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Capital: Mexico City

Around 259,000 total active duty military personnel

Air Force
Fuerza Aerea Mexicana (FAM)
11,770 personnel
Around 363 aircraft

F-5E fighter aircraft  (3)?
F-5F fighter aircraft (1)?

T-6 Texan trainer/light attack aircraft (6)

Pilatus PC-7 trainer/light attack aircraft (65)

Pilatus PC-9 trainer aircraft (1)
Aermacchi SF.260 trainer aircraft (27)
F-33 Bonanza trainer aircraft (29)
PT-17 Kaydet trainer aircraft (6)
CASA C-295 transport aircraft (10)
C-130 transport aircraft (7)
C-27 Spartan transport aircraft (2 on order)
Boeing 727 transport aircraft (4)
Boeing 737 transport aircraft (2)
Boeing 757 transport aircraft (1)
IAI 201 Arava transport aircraft (11)
C-26 Metroliner aircraft used for intelligence (4)
EMB E-99 AEW&C aircraft (1)
EMB P-99 aircraft (2)
Schweizer SA2-37 aircraft used for reconnaissance (1)
Cessna 182 Skylane aircraft used for reconnaissance
C-90 King Air utility aircraft (4)
Cessna 206 (6)
Cessna Citation (1)
Lockheed Jetstar (1)
Learjet 35 (1)
Aero Commander (1)
Pilatus PC-6 aircraft used for reconnaissance (4)
UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters (6)
MD 500 helicopters (20)
Mi-2 transport helicopters
Mi-8 transport helicopters (8)
Mi-17 transport helicopters (19)
CH-53D Yas'ur helicopters. Israeli CH-53 (4)
Bell 412 helicopters (11)
Bell 212 helicopters (20)
Bell 206 helicopters (66)
SA 330 Puma helicopters (2)
AS 332 Super Puma helicopters (5)

Elbit Hermes 450 unmanned aerial vehicles (3)
Two Dominator unmanned aerial vehicles on order. Made by the israeli company Aeronautical Defense Systems (ADS). Based upon the Diamond DA42 aircraft.

The Mexican F-5 Tiger II fighter aircraft were retired in 2017.

Air Force Academy

Navy (Armada de Mexico)
56,000 personnel
189 vessels
130 aircraft

Naval Jack of Mexico

Destroyers (2)

Frigates (6)

Missile Boats (2)
Landing Ships (5)

Transport Ships
Mine Warfare Vessels (6)
Patrol Boats, Ocean (22)

Patrol Boats, Coastal (29)
Combat Boat 90 fast attack craft (48)

Gabriel Mk II anti-ship missiles
ASROC anti-submarine rockets
Mk 32 torpedoes

Sea Sparrow surface-to-air missiles on frigates
SA-18 surface-to-air missiles
Phalanx CIWS

Naval Aviation
Valmet L-90 trainer/light attack aircraft (8)

Zlin Z-242 trainer aircraft (8)
Maule M-7 trainer aircraft (8)
An-32 transport aircraft (4)

CASA C-295 transport aircraft (4)
DH-8 Dash transport aircraft (1)
CASA C-212 aircraft used for maritime surveillance (7)
CASA C-235 aircraft used for surveillance (3)
Lancair aircraft used for reconnaissance (8)

Turbo Commander aircraft used for transport (4)
Learjet used for VIP transport (5)
Gulfstream IV aircraft used for VIP transport (1)

AS555 Fennec helicopters (2)
AS656 Panther helicopters (4)
Bo 105 helicopters (11)

MD 500 helicopters (4)
Mi-2 helicopter (1)
Mi-17 transport helicopters (23)

MD-902 Explorer (6)

UH-60 Blackhawk transport helicopters (3)

L90 aircraft may be armed with gun pods.
Bo 105 helicopters may be equipped with 2.75 inch rocket launchers and guns.
MD 902 helicopters may be armed with rockets, and machine guns.
Mi-17 helicopters may be armed with rocket pods.

GAU-19A .50 cal machine guns
FN HMP-250 .50 cal gun pod
FN RMP-LC with .50 cal gun and 3x2.75 inch rockets
Gsh-23 twin barrel 23mm guns.
FN LAU-7H rocket pods with 7x2.75 inch rockets
FN LAU-12H rocket pods with 12x2.75 inch rockets
SNIA 28 rocket pods with 28x50mm rockets

Fuerzas Especiales (FES)- Navy Special Forces
Black Berets

Infanteria de Marina (Naval Infantry)
Approximately 20,000 personnel

BTR-60 armored personnel carriers

Centigon Security Group Alacran (Scorpion) armored personnel carriers

DN XI- Light armored vehicles produced by the DGIM of Mexico. Looks similar in appearance to the Plasan SandCat.

