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Modern Historical
Independence from the U.K. on 16 August 1960 (except the British “Sovereign Base Areas” at Akrotiri and Ohekelia)
Ethnic conflict on Cyprus from 1963-1964
Turkish military forces invade northern Cyprus in 1974 to protect ethnic Turkish Cypriots from ethnic Greek Cypriot violence.

EOKA (Ethniki Organosis Kyprion Agonoston) National Organization of Cypriot Fighters
A Greek Cypriot nationalist resistance organization that fought against British rule. Enjoyed the support of the majority of Greek Cypriots. Anti-colonialists. Fought for the independence of Cyprus from British forces. Also sought enosis (union) with Greece. The military wing of the EOKA was led by Colonel Georgis Grivas (nom de guerre “Digenis”), who was also one of the founding members of the organization. Grivas was also a veteran of World War 1, World War 2, and the Greek Civil War.
Grigoris Afxentiou was the second in command of the EOKA. Died heroically in battle. Set on fire by British forces with gasoline poured into his fighting position.
Received some money and weapons from Greece.
The EOKA formed Shotgun Commando Groups (OKT).
Able to recruit members of the Cyprus police to be used as agents and informants.
Got dynamite from fishermen who used dynamite to fish.
Surplus shells dumped in the sea by the British Army at the end of World War 2.
Shotguns (Many of which were sawed off)
Sten sub-machine guns
Bren machine guns
Afxentiou Cocktails
Improvised pistols (One crude type had a barrel that was made from a used 20mm shell casing)
Improvised mortars

When the newly independent government of began to retract on the issue of union with Greece, General Georgis Grivas returned in 1971 to form the EOKA-B. General Grivas was an anti-communist military commander during the Greek Civil War and one of the founders of the EOKA in the early 1950's. General Grivas died from a heart attack in January of 1974. After a coup d' tat against Cypriot president Makarios and the following Turkish invasion of Northern Cyprus on 20 July 1974, the EOKA-B slowly dissolved.

Greek military forces in Cyprus
Hellenic Force in Cyprus (ELDYK)

Turkish military forces in Northern Cyprus
Cyprus Turkish Peace Force (KTBK)

British military forces on Cyprus
2 British base areas on Cyprus at Dhekelia and Akrotiri
Approximately 3,500 personnel

United Nations forces in Cyprus
U.N. Buffer zone between Cyprus and Northern Cyprus. Called the “Green Line”.

Cypriot National Guard
12,000 active duty personnel
750 paramilitary personnel
75,000 reserve personnel

Cyprus Air Command
PC-9 trainer/light attack aircraft (1)

Britten-Norman BN2B aircraft (1)
Britten-Norman BN2T aircraft (1)
Mi-35 Hind attack helicopters (11)

SA.342 Gazelle helicopters (4)

Bell 206 helicopters (2)

AW-139 (3)

449th anti-tank helicopter squadron
450th attack helicopter squadron

Hermes 450 unmanned aerial vehicles?
Aeronautics Aerostar Tactical UAS

Cyprus Navy
4 fast patrol craft
2 fast attack craft
3 logistics vessels

Coastal fired MM40 Exocet anti-ship missiles

Underwater Demolitions Unit (OYK)

T-80U tanks (82)

AMX-30B2 tanks (54)

AMX-30 tanks (50)
BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles (43)

EE-9 infantry fighting vehicles (54)

VAB-VCI infantry fighting vehicles (27)
Leonidas 1/2 armored personnel carriers (168)

VAB armored personnel carriers (126)

Serbian made BOV M16 Milos (Milosh) 4x4 wheeled armored vehicles (8)

EE-3 with MILAN anti-tank missiles (15)

VCAC- 6x6 wheeled VAB with HOT anti-tank missiles (18)

BM-21 122mm multiple rocket launchers (18)

M-63 Plamen 128mm multiple rocket launchers (18)

Serbian made Nora B-52 self propelled 155mm howitzers (24)

