti-aircraft guns
Oerlikon 20mm anti-aircraft guns

AT-4 anti-tank rocket launchers
M72 LAW anti-tank rocket launchers?

Mk 19 automatic grenade launcher
Milkor MGL grenade launcher

M82A1 anti-material/sniper rifles
Browning M2HB .50 cal mcahine guns
MG3 machine guns
M60 machine guns
FN Minimi machine guns
HK 33 assault rifles
FN SCAR-L assault rifles
M16 assault rifles
HK MP5 sub-machine guns
FAMAE SAF sub-machine guns

Agrupacion de Comandos de la Infanteria de Marina No. 51- 51st Marine Commando Group
Moss Green beret

About 45,000 personnel

Leopard 2 tanks (140)

Leopard 1 tanks (88)

Marder Infantry Fighting Vehicles (120)

AIFV Infantry Fighting Vehicles (164)

YPR-765 Infantry Fighting Vehicles (139)
Pirana 8x8 wheeled Armored Personnel Carriers (25)

Pirana 6x6 wheeled Armored Personnel Carriers (230)

M113 Armored Personnel Carriers (427)

HMMWV utility vehicles

Land Rover Defender
AIL Storm

Army Aviation
AH-66 (MD-530P) helicopters (19)
AS532 helicopters (14)
AS350 helicopters (5)
AS355 helicopters (7)
SA330 Puma helicopters (6)
CN-235 aircraft (3)
C212 Aviocar aircraft (5)
Cessna 208 aircraft (3)

BlueBird SpyLite unmanned aerial vehicles

LAR-160 multiple rocket launchers (8)

M-109 self propelled 155mm howitzers

AMX Mk F3 self propelled 155mm howitzers
M114 155mm towed howitzers
Soltam M-71 155mm towed howitzers
Oto Melara Model 56 105mm towed howitzer
M-101 105mm towed howitzers

LAHAT anti-tank guided missiles
SPIKE anti-tank guided missiles
AT-4 anti-tank rocket launchers
Carl Gustav anti-tank rocket launchers
M72 LAW anti-tank rocket launchers
M40 106mm recoilless rifles
M67 90mm recoilless rifles

Mk 19 automatic grenade launchers
Milkor MGL grenade launchers
M-203 under barrel grenade launchers

M2HB Browning .50 cal machine guns
MG3 machine guns

HK 21 machine guns
FN Minimi machine guns
Barrett M82A1 anti-material/sniper rifles
SIG SSG 3000 sniper rifles
FAMAE FD-200 sniper rifles (locally made SG 540 modified as sniper rifle)
Swiss made SIG SG-540 assault rifles. Standard issue.
Swiss made SIG SG-542
Swiss made SIG SG-543
Swiss made SIG SG-556
M4 carbines (Used by Special Forces)
FAMAE SAF 9mm sub-machine gun. Made in Chile.
FAMAE SAF 200 9mm sub-machine gun. Made in Chile.
FAMAE Mini  SAF 9mm sub-machine gun. Made in Chile.
HK MP5 sub-machine gun.
FAMAE FN 750 pistols
CZ 75 pistols

FIM-92 Stinger shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles

Army Special Forces
Black berets

Corvo knife used by Chilean Special Forces

Special Forces Brigade "Lautaro"

Black berets

Mountain troops
Green beret

Armored Calvary units wear Maroon berets

Carabineros- National Police Force. Wear olive green uniforms and use green and white vehicles.

The GOPE is an elite SWAT like police unit within the Carabineros.


Fabricas y Maestranzas del Ejercito (FAMAE)
Small arms manufacturers

Empresa Nacional de Aeronautica de Chile (ENAER)
Aircraft manufacturer

Chilean military and police pictures


  1. Uniforms and helmet looks like WW2 GERMAN uniforms, not NAZI. The only Nazi uniform was the all black HUGO BOSS for the SS.

    1. You sound like someone that would get dropped from a helicopter in 1970's Chili.