HMMWV utility vehicles

Land Rover Defenders
Gama Goat 6x6 wheeled amphibious vehicles
FIROS-6 Italian made 51mm multiple rocket launchers

OTO Melara Model 56 towed 105mm howitzers
K6 120mm mortars
M29 81mm mortars

Brandt LR 60mm mortars
9K38 Igla (SA-18 Grouse) surface-to-air missiles

Bofors L60 towed 40mm anti-aircraft guns?
Bofors L70 towed 40mm anti-aircraft guns?
Oerlikon towed 20mm anti-aircraft guns?
B-300 anti-tank rocket launchers
RPG-75 Czechoslovakian made disposable anti-tank rocket launchers

M-203 under barrel grenade launchers
CETME Ameli machine guns
M-16 assault rifles

Policia Naval (PN)

SMN Marina- Naval version of the National Military Service

PLAN Marina
Emergency preparedness equipment and planning.

Astilleros de la Secretaria de Marina (ASTIMAR)- Secretary of the Navy Shipyards.
Responsible for the construction and repair of naval vessels.

192,000 personnel

Panhard ERC-90 F1 Lynx Armored Fighting Vehicle with 90mm gun.

Panhard VCR/TT (Armored Personnel Carrier based on the ERC)

V-150 Armored Personnel Carrier

AMX-VCI (Armored Personnel Carrier variant of the AMX-13 light tank)

HWK-11 Armored Personnel Carrier. Developed by Mexico and West Germany.

BDX (DNC-2) Armored Personnel Carrier

DNC-1 T20-13 armored vehicle

DN-IV Caballo 4x4 wheeled armored reconnaissance vehicle . Made by the DGIM of Mexico.

DN-V Toro 4x4 wheeled armored reconnaissance vehicles with 20mm cannon or 7.62mm machine gun. Made by the DGIM of Mexico.

Panhard VBL 4x4 wheeled light armored utility vehicle

Plasan SandCat 4x4 light armored vehicles

DN XI- Light armored 4x4 wheeled vehicle similar in appearance to the SandCat. Some equipped with remote weapons stations. Produced by the DGIM of Mexico

HMMWV utility vehicles

Zibar Mk2 4x4 wheeled vehicles

Renault Sherpa utility vehicles?

Fast Attack Vehicles used by Special Forces

VBL Milan ATGM carriers with Milan anti-tank missiles

Self Propelled Artillery
DN-V Buffalo with 75mm gun. Uses the turret of a WW2 era M8 howitzer motor carriage. Made by the DGIM of Mexico.(5)

DN-V Porta Mortero 81mm mortar carrier. Made by the DGIM of Mexico.(2)

Towed Artillery
M101 105mm towed howitzers

Oto Melara Model 56 105mm towed howitzers

Brandt 120mm mortars
M1 81mm mortars
M29 81mm mortars
Brandt 60mm LR Gun/Mortar

MILAN anti-tank guided missiles

M40 106mm recoilless rifles on HMMWV vehicles

RPG-32 anti-tank rocket launchers?
RPG-29 anti-tank rocket launchers
RPG-7 anti-tank rocket launchers?
B-300 anti-tank rocket launchers
RL-83 Blindicide anti-tank rocket launcher (in Storage?)

Mk 19 40mm automatic grenade launchers

M-203 under barrel grenade launchers
Milkor MGL multiple grenade launchers?

SARAF 1 and SARAF 2 remote weapon stations (under development)

Sistema de Accionamiento Remoto de Armas de Fuego (SARAF)

Barrett M82 .50 cal sniper/anti-material rifles
M134 mini guns
FN Minimi machine guns
HK21 machine guns
Colt light machine guns
FX-05 Xiuhcoatl 5.56x45mm assault rifles. Made in Mexico. Designed and built by the Direccion General de Industria Militar del Ejercito (General Directorate of Military Industry of the Army)

M-16 assault rifles
G3 assault rifles
HK33 assault rifles
M4 carbines
FN P90 carbines
HK MP-5 sub-machine guns
Beretta 9mm pistols
FN Five Seven pistols?
HKP-7 9mm pistols?