ZUZANA self propelled 155mm howitzers.  Basically a ShKH-77 DANA with a 155mm gun. (12)

Mk F3 self propelled 155mm howitzers (12)

TRF-1 towed 155mm howitzers (12)
Oto Melara Mod 56 towed 105mm howitzers (72)
M1944 towed 105mm howitzers (20)

9M133 Kornet (AT-14 Spriggan) anti-tank guided missiles
9M119M Refleks (AT-11 Sniper) anti-tank guided missiles used with T-80U tanks
9M117 Bastion (AT-10 Stabber) anti-tank guided missiles used with BMP-3
MILAN anti-tank guided missiles
HOT anti-tank guided missiles used with Gazelle helicopters and VAB-VCAC
9M120 Ataka (AT-9 Spiral-2) anti-tank guided missiles used on Mi-35 helicopters?
9K114 Shturm (AT-6 Spiral) anti-tank guided missiles used on Mi-35 helicopters?

APILAS anti-tank rocket launchers
RPG-7 anti-tank rocket launchers
LAW light anti-tank rocket launchers
M40 recoilless rifles 
SPG-9 recoilless rifles
M67 recoilless rifles

MG3 machine guns
HK11 light machine guns

AK-101 assault rifles
G3 assault rifles
AK-47 assault rifles
AK-74 assault rifles
Zastava M70 assault rifle
Vz. 58 assault rifle
FN P90 (Used by Special Forces)
Glock 17 pistols
FN Five-Seven pistols
HK USP pistols
Zastava M57 pistols (Yugoslavian made TT-33 pistol)

Air Defense
TOR-M1 surface-to-air missiles
Aspide surface-to-air missiles

Mistral surface-to-air missiles
SA-7 shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles
Bofors L/60 towed 40mm anti-aircraft guns
Oerlikon GDF-005 towed 35mm anti-aircraft guns
ZU-23 towed 23mm anti-aircraft guns
M55 towed triple barrel 20mm anti-aircraft guns?
M55 towed quadruple barrel .50 cal anti-aircraft guns?

The Cypriot S-300PMU surface-to-air missiles were transferred to the Greek island of Crete in 1998.

Special Forces (LOK)


Home Guard
Approximately 75,000 personnel

Civil Defence Force

SWAT like unit with the Cyprus police

Cypriot National Guard pictures

Northern Cyprus

Officially called the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
Only recognized as a nation by Turkey
Turkey plans to build a drone base in Northern Cyprus

30,000 Turkish Military Forces in Northern Cyprus
Cyprus Turkish Peace Force (KTBK)

M-48 tanks
AIFV infantry fighting vehicles
AAPC armored personnel carriers
M113 armored personnel carriers

TOW anti-tank guided missiles
MILAN anti-tank guided missiles
AT4 anti-tank rocket launchers
RPG-7 anti-tank rocket launchers
M72 LAW anti-tank rocket launchers
M40 106mm recoilless rifles

T-122 Turkish made 122mm multiple rocket launchers

M-110 self propelled 203mm howitzers

M-115 towed 203mm howitzers
M-114 towed 155mm howitzers
M-59 towed 155mm howitzers
M-101 towed 105mm howitzers

Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aerial vehicles

Turkish Cypriot Security Forces
9,000 personnel

Eurocopter AS.532 Cougar helicopters (2)

Otokar Akrep armored personnel carriers (50)
Otokar Engerek armored personnel carriers (70)

M-30 mortars

M72 LAW anti-tank rocket launchers

MG3 machine guns
Kalekalip Avunya sniper rifles
G3 assault rifles
MP5 sub-machine guns
Zigana Pistols

Coast Guard

Northern Cyprus and Turkish forces pictures

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  1. Turkish Military didn't invade the northern part of Cyprus to protect turkish-cypriots from greek-cypriots. The Turkish military found the conflicts between Greek and Turkish cypriots as an EXCUSE to INVADE the country. Greek and Turkish Cypriots never used violence against each other. This is what actually caused the invasion, pure profit and strategic positioning.