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NATO member nation.

Gained independence from Yugoslavia after heavy fighting from 1991-1995.

Croatian Air Force
Hrvatsko Ratno Zrakoplovstvo (HRZ)
Approximately 2,000 personnel (2010)

MiG-21 fighter aircraft (22)
Pilatus PC-9 trainer/light attack aircraft (20)
Zlin 242 trainer aircraft (5)

An-32 transport aircraft (2)
Canadair CL-415 aircraft used for aerial firefighting

Air Tractor AT-802 aircraft used for aerial firefighting

Mi-24 attack helicopters (6)
Mi-171Sh helicopters (10)

Mi-17 helicopters (11)
Mi-8 transport helicopters (3)

OH-58D Kiowa Warrior helicopters  with AGM-114 Hellfire missiles (16)
Bell 206 helicopters (8)

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Elbit Skylark (6)
Elbit Hermes 450 (2)

Air Defense
Strijela-10 CROA1 surface-to-air missiles. Based on the SA-13. (10)

9k38 Igla (67)
9K32 Strela (1141)
BOV-2013 (44)
M-55 (73)
Bofors L/70 40mm anti-aircraft guns (12)

Modern AN/FPS-117 radar network

Croatian HRZ personnel

Croatian Navy
Hrvatska Ratna Mornarica (HRM)
Approximately 1,800 personnel (2010)

Long coastal area along the Adriatic Sea. Many islands.

Radar on the islands of Vis, Lastovo, Dugiotok, and Mljet

Lora naval base in Split.

Missile Boats (5)
-Kon Car Class missile boat (1)

-Helsinki Class missile boats with RBS-15 anti-ship missiles purchased from Finland (2)
-Kralj Class missile boats with RBS-15 anti-ship missiles (2) 

Patrol Boats (Including Croatian made patrol boats)-4

Landing Craft-Mine Layer (2)

Armed Landing Craft (6)
Mine Warfare vessel (1)
Mala R2 underwater vehicles

Mobilni Obalni Lanser (MOL)- Mobile Missile Launchers with RBS-15 anti-ship missiles

14 radars (including four AN/FPS-117 radars)

RBS-15 anti-ship missiles
M90 mines
Mk 44 torpedoes

Naval Infantry
In 2002. the 4th Guards based in Split were transferred to the Croatian Navy to become Naval Infantry.

Coast Guard

Approximately 10,000 personnel (2010)
M-95 Degman (2) Croatian made tanks with 125mm guns. Basically an improved M-84 tank.

M-84D (48) Yugoslavian made tanks.
M-84A4 Snajper (75) Yugoslavian made tanks. The M-84 is a copy of the T-72 tank.

T-72 tanks
T-55 tanks (In reserve status)

M-80 BVP Yugoslavian made armored personnel carriers (128)
BTR-50 armored personnel carriers (18)

MT-LB armored personnel carriers (10)
M-60 Yugoslavian armored personnel carriers
Patria AMV (126)

LOV-1 Croatian made armored personnel carriers. Made by Torpedo of Croatia. (72)
BOV-3 self propelled anti-aircraft guns (44)

PTS tracked amphibious transport vehicles
Iveco LMV (14)

HMMWV utility vehicles

BOV (M-83Polo)-37

MILAN anti-tank guided missiles
AT-3 Sagger anti-tank guided missiles
AT-4 Spigot anti-tank guided missiles l
AT-5 Spandrel anti-tank guided missiles
AT-7 Saxhorn anti-tank guided missiles
M-79 Osa
M-80 Zolja

M-60 (Yugoslavian made rifle grenades)

RBG-6 40mm grenade launchers
M-79 anti-tank grenades (Yugoslavian copy of the RKG-3)
M-93 Macedonian made hand grenades
M-75 (Yugoslavian made hand grenades)
M-52 (Yugoslavian made hand grenades)

RT-20 (20mm anti-material rifles.)

M2HB Browning .50 cal machine guns
M-56 machine guns
M-84 machine guns (Yugoslavian copy of the PK machine gun)
Ultimax 100 (Singapore made mahine guns with 100 round drum magazines)
M-98 Jelen sniper rifles (Croatian made)
Zastava M-76 sniper rifles
VHS (Croatian made 5.56x45mm assault rifles. Looks similar to the FAMAS).

FN-FAL assault rifles
G36 assault rifles
M-85 assault rifles (Yugoslavian copy of the AKSU-74)
M-59 (SKS style rifles)
M-66 (SKS style rifles)
R4 (South African made 5.56mm assault rifles)
M-56 sub-machine guns 7.62mm
MP-5 sub-machine guns
Uzi sub-machine guns
ERO (Croatian made copy of the Uzi 9mm sub-machine gun)
Mini ERO (Smaller version of the ERO. Copy of the Mini Uzi)
MAC-10 (.45 cal sub-machine guns)
M-61 Skorpion (Czechoslovakian made sub-machine guns)

Dragon Skin body armor

UBM-52 (Yugoslavian made 120mm mortars)
M-75 (120mm mortars produced in Croatia and Yugoslavia)
M-74 (Yugoslavian made 120mm mortars)
M-96 (Croatian made 82mm mortars)
M-93 (Croatian made 82mm mortars)
M-69 (Yugoslavian made 82mm mortars)
M-68 (Yugoslavian made 81mm mortars)
M-90 60mm mortars
Commando 60mm mortars

RAK-12 towed 128mm multiple rocket launchers (86)

LOV RAK 24/128 (LOV with a 128mm multiple rocket launcher added. 24 tubes.)

M-63 Plamen towed 128mm multiple rocket launchers (200?)
M-94 Plamen 128mm multiple rocket launchers (14?)
APR-40 122mm multiple rocket launchers

M-96 Tajfun Croatian made 122mm multiple rocket launcher mounted on a Czech made Tatra 813 8x8 wheeled truck. (4)

M-91 Vulkan 122mm multiple rocket launchers. Croatian made. (8)
M-87 “Orkan” 262mm multiple rocket launchers (4)

Panzerhaubitze 2000 (15)
2S1 Gvozdika self propelled howitzers (9)

D-30 (36)
ZIS-3 76.2mm field gun of Soviet origin.
M-46H1 (32)
M-84 NORA (16)
CITER 155mm L33 (8)
M114 (18)

M-87 Topaz (Yugoslavian made 120mm anti-tank gun)
MT-12 (100mm anti-tank gun of Soviet origin)

Gardijska Oklopno Mechanizirana Brigada (GOMBR)
Armored Mechanized Guard Brigade 

GOMBR reconnaissance unit

Bonjna za Specijalna Djelovanja (BSD)- Battalion for Special Action
Special Operations Battalion

Vojno Obavijestajna Bojna (VOB)
Recconaissance Battalion

Military Police Special Forces

Border Police
Navy Border Police

Specijalna Policija
Special Police

Special Police Anti-terrorist force

Anti-terrorist police force?

Croatian Intelligence
Sigurnosno Obavjestajna Agencija (SOA)- Security and Intelligence Agency
Vojna Sigurnosno Obavjestajna Agencija (VSOA)- Military Security and Intelligence Agency

Croatian Companies
Kraljevica shipyard
Brodosplit shipyard


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