Brigada de Fusileros Paracaidistas
Paratroops with RPG-29 rocket launchers
Maroon Berets

Special Forces
Barrett M82 .50 cal sniper/anti-material rifles
Dark green berets

Policia Militar
Military Police
Green berets

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
S4 Ehecatl (Mexican made)

Hermes 450 (israeli made)
G1 Guerrero (Mexican made)
El Gavilan (Mexican made)
Orbiter (israeli made mini UAV)
Skylark-1 (israeli made mini UAV)
Skystar 300- Tethered surveillance blimp or aerostat.

Direccion General de Industria Militar (DGIM)- Manufacturers of armored vehicles, small arms and equipment for the Mexican military.

Servicio Militar Nacional (SMN)- National Military Service

SMN Marina- Naval version of the National Military Service

Emergency preparedness plan primarily for the Army and Air Force

Guardia Nacional (National Guard)

FERI special forces unit belonging to the Guardia Nacional


Police Forces
Mexico has an estimated 544,000 police officers making it third in the world on behind India and the United States.

Secretaio de Seguridad Publica (SSP)
Secretariat of Public Security. Includes the Policia Federal, Policia Estatal

Procurador General de la Republica (PGR)- Attorney General of the Republic
Attorney General of Mexico

Policia Federal (Federal Police)- Also called Federales.

Policia Auxiliar (PA)

Approximately 5,000
Part of the Policia Federal (Federal Police)

Policia Federal Ministerial (PFM)
Ministerial Federal Police. Under the jurisdiction of the Attorney General of Mexico (PGR).

Agencia Estatal de Investigacion (AEI)

Policia Estatal (State Police)
31 state police forces
Some state police equipped with FN F2000 rifles (captured from drug cartels?)
Some state police equipped with G36 assault rifles
Some state police equipped with M-16 assault rifles

Policia Judicial (Judicial Police)

List of 31 Mexican States
Baja California
Baja California Sur
Nuevo Leon
Quintana Roo
San Luis Potosi

The city of Tepic is in Nayarit.
Tlalnepantla is a city and municipal in the state of Mexico. Often called Tlalnepantla de Baz.
Monterrey is a city in the state of Nuevo Leon.

Federal District
2 police forces for the Federal District (Distrito Federal)
Secretaria de Seguridad Publica del Distrito Federal SSP- The Secretariat of Public Security of the Federal District.
Procuraduria General de Justicia del Distrito Federal (PGJDF)- Office of the Attorney General of the Federal District.

Policia Municipal (Municipal Police)
Of the 2,395 municipalities in Mexico, only around 335 do not have their own police force.

The Bank of Mexico (Banco de Mexico) has its own security and investigative forces.

Centro de Investigacion y Seguridad Nacional (CISEN)- Center for Research and National Security.

Military Analysis
Mexico lacks Main Battle Tanks (MBT). No Main Battle Tank's to date.
Outdated F-5 aircraft used in the Air Force.
Nice amount of infantry or ground personnel.
Lack of air defense. The only surface-to-air missiles used are the SA-18 used by the marines.
Nice amount of anti-tank weapons. Nice quality of anti-tank weapons.

Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) oil company
Oil facilities in the Gulf of Mexico.
PEMEX security
ASTIMAR (Astilleros de la Secretaria de Marina) shipyards
Direccion General de Industria Militar (DGIM)
Diesel Nacional (DINA)

Drug Cartels
Michoacana Familia

Drug and people smuggling tunnels along the U.S. and Mexican border.

Drug dealers and cartels have been getting most of their weaponry from the U.S. Weapons confiscated from the drug gangs include assault rifles, sub-machine guns, pistols, hand grenades, under barrel grenade launchers, M-72 LAW rocket launchers, and Barrett M82 .50 cal sniper rifles. Bullet proof vests, camouflage military style uniforms, and police uniforms, including helmets, are also common.

Improvised armored vehicles have also been captured from the drug cartels.

The U.S. “Drug Enforcement Agency” or DEA has admitted to knowing and allowing Mexican drug cartels to buy weapons in the U.S. and sneaking them into Mexico. Numerous documented DEA operations confirm this by their own accord. Done under the code name “Operation Fast and Furious”. The cartels were supposedly under surveillance the entire time and yet allowed to buy weapons and leave the country, after which the DEA claims they simply lost track of them.

Unsubstantiated reports coming out that the Zetas cartel of Mexico are teaming up with the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang, however the MS-13 gang has already formed alliances with Sinaloa Cartel, Gulf Cartel, and La Familia Michoacana. MS-13 is mostly composed of Salvadorans, but also Guatemalans, Hondurans, Mexicans, etc.

Mexican Armed Forces pictures

Mexican Air Force

Mexican Army

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